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Mason Garrett interviews William Stickevers on February 26, 2017.

Mason Garrett:  The post-election stock market rallies continue with both the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 reaching records highs in mid-February thus far.  The question is, how much higher?  With this momentum I’m seeing a probable 21,000 for the Dow Jones and 2400 for the S&P — and then what?

While I have predicted significant stock market drops in the past, they have yet to be the ‘Big One’. I still see a very possible 20 percent or more correction down this year … with stress transits beginning in April-May and then again from August through November. I’ve done charts for April 10th… another possible Black Monday …and the eclipse of August 21, which may have a significant downward effect on the stock markets.
new-moon-april-10th-2017Another tense Full Moon this year occurs on April 10, and that will trigger the Sun-Uranus Conjunction and the Moon-Jupiter Conjunction, and all of that squares brutal Pluto at the focal point of the ongoing T-Square, with a nasty little bundle of Lilith (ruling calamity), Black Moon Lilith (ruling treachery), Comet Lucifer, all conjunct the Vertex in the Fifth House … ruling stock markets, speculations….  Could this be a nasty stock market reversal day?

The Eclipse of August 21 may also be a very significant day in the financial markets.  We have Mercury in the Ninth House, the corporate/government-owned media, in opposition to Neptune in the Third House ruling communications media, at the Medium Coeli.  I see confusion, lies and propaganda with that aspect.  Then we have Jupiter square Pluto, the ongoing political power struggle.  And Pluto is in the Second House of money and value, perhaps a power struggle with the Federal Reserve?


Then we have Venus in the Eighth House of other people’s money, consumers, investors, in square to Uranus … shock, sudden separation from their money, and that in in square to Uranus in the Fifth House, perhaps the sudden shock to the speculative markets?  We shall see.

And now, I’d like to introduce to you a friend of mine and very good mundane astrologer, Mr. William Stickevers.  Financial astrology is one of his specialties.  He is also an IT engineer and he has got charts on everything.  So let’s have a little ‘go-to’ meeting with William.

Hello William!

William Stickevers:  Hello Mason.

MG:  You’ve seen my two charts, the April 10th and the Eclipse of August 21st.  I’m seeing these as very possible changes of direction in the markets, perhaps the big correction that everybody keeps looking for.  We keep hitting these maybe 1,000, 1,500 point drops, and then it rallies, makes it up and keeps right on going.  And we’re in record territory, but I really have uneasy feelings about this market, that it’s out of the blue going to shock everybody, and the question is, when?

WS:  Well, Mason, you bring up some really good points.  There are a lot of astrological mundane signatures that are coming into formation now, combined with the convergence of very perilous secular and financial indicators converging together that indicate we may see a top and destabilization of the markets between now and the end of the year.  And I think everyone knows we’re going to see some kind of correction.  The question is what type of correction, what level of intensity, and is this going to be the ‘big one’, or a prelude of things to come. Would you agree?
barbult-index-2011-2027MG:  Yeah.  Looking back historically to the 1920s and 1930s, the way they set up Hoover to take the fall for the stock market crash.  And I have this intuitive feeling there’s something going on, they’re going to set up Trump to take the blame for whatever happens, they’re doing all they can to interfere with his Presidency,  and trying to figure all that in with the realities of supply and demand, and money manipulation and all of that — who knows?


WS:  Absolutely, I’m in total agreement with that. It’s really clear that Deep State and Wall Street banksters are doing whatever they can to derail the Trump agenda, whose primary job from the outset, from what I can see, is to change the trajectory of the nation.  A radical reconfiguration and change of direction of the government and America’s foreign and domestic policies that have been essentially placating to the oligarchical elite, that essentially has been out-sourcing jobs and deleveraging the middle class for the sake of creating a multi-lateral global trading system, and in the process de-nationalizing countries by creating trade zones and enforcing certain policies where national governments no longer really have any leverage or any say in terms of their future.

MG:  Yes, I totally agree.  There’s so much.

WS:  Now in terms of how this is all coming out with the markets, since that’s what our focus is, and keeping in mind what we just said about the fact that the Deep State is striking back, which is very much tied up with the central banksters, the Wall Street banksters, as well as the general trans-national infrastructure, the people who work and operate at that level throughout the globe, to the counter-globalists movement that we saw with the British Exit Vote, with the Trump unprecedented and unexpected victory.  And now we’re seeing the rise of Marine Le Pen in the French election, and the election going on in the Netherlands and this anti-globalist movement that is spreading throughout the world.

le-pen-election-oddsKeeping all of that in mind and looking at the global economy, we can see that the indicators are showing that we are not only undergoing a political revolution, but a macro-economic reconfiguration and revolution in terms of how we trade, in terms of markets, in terms of price discovery, in terms of all the fundamentals that have defined what economies are based on and what markets are built on, and trade on.  So that’s the bigger thing going on.

And one of the things that you’ve discussed very well in some of your own YouTube presentations and putting some of my material with it, is certainly comparing the recoveries of the total real GDP growth at the end of all the recessions going back to 1961, and you can see that arguably this is the weakest recessionary recovery, and I think we can argue that there was really no recovery, but really a cover-up.

MG:  Yes, it is.

WS:  And this is essentially played out and pontificated by the former Obama Administration for the past eight years, they have been essentially negligent in letting the globalists’ doctrine and policies supersede domestic economic policy and global economic policy for the United States, while at the same time the Federal Reserve in conjunction with the Obama Administration were announcing rosy job numbers, skewing the numbers, skewing the facts and statistics, essentially putting out fake news, fake economic data.  So the fake news that we’re witnessing now on the political end, really all begin around 2009 when Obama announced in June that the Great Recession had ended, the Recovery was in progress, and the Green Shoots economy — this new economy that his administration designed in concert with the Fed policies would bring the middle class back to where it was prior to his election, which never occurred.

Now we’ve reached a point where we’re seeing a major middle class revolt.  Trump’s election is essentially a revolt by the de-leveraged middle class that has lost all hope, that has been demoralized because the government has been negligent in its social contract, and as this has been playing out, the dysfunction of the economy continues to accelerate and intensify.  And it’s clear that we have not only entered into the early stages of another recession, but that this recession is a prelude to a likely greater depression that is not only going to be centralized here in the United States but throughout the globe.


And that image here about the economy where Obama is on the USS Titanic and he says, “It’s not sinking, it’s just a downward revision.” It really exemplifies what you and I have been discussing for many months about how this cover-up has been a massive intelligence operation by the oligarchical Wall Street central bankster elite.

MG:  Um Hmm.  Lately, this crazy talk has come to my mind, many mundane astrologers and establishment people keep talking about the Fall of the Roman Empire and equating that with the possible fall of the United States Empire.  Suddenly I’m looking at the bigger picture here, it’s not maybe so much the Fall of the Roman Empire, the American Empire, we may be looking at in the very near future, the fall of the Global Empire that’s created this mess.  We have the Trump Revolution here, Brexit, Le Pen and all these other people.  It’s like the fall is coming, but it’s a bigger fall and it’s not just the Fall of the Roman Empire, but it’s the fall of this whole worldwide mess.  It’s as if the oligarchy has created a worldwide Roman Empire that is now way overextended in all categories.  People are crying for their original culture, countries, sovereignty to be re-established.  Whether or not they will be, we don’t know.  But it’s bigger than we think, this fall.  And it’s not just the United States, it’s global.

WS:  I think we’re going through a major transformational period, which is part of a psycho-spiritual death-rebirth process, where the belief in the system, its social institutions, the governments that are based on the social and legal contracts begin to break down.  This is the first phase.  So we’re seeing the process of decay and death, that will follow with a transition to a transformation event which we would call in historical terms an “X Event”.  They generally occur in the second decade of every first century.  An ‘X Event’ then indicates the transition from the death to the transformation, followed by a rebirth or what historians like to call a Renaissance.

So the United States and the global oligarchical elite that basically took control from 1945 onwards, which many historians call the ‘Pax Americana Period’ (from 1945 to current) is collapsing on its own weight.  It built a system that’s not sustainable or tenable, it pontificates nationalism but it really is based on transnational global governance principles.  It goes entirely against democracy, it goes entirely against libertarian democratic values, and it operates invisibly.

