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August 21st Total Solar Eclipse Forecast Webinar




Recorded Live on August 20, 2017

A Live Webinar Presentation
with a
Wide Scope and Depth of Profound Knowledge that
Goes Beyond Regular Astrology
and a 
Politically Nonpartisan, Unbiased, Centrist Approach
to the Intractable Economic, Political, and Social Problems

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“You’re the only truly objective astrologer I’ve found in a long search about what is going on in the real world, and I’ve been looking for a long time.”
-C.R, February 2017

“I was quite surprised by your grasp of the fragility of the worldwide banking system, geo political situations, historical context of previous crises, and current markets.”
-A.H., January 2017

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Clarity About the Relevance of this Eclipse

A Webinar Overflowing with Arguably Too Much Content:
Economy, Geopolitics, Actionable Information

Recorded Live on August 20, 2017


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“An amazing amount of consolidated information, incredible!”
– M.G. on the Global Outlook 2017 Webinar, January 2017

“Wow is all I can say about your webinar. So well researched and organized. Brilliant.”
– D.K., January 2017

“Very rich in information and research.”
-N.R., April 2017

“Excellent webinar chock full of valuable information! The maps, charts, and history time-line made it even better than I expected. Thank you, William.”
-L.K., January 2017

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By the Astrologer who

  • Has over 3 decades experience in international practice, business ventures, and Corporate America
  • Correctly predicted the 2016 Presidential Election with
    • 87% accuracy for the Primary Elections
    • 92% accuracy for the General Election Electoral College
  • Understands the economy better than most astrologers
  • Is unbiased politically – a registered Independent since 1984
  • Looks at cycles and does extensive historical research – often back for centuries and millennia
  • Proves it out and provides compelling evidence and testimonies to back up statements
  • Continually expands and deepens his astrological knowledge and understanding, from a foundation of apprenticing from 1986-1999 with world-class astrologers such as Rob Hand, Robert Zoller, Jim Lewis, and Alphee Lavoie.

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“Mind-blowing. Thank you for such a wide and specific overview. Your historical references were eye-opening.”
-N.R., April 2017

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In This Webinar

  • The Impact on Global Affairs, Exchange Markets, the Global Economy, and Socio-Cultural Trends
  • Total Solar Eclipse Effect on Society and Geopolitics
  • Total Solar Eclipse and intensify the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-Square Alignment
  • Impact on Central Banks Policies, Interest Rates, the U.S. Dollar, the U.K. Pound, the Chinese Renminbi, and the Euro
  • Nations That Will Be Impacted Most by the Eclipse
  • Geodetic Maps, Charts and Diagrams of this Powerful Solar Eclipse
  • The Saros Cycle, Long-Term Eclipse Cycles, and World Events Throughout the Centuries
  • 1963 Eclipse Events and the August 21st, 2017 Eclipse Event
  • The Total Solar Eclipse and Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-Square Alignment making close aspects to President Trump’s natal Mars (26 Leo 47)
  • The Future Course of the Trump Administration into the 2020 Election
  • Q&A Session

What’s Included

  • Video Recording of the Webinar Presentation
  • More Thorough Presentation and Commentary on the Eclipse That You Won’t Hear Anywhere Else
  • An Elegant Synthesis of My Research; the Research from Masters Like Johndro, Jayne, and Meridian; and Mundane Portents.


by William Stickevers
Recorded Live on August 20, 2017


Prediction: A Three Year Grexit Will Commence After “The Last Chance” EU Summit

Soon the wait will be over. Greece submitted a final compromise plan to the EU on Thursday, and the European finance ministers will meet now to discuss the proposal. This will be followed by an emergency summit for all 28 EU nations on Sunday to make a final decision on Greece’s future. The summit on Sunday is being billed as “the last chance” meeting by EU officials. Basically, Greece is being given just one more chance to embrace severe austerity measures that are being demanded of them by Germany and other creditor nations.

As we await the verdict on whether Greece will be in or out, here is a mundane horary on the speculative outcome:

“Will Greece Remain In The Eurozone After Sunday?”

