Global Outlook 2017 – Full Webinar (Recorded Live January 1, 2017)

Global Outlook 2017 based on the Planetary Cyclic Index and Leading Mundane Astrology Indicators – Full Webinar, 3 hours. Recorded live January 1, 2017.

Now Available to Watch Below.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Russia has reasserted itself, rebuilt its strategic forces, confronted NATO, and acted decisively in Syria, re-establishing itself as a power in the Middle East.
  • China, thanks to its vast trade surpluses at the expense of the United States, has grown into an economic and geostrategic rival on a scale that not even the USSR of the Cold War reached.
  • North Korea is now a nuclear power with a deployable ICBM capability.
  • The European Union continues to be bedeviled by tribal secessionism and cultural breakdown as waves of unassimilable immigrants from Africa and Middle East continues unabted.
  • The once-vital NATO ally, Turkey has gone rogue and is virtually lost to the West.
  • Due to United States interventions, the Middle East is in major turmoil, bedeviled by rampant terrorism that is breaking down along Sunni-Shiite lines.

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Global Outlook 2017 Webinar

Global Outlook 2017 Webinar


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