What a lot of astrologers out there still aren’t seeing is that the political revolutions that are taking place (and Trump’s election should be the sign), are not an aberration, or because the Russians ‘rigged the elections’ – that’s what the neo-liberal astrology faction that makes up 90 percent of the astrologers today – they are pontificating that same CNN shrill statement that the election was rigged by the Russians, and that’s why Trump won.  No.  Trump won because we saw a collapse of the middle class, and there were economic indicators that go back during the last several years that show we have shifted into not only a recessionary mode, but a severe recessionary to depression mode.  We’re seeing that with tax receipts which indicate that since 2013 we have been in a recession.  The gross private domestic investment indicates we are in a recession.  Retail is collapsing all over the place and that’s showing that the U.S. consumer is tapped out.  And that’s important because this whole globalist model is based on consumption, not innovation and manufacturing, and the election of Trump is the strike-back from the middle class to the oligarchical elite, and it’s happening worldwide now.

Trumpzilla | William Stickevers, Astrologer | Astrology and Politics

So Trump is the leader who’s going to attempt to sacrifice the Empire – the transnational American globalist empire – in order to restore the nation, in order to bring the country back to normalcy, in order for it to operate under a Constitutional framework again, in order for it to be the country that it became; a self-sufficient, self-reliant, technological, economic, cultural, industrial super power.  Which it no longer is, it’s just so on paper.  So that’s really what he’s doing and the economy is the greatest argument he has and leverage mechanism which will give him the green light by the middle class to do whatever it takes to restore it back to what it once was.

MG:  — Right.  I see the whole ________illa that we’re living in right now.  So many people are getting sucked into paranoia and fears, and spinning of the illusions of Neptune.  And when people get locked under that influence for whatever reason they may choose, one side or the other, it’s not based on reality and we have this back-and-forth that we’re witnessing in the media cycles.  And really, I see the direction right now, is that every individual needs to hook onto not Neptune, but  Uranus.  Uranus is change.  And the forces of Pluto in that square are willy-nilly in bringing those changes about.  But in our meditations (if we meditate), it’s the influence of Uranus, the new, the revolutionary, the breaking into these fantastic potentials that are just around the corner with some of these technologies, the genetics, and biological field, all kinds of things.  I think in 2020 at the winter solstice when we finally get that next Jupiter-Saturn great chronocrator when it shifts out of the earth signs into the air signs — that 20-year Jupiter-Saturn conjunction that is always a major forge?____-struck now going into air signs, as our colleague, Richard Nolle says, “It’s like handing an I-Pad to an 1840s farmer.  These things that are literally just a few years down the road are beyond our comprehension.

Like Trump and Le Pen, quit looking at them as ‘little people.’  These are destiny figures.  They are simply representing these forces.  So don’t be scared, get into Uranus and get into this revolution of thinking and bringing back to the original –

WS:  Vision of the Founding Fathers, right?

MG: Yeah.

WS:  That’s an excellent point because one of the things that made America great was its ability to innovate, and produce its way through innovation, through the greatest economy, the greatest military, the greatest scientific complex in the world.  We have achieved more in a hundred years than empires have in a thousand years.  You look at all the level of innovation and patents, and inventors.  Who sets the operating system standard?  Who sets the standards worldwide?  It’s been the United States since 1900 on.  We did the first in almost everything, and if we weren’t the first we became number one in that particular area once we committed to it 100 percent through the type of system that the Founding Fathers put in place.

And that has been superseded by this oligarchical elite that wants to destroy the middle class.  Because it’s only through the destruction of the middle class — de-leveraging it where they have no protections, they have no social security, they have no economic security — is the only way they can implement the last phase of this global re-set to move us into a transnational shift into a globalized world government.  A globalized system with global governance and one digital-base currency, etc.  So all of this is only one part of what’s going on.


At any rate, I want to get back to the stock markets because we’ve been seeing so many different bellwether indicators that are dramatically lower in 2017 than they’ve ever been since the Recession officially ended in 2009.  One of the indicators is the largest percentage of decline in average weekly work-hours since the Recession in 2008; we’ve now surpassed that level.  Meaning there are people, contractual workers that make up a majority now, not employed workers but underemployed or contractual employed workers, working less weekly hours than they were in 2008.  The job growth at the S&P 500 companies, that essentially set the standard for American companies and which most pensions have their equities investments in, has gone negative for the first time since 2008.  Meaning the companies are making more money because they’re buying back more stock, but in terms of growth, in terms of expanding their employee base — that has gone net negative.  And the U.S. economy, keep in mind, has grown at a dismal 1.9 percent annual rate on a consistent basis since 2009.  It has never hit past 2 percent.  And now it’s down to 1.9 percent during the fourth quarter of 2016 and DECLINING.  So what’s happening here is the markets are moving up, but the Gross Domestic Product, and all the other economic bellwethers are moving dramatically lower at the same time.


MG:  Right.  We’re not making widgets anymore.  Yesterday I was out in the low desert called San Jacinto, and driving through an area on the outskirts there are acres and acres that are owned by Ron Hubbard of Scientology, and they have a studio out there.  And many of the buildings are boarded-up, it didn’t look like any human activity at all.  And yet you see their promotions that they’re this thriving world-wide organization, and when you drive through that area, they’re not.  And I see the same thing going on all over.  It’s this illusion of “great money and yada yada” and it’s not.  When I finally retired, I was doing technical work in a _______ studios, transferring tapes and making cd’s.  And after several management changes they ended up laying off 50 percent of the people.  And the rest of us ended up working 12-hour shifts.  And you think, “How are they saving any money on that, with all of the overtime?”  Well they can’t afford to pay the medical and Workman’s Comp and all of the things that the insanity of the past eight years has brought about.

WS:  You’re basically telling me that they can no longer sustain an employment force, a true middle class employment force where you get compensation, a proper salary for 40 hours work, medical, retirement and other benefits that are part of your work contract for your commitment to that company and its vision.  Am I correct in what you’re saying?

MG:  Right.  From the 1950s to the 1990s which was our great heyday.  And now that’s gone and we’re not making widgets anymore.  Not exporting.


WS:  Right.  And this is a good point because you came up at a time (you’re a little older than me, although you’re still young) when the country was expanding, developing, progress, innovation, experimentation, investment in infrastructure, manufacturing, development really proliferated and it was a time when America was at its best.  Now we’re in a period of de-leveraging.  Instead of innovating, we’re out-sourcing.  Instead of building infrastructure, we’re no longer investing.  The country basically had a scalable, robust, informed, highly skilled workforce at all different levels; manufacturing, service, and consumption level work force as well.  That no longer can exist today.  Since 1992 with the beginning of NAFTA was not only the out-sourcing of jobs, but the complete disintegration of those very things that created the America that the Baby Boomers grew up on, and today results in a 73 percent consumption economy.  I’m sure that when you were born, Mason, the economy was around 69-70 percent manufacturing and now it’s 73-72 percent consumption.  So we have a 72 percent consumption economy in 2016, and when you were coming of age it was somewhere between 50 and 70 percent of manufacturing.  So that’s the real difference, that is what Americans forget about.

Not to mention the fact that the money was backed by gold.  The dollar was backed by gold, held an intrinsic value of gold, a means of production to acquire and hold that gold.  There were basic fundamentals at work.  And because those fundamentals were sound, more or less, with only intermediate or necessary intervention on the part of government due to the Great Depression, the markets were basically free markets and reflected what was actually happening in terms of change and innovation.  They were always a leading indicator of where things were going.  That is no longer true today.  Since 2009 we’ve been living in the ‘Extend and Pretend’ era of economics, of trade, or price discovery – everything that we now know about markets and almost every aspect of it is fraudulent, is gross fraud on a level we have never seen since the collapse of the Roman Empire.  This is what we’re facing now.


Now that we’re at this point I definitely want to talk about the S&P 500 Index and explain how we’re going to see the beginning of the end of the ‘Extend and Pretend’ that was pushed through by the Fed policies, and pontificated by Barack Obama whose negligent stewardship of the economy has resulted in what we’re seeing now; where the elite, the one percent continue to make money and thrive while the middle class is barely able to survive.

MG:  Yes, the only job they can get is to be Soros-paid protestors.  A paying job there.S&P 500 INDEX FIRST TRADE HOROSCOPE

WS:  Let’s look at the S&P 500Index.  March 4, 1957, 10:00 am on Wall Street, this is when the Index was conceived by S&P Company.  As you can see we have the Sun in Pisces, we have the Moon in Aries, and we have Gemini on the Ascendant, and an Aquarius Midheaven.  Notice too that we have Saturn in Sagittarius as well.  That’s important because right now transiting Saturn is in Sagittarius.