Question asked by astrologer: 7/11/2015 at 3:13 pm PDT, San Francisco, California

Will Greece Remain in the Eurozone after Sunday
Greece: 1st House – Ruled by Mars
EU Creditors: 7th House – Ruled by Venus
Eurozone: 10th House – Ruled by the Sun
Moon: Co-significator of the Question and the Greek Nation

1st House Testimonies:
Ruler of the 1st House Mars in its Fall –
Ruler of the 1st House in the Malefic 8th House –
Ruler of the 1st House Mars is Combust –
Saturn Occupies the First House –

7th House Testimonies:

Ruler of the 7th House Venus in the 10th Square Saturn –

Moon Testimonies:

The Moon is in the sign of her Exaltation +
The Moon is in the 7th House +
The Moon Conjunct the malefic star Algol –
The Moon’s First and Last Aspect is to malefic Saturn –
The Moon’s First and Last Aspect is to Saturn in the 1st House –


Based on the overwhelming set of negative horary testimonies, Germany will reject the final Greek proposal making it likely no agreement will be made during the Eurogroup EU Summit. Therefore it is highly probably that the ECB will suspend Greece’s ELA agreement, making the prospects for a Grexit is almost certain. The failure to come to an agreement will escalate and intensify the ongoing deterioration of the Greek economy that set into motion an utter collapse of the Greek banking system. Since the Moon will go “Void-of-Course” after it makes its last aspect to malefic Saturn, it is not clear from the horary figure how the Grexit from the Euzozone will transpire, other than it will be a protracted and difficult process due to the high number of fixed signs in the horoscope. Also, in the horary figure the Moon will traverse about 3 degrees before ingressing into a new sign; therefore, I predict that after Sunday’s announcement, Greece will be conditionally quarantined by the Eurozone (and treated as a third-world country until 2018) and allowed to restructure its debt as plans to roll out the drachma are set in motion.

Greek Options

Greece, Germany, and Debt Forgiveness

Here is the bigger problem that Europe now faces: Ultimately, Greek debt has to be forgiven by Germany, else Greece will not survive. That is a fact. The IMF wants to forgive debt but Germany is not prepared to forgive debt. Why? Because if they forgive Greece’s debt, that means that other indebted nations such as Spain, Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, Malta, etc., will have to write off large loans to Greece and they can’t afford to do that.

Regardless, Greece needs debt forgiveness, otherwise they can’t survive. Period. And if there is debt forgiveness, then you have a massive problem in the European banking system because European banks won’t survive. Why? Because the European banks and the European Central Bank have major outstanding lines out to Greece. The European Central Bank is now bankrupt, just as Greece is bankrupt, and Greek debt is worth zero and the same is true for Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Also, if there was debt forgiveness, the European countries that have lent to Greece may not survive. Plus, Spain, Portugal, and Italy will want the same debt forgiveness for themselves else they will default.

Keep in mind what keeps the EU oligarchical elite and Angela Merkel awake at night is not the cries of despair from Greek pensioners, nor the penniless Cypriots, nor the hunger of starving and Portuguese, nor the politically explosive number of unemployed Spanish workers and impoverished Italian households — it’s the rise of the “Euroskeptic.”

If that wasn’t enough, there are numerous secular indicators that significant economic trouble is ahead for Europe that will have a direct impact on the entire global economy. For instance, global commodity prices have be plunging as economists debate if a Grexit could trigger turmoil in financial markets. Also there is a massive problem brewing with the $100 trillion worldwide bond market. Why? Because according to the Bank for International Settlements – the Central Banks of Central Banks Worldwide, there is 26.45 trillion dollars in currency derivatives that are directly tied to the value of the Euro, and there is no longer any real liquidity in this market. So there is major concern that a Grexit could likely set off a “Ka-BOOM” event (aka a “Minsky Moment”), in the European bond market in the next few months ahead.


A “no deal” vote by the EU will surely plunge Greece, and the rest of the EU, into financial and political turmoil. For it is clear at this point no matter what happens with Greece, the truth is that we are rapidly moving toward another major worldwide financial crisis. Barbault Planetary Cyclic Index_2010-2020

Greece Referendum Aftermath: “Greece Is Coming To Theater Near You”

Greek Referendum Results

With all polling complete, the final result of the Greek Referendum vote is 61.3% No, 38.7% Yes – a major rejection of Troika hegemony which will likely be the final nail in any future “bail-out” negotiations between Greece and the Eurozone. The final vote tally of 100% ballots occurred on July 6th at 2:51 am ET, in Athens.

GREEK VOTE REFERENDUM NO VOTE WIN AT 61.32 PercentThe most dominant astrological dynamics in the Greek Voter Referendum horoscope is the Sun/Mars opposition to Pluto, the Moon-Neptune conjunction, and the Venus-Jupiter conjunction.  The Sun/Mars – Pluto opposition  is symbolic of the brewing  power struggle and escalated into a full-blown skirmish between the Greek nation and the EU oligarchical elite.  The Sun- Pluto opposition fall along the Galactic Plane, which augurs that a global trend that is over: centralization and “too big to fail”,  a concept that asserts financial institutions are so large and so interconnected that their failure would be disastrous to the greater economic system, and they therefore must be supported by government when they face potential failure.