If we look at the transits and what has happened recently, the S&P went through its second Saturn Return.  And Saturn is going to be retrograding and coming within striking distance again to that Saturn.  While that Saturn Return was taking place, we had the Neptune-Saturn Square ongoing through 2014, 2015, into 2016, and now Saturn is finally moving ahead of Neptune.  What that generally means is the Saturn-Neptune is about extending and pretending.  That’s keeping interest rates at an artificially low rate of one percent or negative in other countries outside the U.S., because remember Neptune has to do with credit, soft money.  People live on credit, they don’t really live on their salaries, they don’t have hard cash today, and that also applies to the United States.  So there’s the extending and pretending principle of Saturn-Neptune which has to do with creating money out of thin air, infusing it into insolvent financial institutions, borrowing, buying back, creating debt from that, and selling that debt as bonds in order to keep the stock markets and the equities markets and the general consumption-based economy going; extending the façade that the economy has reached normalcy and has recovered.  And you can see that with Neptune on the Sun of the S&P 500.  Basically the inflation and stock run-up we have witnessed, is essentially all due to this Neptune-Sun configuration that has been inflating the markets while we’ve seen the economic fundamentals continue to degrade.


MG:  I totally agree.  Reckoning is due.

WS:  So one of the reasons I think you wanted me on today, Mason, was to talk about how the era of ‘Extend and Pretend’ is coming to an end.

MG:  Right, absolutely.


WS:  And this has to do with this Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-Square configuration that is now in place.  Because we have to remember, let’s say from late 2014 through today we’ve had this massive S&P run-up, it’s gone from anabolic to parabolic levels and that has to do with the liquidity, the market manipulations that have been going on, the stock buy-backs by corporations since it’s easier for them to borrow money and buy back their own stock, and pay it off at almost virtually no interest immediately as their equity prices rise, and as a result, give the illusion — the impression that their companies are growing while they’re laying off workers, like you stated earlier, many of them don’t have real middle class jobs where they can have a mortgage, send their kids to college, where their wife doesn’t have to work another job, medical benefits are out the window, their retirement is completely gone or becomes marginalized.  Now we have the Uranus-Jupiter alignment, especially with the Jupiter-Pluto alignment hitting the S&P dead-on on March 30, 2017.

MG:  That makes my chart forecast  look pretty good.
WS:  That’s right.  And if we look at the Blackbox indicators – this is a weighing system, and we can apply this to anyone’s chart, it doesn’t just apply to financial instruments or first trade horoscopes, but it can apply to anything and we’re applying it now to the S&P 500.  We have 2017 here and we see this green area indicates bullish indicators, and the red area indicates bearish indicators.  We can see this big run-up in January, around the time that Trump got inaugurated.  Everyone was saying, “The market’s going to crash as soon as Trump gets in.”  Nope, it went up higher.  We still see it remaining strong and we see the market making another high in early March.  And it will probably hold its own or remain within a particular price range all the way through this period until the Jupiter-Pluto alignment comes in play, and that’s around this period here in the graph, this bearish indicator.


But here’s the thing, a lot of astrologers will say, “On the day of the Jupiter-Pluto Square on March 30, that means that the market will crash.”  No, that’s not how it works, folks. That’s why we use this Blackbox, because it indicates not just one testimony, but over 780 testimonies compounded on top of that one testimony, averaging out the scoring and the weighing and adjusting it, and also adjusting for lag factors, so just because something happens on a particular day doesn’t mean it happens immediately.

Looking at that we can see the beginning of volatility, and bearish astrological indicators begin to hit the S&P 500 chart very hard.  One of the indicators is the Solar Arc Ascendant conjuncts Uranus, and as you know, Mason, Uranus has to do with volatility and instability; it’s not an indicator where a ‘buy and hold’ strategy works.

MG:  No.

WS:  Generally if people have been going long on the market, they begin to go short on the market.  So they may still be invested in the S&P during this period, but the smart money is going to start shorting or pulling their money out faster.  There’s going to be a need to go into wealth preservation mode.  The rumors on the street are going to be real.  This period in April, for nothing else, indicates when the ‘Extend and Pretend’ period of the Barack Obama economics of liquidity, and zero interest rates, and manipulation of the markets that has resulted in the second-largest bull run in the history of the stock market begins to unwind.

MG:  Yep.  April Fool!

WS:  I’m looking at a few things here because it’s clear a lot of people feel that the equity markets refuse to come down, and the S&P has even closed above many forecasters’ trend lines.  But again, I’m looking at at least a 10 percent correction, possibly a 20 percent warning correction, it can go anywhere between 10 to 20 percent on this one, maybe somewhere in the middle.  But I’m seeing a correction around that place within this time-frame here beginning in late March, although we may see another high, it just means some volatility.  And then we see a 10 percent correction, but not a complete collapse of the market as many people are forecasting.

MG:  There wasn’t a complete collapse in 1929, it was for a few months and then there was a rally that recovered about 50 percent and there were other downturns after that, that finally bottomed out in the 30s.  That’s what I see.  In March, April will be that first ‘bang’ shot.  And then there will be recovery, however much it goes down.  The technical charting guys, you know, speak of the classic 50 percent recovery of whatever the drop.  And then a key date: the Big Kahuna eclipse this year that slices right across the middle of the country in August (21), that’s the one that I think will lead to whatever point where it bottoms out and just completely, perhaps, wipes out all of this Neptune illusion that we’ve been living with for the past couple of decades.

And then that’s the time to go for Uranus, and go for these new evolutionary solutions, from April to August.

WS:  I totally agree.  What we’re seeing here is a warning shot or a ‘shot over the bow’ as they would say from a military standpoint.  Where a warning shot is fired over the bow of another ship, indicating to the smart money that the era or policy of ‘Extend and Pretend’ is over.  And probably – and this is using a little of intuition here, because I look at Trump’s chart and his transits, I look at all of the other transits going on, I look at all the indicators using the Multibox Financial Forecast so I can look at every particular commodity fund, instrument and market.  What we’re seeing here is probably at around the time that Trump begins to roll out his legislation to make dramatic changes to economic policy, to impose tariffs that are long overdue, to essentially break the back of the trade deals and transnational corporate policies that have been pushed through over the past eight years.


And let me say this for those who think I’m just beating-up Barack Obama, I am well aware – I think Mason and I are both on the same page when we realize that NAFTA was created by George Bush and got approved and pushed through by Bill Clinton, and then got accelerated and intensified with George W. Bush’s election resulting in the scenario we have today, and then was pacified with the ‘Extend and Pretend’ policies of Obama, it’s all part of a bigger thing.  So I’m not just beating-up on Obama.  I do hold these transnational, oligarchical ciphers responsible, and it’s not just them, it’s the people at all levels of government.

the-end-of-extend-adn-pretendBut what we’re really saying, and what I’m seeing here, is that when Trump puts in his policy to reverse this globalist agenda to marginalize our economy, marginalize our intelligence operations, marginalize the people, marginalize our workforce, to do everything it takes in order to present a crisis where a transnational, centralized globalist model will be presented as a solution and enforced through the UN that is superseding our federal government, will be interrupted and obstructed through the period that we’re talking about here.  I believe that’s when Trump will come through.  And part of what he’s going to represent will be destabilizing to the “Extend and Pretend” markets.  Not the real markets – not the true markets based on the fundamentals of true price discovery, and free exchange, but based on these fake models that YOU out there continue to invest your money in.  With that money you give to your broker, that money you give to your Roth IRA every month, expecting to get that $1 million to $2 million retirement from – that’s NEVER going to happen.  So that’s really the issue that’s going on here.

MG:  I totally agree, William.

WS:  Based on the Multi-Black Box we’re seeing the S&P 400 mid-cap, the S&P 500 really getting stressed all throughout the first half of this year, most noticeably in April.  We’re starting to see it now with the mid-caps which are better leading indicators than the large cap.  So when I see the S&P 400 mid-cap being stressed earlier, followed by the S&P 500 at a later period being stressed, that tells me that we’re going to see an unwinding in the markets and a loss of confidence.


But notice here, where we look at the gold trading, where the COMEX is, we notice that’s very red as well.  What that means, when gold is red, is that’s when people buy gold.  Because red is bearish indicators, and green is bullish.  What I’ve noticed is when gold gets stressed, that’s when people buy gold.  When gold is green, you see the price essentially trade within its normal range, it stays steady with no major ups or downs.  But when it gets red (and people sometimes sell off their gold because they feel confident about the markets and they’ll buy other instruments such as equities) but when it gets red, and I see it getting redder during this period here, that means people will start acquiring gold as a hedge against destabilizing or volatile markets, especially in equities.

But it won’t be one big, one-shot equity unwind, “OMG, what’ll I do, have I lost my retirement, should I sell now?”  It will be a warning shot with a lot of volatility and a lot of damage control by the Feds, by the institutions saying, “Don’t worry, this is normal, we knew this was coming, your money is safe, don’t sell anything.”  You’re going to hear a lot of that, and meanwhile the smart money, WHILE THEY’RE TELLING YOU THAT, the smart money’s going to be buying that gold.  There’s going to be a lot of that going on.

So this is what I’m trying to say, we’re going to be seeing a lot of volatility and what they say versus what they do, there’s going to be a vast difference.

MG:  I see a similar thing with gold.  As my viewers know, my therapeutic hobby is salvage.  I have a little shed in the backyard and I tear apart old televisions, vacuum cleaners, computers, whatever.  It’s pennies, but for me it’s therapy.  Mars rules iron and tools, and salvage is ruled by Pluto, so it’s the perfect therapeutic outlet to express energies.  And I managed to latch onto some old computers and I’ve had some good luck lately recovering gold-plated little pins.  And when I go to the scrapyard to cash-in my copper and aluminum, I can see the real market at the junkyard because their prices fluctuate as well.  And when I’m getting $3 a pound for copper at the yard, that is a realistic – that’s not intellectual paper nonsense — that’s what the price will support for the profit of the scrapyard dealer and myself.  And I see with this gold the same thing.  Now you don’t buy gold at the scrapyard, you go someplace else.  But to me it doesn’t matter.  Because if I pick up an old computer out of the trash my overhead is just the effort of taking it home.  So I’m going to keep my eye on these salvage prices and how they support reality far more than all this equity stuff.

WS:  I think that’s important because what you’re basically saying is that the spot price on precious metals is vastly different than what it is in terms of paper if gold ETF is at $12.43 which is basically around the target price of gold that many investors are looking at right now. But the reality is that if you try and buy an ounce of gold for $12.43 they will laugh at you.  The spot price of gold is more like $2,100, $2,200.  And then try and get delivery the next day.  Even if you have $2,300 cash and say, “Here it is, give me my ounce of gold”, it isn’t going to happen.  Because there’s somewhere between two to six weeks of delays on deliveries simply because the demand continues to increase exponentially WORLDWIDE.

That is another thing the astrologers, the media, the ‘Extend and Pretend’ financial mainstream legacy media refuse to tell you, and the astrologers are buying into the fact that: “gold is something we shouldn’t even consider here.”

And another thing I want to bring up here now that we’re talking about gold.  If you had invested money in gold in 1999 or 2005, or 2010 — if you took the same amount of money and put it into gold in any one of those periods versus the stock market you would have gained more money than if you had invested it in the S&P 500, you would have more money than if you had invested it in the Dow.  What does that tell you?

MG:  Right.


WS:  That means that the dollar is devaluing, that means we’re in an inflationary cycle.  That means that when you subtract the inflation and additional costs after you cash out on your stocks, you’re net negative compared to gold.  So that is something again a lot of people overlook.  I do a Depression Defense Consultation that just focuses on this for people by the way.  And I show them their numbers.  I say, well if you cashed out today versus if you did this.  So do you want to keep totally invested in stocks and don’t want to have any money in precious metals because your broker can’t make any money from that?  And they see what I’m saying.

MG:  Here’s another confirmation.  The scrappers have a lot of YouTube videos, it’s a definite category.  And this one fellow shared something that he did. When you recover the little gold-plated pins from a computer, they’re not solid gold, just plated.  Underneath will be nickel, perhaps silver, even iron.  They’re just plated.  This individual collected a couple of pounds of these gold-plated pins and plugs, and instead of separating the gold and silver and other metals, he simply took a torch and melted them all into little one-ounce bars.  He sold these mixed bars on EBay which are some gold, some silver, some nickel all together.  And the people who buy the raw commodity will do the assay and give you the gold content.

On Ebay he sold that little one-ounce bar for $250 cash.

WS:  Absolutely.  And that supports what I stated earlier and what we’ve been talking about for weeks in our discussions prior to this presentation we’re doing.  So precious metals are going to move up.  I do see some minor correction with precious metals between now and this spring.  So people will call and say, “Gold went down or silver went down a little.”  I’m certainly expecting that, but it won’t be that much of a correction.  Because what we’re going to see is when gold begins to move it will move up big, and then silver soon follows.  It’s gold first, then silver.  Let’s look at the silver COMEX price.  We don’t see so many moves on silver this year, I believe that happens in the second half of this year or next year.  So I’m seeing much more movement on gold.

But you have to keep in mind that if the price of gold goes to $13.25, the spot price to buy the metal, the trade-in — if you say to the COMEX, “I want to sell my paper gold and swap it for gold,” they will say, “No, we’ll give you cash, but we’re not going to give you metal.” And people have talked about this for years now, especially since the 2009 financial crisis.  They basically say you cannot get gold from the COMEX or from these exchange places because they don’t have it.  They don’t have it because too many people are buying it, like you, Mason.

MG:  Right.  Or they’re throwing it away in the trash and don’t even know it.

WS:  Right.  So folks what we’re trying to get at here and get to you and help you understand, is that black is white, and white is black.  We’re looking through the looking glass.  Nothing appears as it truly is.  We are in the last phase of ‘Extend and Pretend’ especially when it comes to equities markets, because Neptune is still sitting on that S&P 500 and that indicates a dissolution or dissolving of the fundamentals that drive the market.  And the ONLY thing keeping that market going is the day-to-day manipulated emotional sentiment generated by legacy financial mainstream media, that people continue to believe in.  Meanwhile the smart money, very soon if not already, has begun selling assets off, selling equities off, and moving into much more sound instruments of various types and especially the precious metals.


We’re going to see a lot of instability, we’re going to see people questioning.  This is the beginning and we could do another show in the future on this, Mason.  We are seeing the beginning of the Pension Tsunami.  The Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-Square indicates it’s the implosion, breakdown and revelation that the pensions are insolvent simply because the ‘Extend and Pretend’ game that they pulled basically stole, intrinsically took away, from the only remaining asset base that was left after the 2009 financial debacle, financial crisis, and that was the pensions.  So the pensions are in trouble and many of the Baby Boomers and Silent Generation folks who think that they’re going to get their pensions as they’re getting them now don’t realize what’s about to come.

MG:  Yup.  I’m in the process of doing more drawings for my therapeutic drawing books and looking for ways to equal my social security check. I don’t know how much longer it’s going to be there.

WS:  Well Mason, you’re a world class astrologer, you’re skilled in many areas, you’ve seen and done it all, you have a lot of expertise and spiritual understanding that’s much broader than most Americans and even most of the astrologers out there, I’m not so worried about you.  What I am worried about is the folks that continue to listen to what’s being pontificated to them including many of the astrologers that continue to essentially just become shills of not just what’s being pontificated on CNN, but what’s being pontificated in the Wall Street Journal.  This is where the real crisis is, is that many people are just completely fooled and beguiled by what has been taking place and continue to view everything as a disruption to the fake world — like the rise of Trump and all of these other geopolitical developments — as a disruption of their unsustainable world view.

MG:  Right.  You cannot use astrology to validate your bias, it’s going to trip you up.  It’s good for learning and research to do historical charts, that’s how we all learn.  But the pitfall is, it’s always easier to read charts after the fact.  There are enough stars, fixed stars, asteroids, comets that will verify any kind of prediction you want to make. It’s very complex.  Okay, I’m an old timer, I try to base most of my systems on the basic nine planets. Sometimes I’ll throw in a fixed star like Algol, that’s a really nasty bugger, but we’ve got to put our bias aside and look at overall forces that are at work here and now.  Because that is what’s going to bring about whatever comes down the pike.  And if the asteroids and stars coincide, that’s the icing on the cake.

And remember that all of this CNN and media stuff, that’s all Neptune.  And Neptune is a very beautiful planet.  Every planet, every aspect has got a positive and negative side.  Spiritually Neptune opens up all kinds of things, and creatively all sorts of things.  But when it comes down to reality — uh uh.  It’s going to fool you every time, and especially when it’s in the sign that it rules.  And the old ruler, Jupiter, being in a stressful aspect to Uranus – oh no.  There are going to be some big changes.  I’ll just leave it at that.

We’ve had a really good rap today, William.

WS:  Well I think so, I want to thank you for allowing me to come on your show.  I really appreciate the opportunity you’re giving me and I’m really looking forward to the feedback from your listeners, your clients, and the people that follow you.  I really have to commend you.  Many people in your age group are just keeping quiet.  The older astrologers say to me, “William I hear what you’re saying, but as long as I’m getting my pension, I’m not going to say much on this because that’s all I’m really concerned about it.”  And the problem with that, is it skews their understanding, their openness, their ability to understand what the transits are saying.  And the very thing that they’re holding on for dear life for, and basing their whole entire future on is false, unsustainable, untenable, and that’s exactly what this Neptune here is showing.