The Third Hellenic Republic Horoscope of Greece – July 24th, 1974 at 4:13 AM ET Greece, Athens

The onset of the Greek Euro crisis correlated with Saturn-Uranus opposition alignments in the Spring of 2010,that made several  successive hits to the Greek MC/IC axis, during which the first Greek bail request was made to the EU. Since the onset of the Uranus-Pluto square alignments from late 2012 to present, world affairs have become increasing complex, suffering from the malaise of excessive terminal complexity, as the crisis in the Eurozone accelerated and intensified, as Uranus-Pluto made successive hits to Greece’s Moon-Pluto, and Mercury-Venus -Saturn stellium.

The Blackbox graph below illustrates the intensity of stress from the Saturn-Uranus and Uranus-Pluto alignments to the Greece’s Third Hellenic Republic Horoscope  from 2010 – 2015:

Greek Crisis Transit BlackBox 2009 - 2016
From this backdrop, the Sun-Pluto signature in the Greek Voter Referendum horoscope indicates that much of this late-phase complexity that operates in service to the world’s TOO BIG TO FAIL banking system, which is mired massive market manipulation, secret arbitrages, and interest rate rigging, serves to empower of a sophisticated oligarchical elite that is embedded in the Eurozone supranational power structure.

Pluto rules the EU oligarchial elite and its Central Banking system. The applying Mars-Pluto opposition indicates that EU is in trouble not because of Greece, but because of forced supranational inter-dependency of Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Spain who have even bigger sovereign debt disasters then Greece, brewing on the near horizon. The EU by all rights should not exist, nor should any centralized supranational single currency system.

The Moon-Neptune conjunction in the event chart represents the delusion that despite their fledgling economy, they can continue living a 21st Century post-industrial age deluxe lifestyle, complete with comfortable and undemanding office jobs, early retirement, cheap groceries, affordable dining, long vacations, with 24/7 power and plenty of discretionary spending money to boot, like France and Germany.  The Moon-Neptune conjunction also augurs the dissolution of the populace to a more decentralized and more simpler, local way-of-life along, that will be demoralizing to the more hopeful citizens of the Greek nation.

The Venus-Jupiter conjunction is symbolic of the national pride (Venus ruling the Ascendant of the figure) of the  Greek people who exhibited great resolve in voting against the demands of the creditors on Sunday. The Venus-Jupiter in the horoscope is also symbolic testimony of Millennial youth vote that was the key demographic group in the outcome of the Greek Referendum, a generation that continues to live beyond their means and borrows from their future.

The Venus-Jupiter conjunction will be making success aspects to malefic Saturn in the coming weeks ahead,  indicating that as the Greek nation celebrates its defiant “No” Vote to the EU over the next few days, it will be quickly followed by a very sharp and severe recession as depositors diminish the dwindling cash reserves from the banks as the grocery store shelves empty out. After that, the future is very uncertain, and anything can happen.

Greece Stain
What many  don’t know is that the according to the Bank for International Settlements – the Central Banks of Central Banks Worldwide, $26.45 trillion in currency derivatives are directly tied to the value of the Euro. Now that Greece has defaulted and the prospects of a Greek exit is now a real possibility, the euro is going to fall off a cliff. And if that happens big financial institutions and banks in Europe and the United States and Japan will begin to fail, and in the process plunge the entire planet into another major financial crisis.

BiWheel BIS and Final Uranus-Pluto Square
BiWheel of the BIS and Final Uranus-Pluto Square

This chart by RBS Economics shows the largest falls in real gross domestic product in currently advanced economies since 1870. Greece’s GDP collapse was included in this selective group.

Largest GDP Falls Since 1870

Many are extremely skeptical that Greece will leave the Eurozone or that the Global Banking System is vulnerable to a deflationary debt implosion because CNN, BBC, and even FOX NEWS, tell you otherwise. However, former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan (a member of America’s Advance Oligarchy and Wall Street elite) is saying:

“I believe [Greece] will eventually leave. I don’t think it helps them or the rest of the Eurozone – it is just a matter of time before everyone recognizes that parting is the best strategy. The problem is that there there is no way that I can conceive of the euro of continuing, unless and until all of the members of Eurozone become politically integrated – actually even just fiscally integrated won’t do it.”

The result of yesterday’s Greek Referendum “No” Vote, means again that there is now a very real possibility that Greece could leave the Eurozone in just a matter of months, and the elite know this. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is promising that Greece will be able to stay in the euro, but without more money from the EU and the IMF, the Greek government will not be able to pay its bills and virtually all Greek banks will inevitably collapse.