And just keep in mind, that Neptune rules credit.  What have they been doing?  Creating false credit and pushing it into these institutions, and creating the false belief that the economy, based on the S&P 500 or based on the stock market (which is the smaller stock market by the way) …  The smallest market is the equities market. It’s very small and unsophisticated compared to the bond market which is twice the size, the currency markets which is ten times the size, and the derivatives markets which is a million times the size.

So a lot of the older astrologers out there (with the exception of you, Mason, and a few others) are calling it as they see it, even though they are benefiting one way or another from that pension system or social security, or whatever subsidization they’re getting in retirement.   But you are realizing that the jig is up and it has nothing to do with the generation who contributed to the system, but it has to do with the corruption (Neptune), corrupt leadership (Neptune) that has created this coming debacle.

MG:  Yep.  They should have stuck to making movies.  It really is all about Neptune, it’s just a movie.

WS:  Ultimately, yes, we know it’s just a movie, but unfortunately a lot of people are going to have to deal with this.  We’re all going to get hit by it, not just the Baby Boomers or Silent Generation, or few GI Generation folks still alive.  It’s going to hit everybody and hurt everybody.  The equities market is the most sensitive but least sophisticated, and it’s the smallest market.  So when you begin to see the equities unravel, that’s the indication that the debt market (which is the bond market) will begin to unravel which is twice the size of the equities market.  And when that happens the central bank is going to have to do things in order to maintain it, and yet if they do, they are setting themselves up to default at some point.

So the real power struggle here between Trump and the Deep State – and when I mention the Deep State I’m talking the financial deep state, the shadow banking system, the national security structure, the breakaway civilization – that whole cabal is going to be the confrontation, and the power struggle is deciding do we keep the country?  Or do we decide to sacrifice the country for empire?  And that all is coming to a theater near you starting this spring.  What you’ve seen is nothing.  What you’ve seen is just an aftermath of post-election drama, which really doesn’t add up to anything in comparison to where we’re going to be moving, come this spring.

MG:  Alright.  I always remind people that there are archaeologists today, and I have a deep respect for archaeologists who spend their lives digging up lost high tech civilizations, hundreds of thousands, millions of years, who knows how many years old?  And nobody yet has conquered the entire globe.  That is a big Neptune fantasy.  And in my personal belief, I don’t think anybody is ever going to rule the world.  It’s just a fantasy, a mental disorder that persists throughout history.  It never works. And back again, we’re right around the corner from all that illusion crashing.  Again, I try and encourage people to look at the news (even though it’s controlled).  When a bad tornado rips through the South or the Midwest and you see all this wreckage … oh my god.   And in a year or two it’s all put back.  Hmm?  So yeah, all of this corruption is going to collapse into a steaming, smoking mess.

WS:  I agree with what you’re saying, but I want to put hope out there to your listeners and to all people who have an interest in this.  The collapse will be followed by a reformation, a reconstruction, a re-engineering of the country and of the global economy followed by a renaissance.  But there will be blood in the streets before that happens.  The astrologers have to get with the program and realize what is coming here.  When the era of ‘Extend and Pretend’ comes to an end, we’re going to realize how we were all gypped or blindsided by the measures put into place to keep the markets going after the dot com collapse.  All of the manipulations by putting the money into false instruments to prop-up the real estate markets, which then collapsed and almost caused a derivatives unwind, which required a liquidity rescue of creating money out of thin air and injecting it into institutions and governments worldwide.

I mean folks, c’mon, let’s get with the program here.  The Federal Reserve injected $17 trillion within a three-week period starting March 24, 2007.  That information wasn’t released until 2009, 2010, and that’s not including all the other measures: the $800 billion bail-out by George W. Bush, followed by a bank bail-out in February of 2009 by Barack Obama.  Had they not put that $17 trillion injection not only into the markets, but into other countries and corporations and that list remains secret, by the way.  This is all out there.  You can look this up yourself.  This is the ‘Extend and Pretend’ that had to be put in place.  And the damage control is wearing off (Neptune), and things as they truly are are going to be exposed.  So this is the end, and we’re going to see this Neptune on the Sun of the S&P 500 indicates the dissolution and disintegration of the false manipulations on the part of the Wall Street elite and the Fed, and by the U.S. government to maintain the false belief that the economy is growing.  So that is what we all need to be concerned about.

And Trump, who is well aware of this, is going to do whatever it takes to attempt to fundamentally re-engineer the American economy to build markets, to restructure the markets that are based on true price discovery.  He will attempt to do it.  Whether he’s successful or not depends on many things, and it’s not a sure thing.  But nevertheless, this is where we are heading.

And I think the next thing we should talk about in another segment in the future is going to the largest pension fund first trade horoscopes, look at them with the Blackbox, talk about them.  Inform the Baby Boomers, the Silent Generation, and the GI folks who are still around, who realize what is coming.  This is not just going to be a Generation X or Millennial crisis, this is going to be hitting all of the generations simultaneously.

MG:  Yep.  Well we’ll certainly do that, William.  And for you folks out there, William is an Aries, and I have an Aries Moon, which means we’re going to be in your face about it.

Well William, it’s been terrific, so we’ll wrap this up now.  Thanks a bunch, it’s really been informative, really great information.  So we’ll see you all next time.






ANNULAR SOLAR ECLIPSE – February 26, 2017

Solar Eclipse February 26, 2017 9:34:08 AM Washington, D.C.
Solar Eclipse February 26, 2017 9:34:08 AM Washington, D.C.

The first of two Solar Eclipses in 2017 will occur on February 26 at 9:34:08 AM Washington, D.C. with the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon at 08°12′ Pisces. The eclipse will be an annular solar eclipse, which occurs when the Moon’s apparent diameter is smaller than the Sun’s, blocking most of the Sun’s light and causing the Sun to look like an annulus (ring). An annular eclipse appears as a partial eclipse over a region of the Earth thousands of kilometers wide. This solar eclipse will be visible across the southern Pacific Ocean, southern South America, and the southern Atlantic Ocean in the morning, ending in south-western Africa at sunset.

Since the United States remains the world’s undisputed geopolitical, economic, military superpower, mundane astrologers have consistently found that calculating an event horoscope for Washington, D.C. provides accurate insight and perception into the potential geopolitical, foreign policy, economic impact, and military development that eclipses have on the worldstage.

The February 26th Solar Eclipse is a member of Saros Cycle 140.  The 54-year Saros Cycle is an important cycle to consider when evaluating eclipses.  In each Saros cycle the shadow of the eclipse moves westward on the surface of the earth by 120 degrees with every eclipse. After 3 eclipses in the same cycle, the shadow of the eclipse has moved 360 degrees and is visible from the same place on earth. This cycle tends to re-energize events from that previous era after 54 years.


Based on the table above, the February 2017 Solar Eclipses relate to events of 1963. In 1963, we saw the emergence of powerful populist empowerment movements such as the Civil Rights Movement with Martin Luther King, Jr. delivering his “I have a dream” speech, with Malcolm X making his Message to the Grass Roots speech in Detroit, and President John F. Kennedy delivering his historic Civil Rights Address, in which he promises a Civil Rights Bill and asks for “the kind of equality of treatment that we would want for ourselves.”

Also during 1963 was the publication of Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique that launches the reawakening of the Women’s Movement in the United States as women’s organizations and consciousness-raising groups began to rapidly spread.

In 1963 was the issuance of Executive Order 11110, an effort by President John F. Kennedy to transfer power from the Federal Reserve to the United States Department of the Treasury by replacing Federal Reserve Notes with silver certificates, causing a political rift with the Federal Reserve and the American Deep State operatives working in tandem with the CIA.

In a 1963 speech in West Berlin, President John F. Kennedy famously declares “Ich bin ein Berliner” aimed at the Soviet Union as a clear statement of U.S. geopolitical policy to support West Germany, 22 months after Soviet-supported East Germany erected the Berlin Wall to prevent mass emigration to the West.

Following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in November 1963, involving parties as varied as the CIA and the Mafia, President Lyndon B. Johnson confirmed that the United States intends to continue supporting South Vietnam militarily and economically when the situation in Vietnam was deteriorating.

Politically, 1963 was also a turbulent year in the United Kingdom with the Profumo Crises that caused resignations from the cabinet caused by war minister John Profumo, having an affair with Christina Wheeler who was also involved with a Soviet Navy officer.