Barbult Index 2011 - 2027
The the mundane astrological portents and the Uranus-Pluto square alignments that  have been archetypally operative from 2012 to present augurs for drastic shifts in Greece’s financial position. Therefore, we can expect powerful shocks to occur the system resulting in drastic changes in financial positions, along will titanic geopolitical power plays, accelerating market volatility, major market corrections, bank panics, and often unexpected and sudden large-scale economic failure. Also during this period we can expect excessive rationalization by the mainstream financial news media, and unprecedented proclamations by governments, to prevent the loss of credibility with the general populace, as unexpected “volcanic shocks” to the global system continue to intensify.

Blackbox Forecast of the World’s Banks:

What is about to play out with Greece in the coming days and weeks ahead is just a model of the catastrophe that is about to engulf the world. The rest of Europe is about to experience a tremendous amount of pain as financial markets unravel due to the results of this referendum. For a “Grexit” could set off a chain of events could invoke sovereign debt implosions throughout the globe as there are nearly $60 trillion of derivatives that are directly connected to the European bond yields, European interest rates.

Portugal, Spain, and Italy all collapsing…

Eurozone Contagion


The probability of contagion is very high now then it has ever been, expect defaults to occur in the coming months ahead that will cause bond yields to soar over Europe and possibly cause tremendous chaos in the global derivatives markets.


Question Asked By Astrologer 7/1/2015 at 10:15 am PDT, San Francisco, CA.


According to Vegas Odds-makers there is a 71% probability that the YES Vote will be the result of the Greek Referendum Vote. Therefore, the Yes Vote is the house favorite and assigned to the 1st House, and the No Vote is Underdog is assigned to the 7th House. The 10th House represents the European Union and the Moon is the Greek people.

Horary Analysis:

Mercury rules the Ascendant, dignified by sign and placed in the 10th House of the European Union. Jupiter rules the 7th House, somewhat dignified by term, with modest strength placed in the cadent 12th House. The Moon is in its detriment by sign, in opposition to the malefic Mars and the Sun (universal indicator of the Greek leadership), testimonies of a demoralized and angry electorate that will become defiant to its nations leadership in the coming days.

Horary Conclusion:

The Ascendant Degree is Invalid, being less then 3 degrees, indicating that it is premature at this time to make a final judgement on the matter. However, the horary testimonies support Vegas Odds-makers’ current projections for a Yes Vote this coming Sunday that could possibly lead to a new election of a new unity government.

More at https://www.facebook.com/william.stickevers.

Uranus-Pluto Square Alignment 2012 – 2015: Greek Central Bank Announces “Greece will leave the European Union”

GREECE NATIONAL HOROSCOPE. Third Hellenic Republic, “the key moment, 4:00 am on 24 July 1974, when Constantine Karamanlis was sworn in as prime minister” The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, p.147.

For the past several years the Uranus-Pluto Square Alignments have been making malefic hits to the planets in the Greek national horoscope. The final Uranus-Pluto Alignment in the Spring of 2015 made a direct hit to the Greek Ascendant/Saturn Conjunction that coincided with transiting Saturn conjunct Greece’s natal Neptune. It was during this period that the Greek financial system began to breakdown leading the nation to total debt implosion. Based the the Blackbox transit forecast we will see a major Greek debt default and  a Greek exit from the Eurozone by the end of 2015.

Greek Black Box Forecast

Credit default swaps on Greek debt have risen 456% in price since the beginning of this year, and Vegas Odds-makers has priced in a 75% chance that a Greek debt default will happen. Over the past month, the yield on two-year Greek bonds has skyrocketed from 20% to more than 30%, and the Greek stock market has fallen by a total of 13% during the last three trading days alone. This is what the early stages of a financial collapse that is accelerating and intensifying as each day passes looks like, and if Greece does leave the euro, we are going to see this kind of carnage happen all over Europe.

EU - Greece on Fire

Once Greece defaults and begins its exit from the Eurozone, the big question is…….

Who will be next to leave? Spain, Cyprus, Portugal, Ireland, and Italy?

Everyone knows right now their respective economies are undergoing a deflationary contraction burdened with massive levels of debt and unemployment similar to that of Greece. Also, why would any of these nations continue to be controlled by the European Union if it’s much easier to abandon the Eurozone and regain their financial sovereignty which is now in the hands of the European Central Bank?

Prediction: As Greece prepares for default, expect a major unraveling of the Bond Market that will lead to the next great European financial crisis. Eventually, it will spread all over the planet. The second half of this astrological year (September 23rd, 2015) is going to be radically different from the first half, but most people will not be convinced until the global economy starts completely break down. However by then, it may be too late to do anything about it.