The counter-counter revolution began in earnest in the United States by the release of The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, with Dylan’s lyrics embracing stories taken from the headlines about civil rights and articulating anxieties about the distress of nuclear warfare. In Europe, the release of “Please, Please Me” and the songs “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and “I Saw Her Standing There” released in the U.S. mark the beginning of full-scale Beatlemania.

NASA launches Syncom, the world’s first geostationary (synchronous) satellite, and the United States ends the Mercury program of United States manned spaceflight and reaches parity with the Soviet Union in the Space Race to the Moon.

1963 Eclipse Events —> 2017 Eclipse Events

Based on the historical events of 1963 mentioned above, we may see the re-articulation of many of the same themes of high geopolitical tensions, and political animosity and turmoil will be the order of the day. However, we may see a renewed interest in the manned space program, with discussion of a Manned Mars Expedition using new propulsion technology, along with an explosive burst of intellectual and artistic creativity with the emergence of a new wave of musical artists because of a confluence of ideas, concepts, events, issues, and driven technology which act as a social catalyst for rapid change in the culture. We may also see a massive shift to an alternative digital currency system for trade settlement that begins a major shift away from the fiat monetary system controlled by the world’s Central Banks.

the-deep-state-networkWe may also see the breakdown of government power by major referendums and sweeping reforms as a result of growing populist empowerment movements that challenge the very power of structure of the Deep State:

“.. there is another government concealed behind the one that is visible at either end of Pennsylvania Avenue, a hybrid entity of public and private institutions ruling the country according to consistent patterns in season and out, connected to, but only intermittently controlled by, the visible state whose leaders we choose.

“All complex societies have an establishment, a social network committed to its own enrichment and perpetuation. In terms of its scope, financial resources and sheer global reach, the American hybrid state, the Deep State, is in a class by itself. That said, it is neither omniscient nor invincible. The institution is not so much sinister, although it has highly sinister aspects, as it is relentlessly well entrenched.”
-Mike Lofgren, Anatomy of the Deep State

The Jupiter-Uranus opposition in the February eclipse horoscope in a T-Square alignment with Pluto, with Mars in a tight conjunction with Uranus indicates the disruption Deep-State politics of influencing and manipulating anti-democratic coalitions in a covert manner within the political system, for ensuring specific interests of the elite are met within the seemingly democratic framework. It is the pervasive influence of special and private interest operating within government that continues to centralize power and wealth through excessive taxation (by non-responsive government) and the continuing curtailment of civil liberties. The eclipse will likely bring out revelations that makes the general public aware that the real enemy of “We the People” is the so-called Deep State.

Politically, a Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-Square alignment is historically linked with major reversals in power in leadership often due to scandalous revelations and political shakeups. The Mars-Uranus conjunction in the 12th House of the eclipse horoscope represents the treasonous activities with members of President’s staff, operating as Deep State operatives, to subvert his political agenda to thwart, undermine, and prevent the President from making the sweeping economic and political reform and to change the current trajectory of the nation. The power-struggle between the Trump Administration and the Deep State will likely result with the President invoking counterintelligence operations across the government to root out traitors at NSA, CIA, FBI, including the Departments of State and Department of Defense.

The Eclipse degree at 8.12 Pisces conjuncts the Mars-MC and Uranus-MC Midpoints, which augur dramatic and potent developments ridden with domestic strife, political tensions, and possible international confrontation that could result in a foreign policy crisis over the forthcoming months.  The call for leadership to take moral action to deal with the harsh economic realities will impact many people as the integrity of the system begins to degrade. Former Reagan Administration White House Budget Director David Stockman says,

“I think what people are missing is this date, March 15th 2017*.  That’s the day that this debt ceiling holiday that President Obama and Boehner put together right before the last election in October of 2015.  That holiday expires.  The debt ceiling will freeze in at $20 trillion.  It will then be law.  It will be a hard stop.  The Treasury will have roughly $200 billion in cash.  We are burning cash at a $75 billion-a-month rate.  By summer, they will be out of cash.  I think we will have a government shutdown.  There will not be Obamacare to repeal and replace.  There will be no tax cut.  There will be no infrastructure stimulus.  There will be just one giant fiscal bloodbath over a debt ceiling that has to be increased and no one wants to vote for.  By summer, they will be out of cash.  Then we will be in the mother of all debt ceiling crises.  Everything will grind to a halt.

* March 15 2017: Mercury contraparallel September Eclipse Venus, Neptune contraparallel September Eclipse Point,  Mercury opposition September Eclipse Venus, Mars contraparallel February Eclipse Mercury, Sun square February Eclipse Saturn,  Sun contraparallel September Eclipse Jupiter.


In ancient Rome, Ceres was the patron and protector of plebeian laws, rights and Tribunes. Her Aventine Temple served the plebeians (the common people ) as cult center, legal archive, treasury and law-court. In 287 B.C. plebeian law was extended to the city itself and all its citizens, and the official decrees of the Senate were placed under Ceres’ guardianship. Roman historian Titus Livius puts the reason for this clearly: The consuls could no longer seek advantage by arbitrarily tampering with the laws of Rome. Ceres was thus the patron goddess of Rome’s written laws. 


The February eclipse will closely conjunct the U.S. national Ceres indicating that we will see a burst of legislation and legal activity. We may see reforms in regards to Obamacare, with a less partisan but no less action-oriented “repair” phase that Americans overwhelmingly will likely embrace, rather than simply calling for “repeal and replace.”


Eclipse Reactivation

Eclipses often work in pairs. An eclipse in one sign can be reactivated by an eclipse in the opposite sign about six months later. The first eclipse heats the eclipsed degree up, and the second eclipse re-charges the degree about six months later. In this case, the February 26, 2017 Annular Solar Eclipse at 8.12 Pisces opposes the previous Annular Solar Eclipse on September 1st, 2016 at 9.21 Virgo.  The September Eclipse made an opposition to Neptune, square both Mars and Saturn.

Therefore, it will reactivate the Saturn-Neptune square alignment that was active on the world since the Fall of 2014 that is linked with chronic social stagnation, growing chronic underemployment, partisan political malaise, and the downside consequences of the “Extend and Pretend” economic policies (that provide temporary “one size fits all” politically expedient solutions, that essentially delay the inevitable) that distort markets,  artificially suppressed interest rates, obliterate the mechanism of price discovery, create massive capital misallocation, create back-door bailouts, heighten financial bubbles, and impose collectivist solutions for the intractable economic problems since the 2007-08 Financial Crisis.

Since the Great Recession officially ended in June of 2009, the Federal Reserve with the political support by the Obama Administration implemented policies that maintain the perception of an economic recovery and strong U.S. Dollar by rigging the financial markets in the following ways:

  • U.S. Treasury Bonds are maintained by direct U.S. Fed monetization and bond purchases, reinforced by Interest Rate Swap Derivative Contracts.
  • The U.S. Stock Market is maintained by the Working Group for Financial Markets, a.k.a. “Plunge Protection Team”, when Wall Street Banks are subject to periodic fatigue.
  • The U.S. Dollar is maintained by the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Exchange Stabilization Fund, which employs FOREX derivatives with its arsenal of Western banker tools.
  • The Sweet Crude Oil Market is maintained by the Wall Street proprietary Petro-Dollar trading desks.
  • The Gold Market is maintained by Wall Street and London Bank naked shorts, aided by SPDR Gold Trust inventory raids and denied COMEX deliveries, while the Commodity Futures Trading Commission looks the other way.
  • S. Bank stocks of the six largest TBTF banks on Wall Street, are maintained by phony accounting blessed by the Financial Accounting Standard Board, which overlooks the falsified portfolios for their asset values and hollowed-out reserves.

Since the wake of the 9 years of the 2007-08 financial crisis, we have had the G7 Nations create global policy of debt creation for zero cost through massive quantitative easing programs and zero-to-negative interest rates. This policy started with the Federal Reserve trying to bail out the banking system by bring the cost of money down to zero and crediting financial liquidity by replenishing insolvent financial institutions with quantitative easing and having bonds manufactured by the Treasury Department that were then purchased by the Federal Reserve through the banking primary dealers, so that they could get interest on the debt. The debt was accumulating interest, but the money created from that interest never made it into the economy, resulting a drop in the velocity of money that is now below 1929 levels. (When an economy is healthy, money tends to change hands and circulate through the system quite rapidly.) The debt created now exceeds 100% of GDP as of 2016.

According to astrologer Charles Jayne, solar eclipses can have an effect up to 6 months before they occur and as long as 1 year afterward. The Jupiter-Uranus/Mars-Pluto T-Square alignment in the February eclipse horoscope augurs systemic risk to the financial system in regards to credit (Neptune).  World-class investment advisor and precious metals expert Holter explains, “I have been talking about ‘Truth Bombs’ for about a year and a half. I think what is going to happen in 2017 is that this hologram we’ve been living in, the curtain is going to be pulled back. . . One of the big truths that will explode is about the economy, and this will be one of Trump’s biggest problems.” Holter goes on to say, “Trump is a smart guy, and he understands that really what he’s going to be doing is presiding over a bankruptcy. That’s what his main job is going to be, and that’s reorganizing this country.”

As a result of the Federal Reserve and Wall Street stimulating so many asset bubbles, such as the Bond Market (debt), the Housing Market (real estate), and the Stock Market (equities) which is now at near all-time highs, we are on the verge of another financial crisis. Financial analyst and writer Nomi Prins has been warning of such a crash from epic debt, and asset bubbles in 2017 when she says,

“They have artificially stimulated so many different asset bubbles, whether it’s debt, which is epic, or stock markets, many of which are at historic highs. If we have a crash, it will be in the second half of 2017. The promises, the rate hikes, the dollar being high could collapse into the realities of the stability and this artificialness.”

As far as the exchange markets are concerned, we can expect a continuation of the Bull Market in equities, with increasing price swings and volatility, followed by a major pull-back and a series of periodic prices declines, in response to the Government Debt Ceiling Crisis and geopolitical crisis in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

2016 U.S. Presidential General Election Predictions


Political Contest Horary
for the General Election


This new page will track the probabilities for the winner of the seven battleground states in the 2016 U.S. Presidential General Election generated by a team of political contest horary astrologers led by mundane astrologer William Stickevers.

Probabilities from other sources will be tracked as well, including Nate Silver’s Five Thirty Eight,, CNN’s Political Prediction Market, and Axiom Strategies in collaboration with Remington Research Group.

This page will be updated every 2 weeks leading up to the November 8th General Election.

*AstroProbability: a composite set of mundane astrology forecasting methods. Margin of Error is +/- 1.9% with a 95% level of confidence.

Political Contest Horary and the 2016 U.S. Presidential General Election

Each horary question will be focused on a specific county in each of the seven battleground states, known as Axiom’s Battleground Counties  — as identified by Axiom Strategies in collaboration with Remington Research GroupThese counties historically reflect statewide results within 1% of accuracy, so monitoring them will be key in analyzing the 2016 presidential race.

Political Contest Horary AstroProbability and the 2016 U.S. Presidential General Election
Tracking probabilities for the winner of the seven battleground states in the 2016 U.S. Presidential General Election from Nate Silver’s Five Thirty Eight,, Axiom Strategies, and Political Contest Horary AstroProbabiliy generated by a team of political contest horary astrologers led by mundane astrologer William Stickevers.


• I am more committed to the truth and outcome of political contest than my own political expectations or preferences.
• I call it as I see it, not as I want it.
• I have been a registered Independent since 1984.
• I am a political atheist; I don’t believe in political parties.

30 Days To Go: Are Trump Supporters Angry Enough to Vote?

Keep in mind this time last year nearly every political forecaster predicted Jeb Bush would be the leading GOP nominee going into the Iowa Caucus, never thinking his campaign would be drifting aimlessly in single-digit polling numbers among a crowed debate stage.  Neither did any astrologer predict the rise of Donald Trump whose unorthodox campaign would come to utterly dominate the polls and set the agenda of the Republican presidential race.

Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Des Moines, Iowa (December 11, 2015)

Eleven candidates are still vying for the GOP nomination, and political experts are expecting a record GOP turnout at the Iowa caucuses. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are neck-in-neck in the Iowa polls and are the consensus favorites among political insiders in the state. Ted Cruz is the Las Vegas oddsmaker’s favorite to win Iowa as more experts believe that Trump’s ardent and angry “fed up with government” supporters will be a poor showing come February 1st in Iowa, they will ultimately spell doom and gloom for the boastful billionaire’s flamboyant and unconventional campaign, as his record of “winning” are central to his political pitch.

However, not everyone is buying into the consensus expectation that Trump’s supporters will be a no-show. “He’s definitely for real out here,” said one Iowa Republican official who requested anonymity. “The question is whether the people they’ve identified as supporters will turn out. I’m not convinced they will, but if he can turn out just half of them he could blow the top off this thing.”

So the big question is, will Trump’s legions of angry and vocal supporters of the current political establishment, that turn out in mass number for his rallies, actually come out to vote? Will their anger drive them to polls in February?

Are Trump Supporters Angry Enough to Vote

Mundane Political Contest Horary Question:

Will Trump’s supporters anger drive them to polls in February?

Horary question asked by the astrologer January 2nd 2016 at 1:54 am PST, in San Francisco, CA.

1st House: Trump Campaign
7th House: GOP Rival Campaign’s
10th House: GOP Winner of the Early States
The Moon: The Electorate

In the mundane horary figure Scorpio is on the Ascendant therefore Mars rules the Trump Campaign. Mars is in his Detriment but somewhat dignified by Term at the critical 29 Degree in the sign of Libra, indicating that Trump’s campaign has been in an unsettled state of affairs transitions to a ground game in the early states. Mars is conjunct the Ascendant indicating that Trump’s campaign has momentum and staying power during the ground-transition to continue to dominate the GOP field.

The Moon, which represents Trump’s supporters is in the 12th House, in the sign of Libra, applying to Pluto by square and making its last aspect to Uranus. Horary testimonies that indicate Trump’s campaign is riding on some significant wave of rage and defiance that represents and unprecedented form of voter revolt.

Mars will shortly ingress into Scorpio, where has dignity by sign, term, and face within the Via Combusta, the area in the tropical zodiac between 15 Libra and 15 Scorpio. These testimonies augur more intensity, power and ambition for Trump as his campaign implements an all-out political blitzkrieg on his GOP rivals and stay on message.

Venus rules the 7th House of Trump’s ten GOP establishment-approved candidate, hoping to pull off a major upset in Iowa or New Hampshire. Venus is peregrine – lacking composite dignity, in the 2nd House – of middling strength, and besieged between malefic Mars and Saturn. Unfortunate testimonies for the establishment candidates, that confirm the contentious rivalry among themselves as they continue to pull one another down like crabs in a barrel.

The Sun — ruler of the prize, the GOP delegates of the early contested states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina — is exalted in the sign Mars, indicating that the Republican state delegates far more enthusiastic about a possible Trump nomination then what political experts are stating.

Finally, the Moon will ingress into the sign of Scorpio and conjunct Mars, indicating that the polls are actually understating Trump’s strength. Also that Trump has a more effective grassroots get-out-the-vote organization and will convince his angry supporters to actually show up at the polls over the next 30 days and vote.

Prediction: Based on the mundane horary testimonies, Trump will defy the pundits and the GOP establishment, mounting an effective unorthodox campaign to get at least 30 percent of the vote during the early primary states.

Stay tuned. Between now and February, things are about to get weird.

Prediction: A Three Year Grexit Will Commence After “The Last Chance” EU Summit

Soon the wait will be over. Greece submitted a final compromise plan to the EU on Thursday, and the European finance ministers will meet now to discuss the proposal. This will be followed by an emergency summit for all 28 EU nations on Sunday to make a final decision on Greece’s future. The summit on Sunday is being billed as “the last chance” meeting by EU officials. Basically, Greece is being given just one more chance to embrace severe austerity measures that are being demanded of them by Germany and other creditor nations.

As we await the verdict on whether Greece will be in or out, here is a mundane horary on the speculative outcome:

“Will Greece Remain In The Eurozone After Sunday?”

Question asked by astrologer: 7/11/2015 at 3:13 pm PDT, San Francisco, California

Will Greece Remain in the Eurozone after Sunday
Greece: 1st House – Ruled by Mars
EU Creditors: 7th House – Ruled by Venus
Eurozone: 10th House – Ruled by the Sun
Moon: Co-significator of the Question and the Greek Nation

1st House Testimonies:
Ruler of the 1st House Mars in its Fall –
Ruler of the 1st House in the Malefic 8th House –
Ruler of the 1st House Mars is Combust –
Saturn Occupies the First House –

7th House Testimonies:

Ruler of the 7th House Venus in the 10th Square Saturn –

Moon Testimonies:

The Moon is in the sign of her Exaltation +
The Moon is in the 7th House +
The Moon Conjunct the malefic star Algol –
The Moon’s First and Last Aspect is to malefic Saturn –
The Moon’s First and Last Aspect is to Saturn in the 1st House –


Based on the overwhelming set of negative horary testimonies, Germany will reject the final Greek proposal making it likely no agreement will be made during the Eurogroup EU Summit. Therefore it is highly probably that the ECB will suspend Greece’s ELA agreement, making the prospects for a Grexit is almost certain. The failure to come to an agreement will escalate and intensify the ongoing deterioration of the Greek economy that set into motion an utter collapse of the Greek banking system. Since the Moon will go “Void-of-Course” after it makes its last aspect to malefic Saturn, it is not clear from the horary figure how the Grexit from the Euzozone will transpire, other than it will be a protracted and difficult process due to the high number of fixed signs in the horoscope. Also, in the horary figure the Moon will traverse about 3 degrees before ingressing into a new sign; therefore, I predict that after Sunday’s announcement, Greece will be conditionally quarantined by the Eurozone (and treated as a third-world country until 2018) and allowed to restructure its debt as plans to roll out the drachma are set in motion.

Greek Options

Greece, Germany, and Debt Forgiveness

Here is the bigger problem that Europe now faces: Ultimately, Greek debt has to be forgiven by Germany, else Greece will not survive. That is a fact. The IMF wants to forgive debt but Germany is not prepared to forgive debt. Why? Because if they forgive Greece’s debt, that means that other indebted nations such as Spain, Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, Malta, etc., will have to write off large loans to Greece and they can’t afford to do that.

Regardless, Greece needs debt forgiveness, otherwise they can’t survive. Period. And if there is debt forgiveness, then you have a massive problem in the European banking system because European banks won’t survive. Why? Because the European banks and the European Central Bank have major outstanding lines out to Greece. The European Central Bank is now bankrupt, just as Greece is bankrupt, and Greek debt is worth zero and the same is true for Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Also, if there was debt forgiveness, the European countries that have lent to Greece may not survive. Plus, Spain, Portugal, and Italy will want the same debt forgiveness for themselves else they will default.

Keep in mind what keeps the EU oligarchical elite and Angela Merkel awake at night is not the cries of despair from Greek pensioners, nor the penniless Cypriots, nor the hunger of starving and Portuguese, nor the politically explosive number of unemployed Spanish workers and impoverished Italian households — it’s the rise of the “Euroskeptic.”

If that wasn’t enough, there are numerous secular indicators that significant economic trouble is ahead for Europe that will have a direct impact on the entire global economy. For instance, global commodity prices have be plunging as economists debate if a Grexit could trigger turmoil in financial markets. Also there is a massive problem brewing with the $100 trillion worldwide bond market. Why? Because according to the Bank for International Settlements – the Central Banks of Central Banks Worldwide, there is 26.45 trillion dollars in currency derivatives that are directly tied to the value of the Euro, and there is no longer any real liquidity in this market. So there is major concern that a Grexit could likely set off a “Ka-BOOM” event (aka a “Minsky Moment”), in the European bond market in the next few months ahead.


A “no deal” vote by the EU will surely plunge Greece, and the rest of the EU, into financial and political turmoil. For it is clear at this point no matter what happens with Greece, the truth is that we are rapidly moving toward another major worldwide financial crisis. Barbault Planetary Cyclic Index_2010-2020

Will Greece Vote To Leave The Euro?

A major vote in Greece will occur today that will both shape the future of its economy and Europe’s monetary union. The Greek Bailout Referendum has now become critical, for if the Greek voters vote “No” and side with Tsipras government, then there will be a very sharp recession over the next few months, tax collection will collapse,  and the Tsipras government is unlikely to survive the economic collapse. However, if  the public votes “yes,” then  the existing government will likely be reorganized, the banks will be able to reopen, and conclude the terms set by the European Union.

Greeks just started (as of this writing) casting ballots today in the closely watched bailout referendum, with opinion polls showing people evenly split on whether to accept the EU creditors’ proposals for more austerity in exchange for additional rescue loans, or defiantly reject the deal and leave the Eurozone.

Greek Referendum PollsWill the Greeks Vote to Leave The Euro?
Question Understood by Horary Astrologer at 7/04/2015 at 9:23 pm PDT in San Francisco.
Greek Vote

According to European “futures market” data, there is a 67% probability that the public will vote “Yes” in today’s Greek Referendum Vote, while the “No” Vote has a modest 36% chance of succeeding.  Therefore, the “Yes” Vote is the house favorite and assigned to the 1st House in the contest horary figure, and the “No” Vote – the Underdog, is assigned to the 7th House.

The Moon rules the remaining undecided Greek voters, and the 10th House is the prize: the outcome of the Referendum vote.

Horary Analysis:

Capricorn is on the Ascendant, therefore  Saturn rules the 1st House.  The sign Cancer is on the Descendant. Since the Moon rules the voters in political contest horary, we must move to the next sign over to Leo. Therefore the Sun rules the 7th House. Before we proceed with judgement, let’s list our Contest Horary Rules of Engagement:

1st House Favorite – “Yes” Vote Testimonies:

Ruler of the 1st House – Saturn Dignified by Term +
Ruler of the 1st House in the 10th House +
Ruler of the 1st House – Saturn Retrograde –
Saturn Rules The Day +

7th House Underdog – “No” Vote Testimonies

Ruler of the 7th House the Sun weakly placed in the cadent 6th House –
Ruler of the 7th House is peregrine –
Sun will opposes Pluto –
Venus in the 7th House +
Jupiter in the 7th House +
Venus squares Saturn ruler of the 1st House –
Jupiter squares Saturn ruler of the 1st House –

Testimonies for the Undecided “Greek Referendum” Voters

Moon in the 1st House +
Moon is modestly dignified by Face –
Moon in the Sign Ruler of the Ascendant  +
Moon intercepted in the 1st House –
Moon’s first major aspect is an opposition to Venus in the 7th House –
Moon’s last aspect is a square Saturn ruler of the 1st House +
The Moon Rules the Hour +


The contest horary testimonies indicate that the “No” Vote has been losing traction and strength since the “Greek Default” on July 30th. The Moon, which rules the undecided voters, is in the sign Aquarius, an infertile sign – a testimony of aging Babyboomer voters on the verge of retirement will be the key voting demographic group to impact the outcome of the Referendum vote. The Moon makes an aspect by opposition to Venus in the 7th House, and translates her light to Saturn – ruler of the Favorite by square – indicating that the remaining voters that are undecided will swing the close vote to the “Yes” Vote.  Since the Moon rules the day and placed in a angular house, we can expect high voter turn-out. to be high.


The Moon’s last aspect is a square to Saturn indicating an extremely Close “Yes” Vote outcome. Since the ruler of the 10th Mars is combust and in opposition to Pluto, testimonies that indicate that Sunday’s vote is more about about whether Greece will agree to remain a debt colony of Germany, pardon its differences with the EU, even as the IMF and Athens agree that the country’s catastrophic debt level is unsustainable and untenable.

Pluto rules the EU oligarchial elite and its Central Banking system. The applying Mars-Pluto opposition indicates that EU is in trouble not because of Greece, but because of forced supranational inter-dependency of Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Spain who have even bigger sovereign debt disasters then Greece, brewing on the near horizon. The EU by all rights should not exist, nor should any centralized supranational single currency system.

The Sun is both the ruler of the “No” Vote and the Tsipras government. The Sun is of modest strength and in opposition to malefic Pluto after Moon changes signs. A testimony that indicates that the outcome of Sunday’s vote will likely lead to resignation of the Tsipras government and the call for a new election for a new unity government.

Bottom Line: The “Yes” Vote horary testimonies show less  pain for Greece on the short term, but a loss of national sovereignty, with no hope of economy for over a generation.

EU - Greece on Fire


Question Asked By Astrologer 7/1/2015 at 10:15 am PDT, San Francisco, CA.


According to Vegas Odds-makers there is a 71% probability that the YES Vote will be the result of the Greek Referendum Vote. Therefore, the Yes Vote is the house favorite and assigned to the 1st House, and the No Vote is Underdog is assigned to the 7th House. The 10th House represents the European Union and the Moon is the Greek people.

Horary Analysis:

Mercury rules the Ascendant, dignified by sign and placed in the 10th House of the European Union. Jupiter rules the 7th House, somewhat dignified by term, with modest strength placed in the cadent 12th House. The Moon is in its detriment by sign, in opposition to the malefic Mars and the Sun (universal indicator of the Greek leadership), testimonies of a demoralized and angry electorate that will become defiant to its nations leadership in the coming days.

Horary Conclusion:

The Ascendant Degree is Invalid, being less then 3 degrees, indicating that it is premature at this time to make a final judgement on the matter. However, the horary testimonies support Vegas Odds-makers’ current projections for a Yes Vote this coming Sunday that could possibly lead to a new election of a new unity government.

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