Trump vs. Cruz: GOP Nomination

Even though Donald Trump has been dominating the polls over the past several weeks, many establishment conservatives and pundits still insist that either Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz will end up winning the GOP nomination.  However, the predictions markets (what Vegas oddsmakers use to bet on the outcomes of political contest) state Donald Trump odds at 63% for winning, and GOP conservative candidate Senator Ted Cruz at a modest 14% chance respectively. Therefore, the billionaire real-estate mogul is the clear “house favorite” to win.

What has being transpiring on the GOP campaign trail and in the polls is coming to pass, based on the forecast of a horary that was cast in mid-December, to serve as a working example of political contest horary for the students who participated in my class.

Trump vs. Cruz GOP Nomination Horary Chart


At the time, the question was asked it was widely believed by political pundits that Cruz would quickly cut down Trump’s growing lead in the polls. However, according to Vegas odds-makers, Trump was heavily favored to win over Cruz and was the “House Favorite” and, therefore, allocated the 1st House.  Cruz, “the Underdog” would be allocated the 7th House.  The 10th House would rule the prize (The GOP Nomination), and the Moon would be the GOP voters that would participate in the contest.

In the horary figure Virgo is rising.  Mercury rules Virgo by dignity and exaltation and therefore rules the Trump campaign.  Mercury is peregrine, fast moving, and strongly place in the 4th House applying to Neptune by sextile followed by a conjunction with Pluto. Testimonies that augur that Trump will REMAIN the clear frontrunner and continue to run an unorthodox campaign and make untraditional moves that only expand his support throughout the primaries, despite every effort by the establishment and mainstream media to take him out of the running.

Pisces is on the 7th House Cusp, therefore Jupiter rules the Cruz campaign.  Jupiter is strongly place in the 1st House and applying to the benefic North Node.  The Moon also makes a benefic trine to Jupiter — a horary testimony that illustrates Cruz has the political charm and astute conservative image of a potential frontrunner with well-funded establishment connections.  However, Jupiter is in the sign of his Fall and slow in motion, and conjunct the Ascendant (Inside the cusp) — testimonies that augur that the Cruz campaign will be vastly overwhelmed by Trump.  Also, with the malefic South Node in Cruz’s 7th House we can expect his poll numbers to steadily to decline leading to each successive primary contest.

Mercury rules both the 1st House of the Trump campaign and the 10th House of the GOP Nominee prize, indicating his campaign to win.  Also, the Moon (ruler of the voters) is in Capricorn, strongly place in the 4th House and making its first aspect to Mercury — a powerful testimony that augurs unprecedented voter turnout for Trump that would bring a decisive set of victories in the early primary states.

Prediction: Based on the horary testimonies, it is highly probable that Trump will win both Iowa and New Hampshire, and then go on to win South Carolina and Nevada — as he is favored to do — and likely  conceivably win every contest.



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2015 Predictions Coming To Pass

October 1, 2015

Prediction: October 1st 2015 – Witnessing the Beginning of the Destruction Of Fiat Money And The Birth Of New Monetary System

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September 27, 2015

Prediction: A Black Swan event will emerge that embroils the U.S. into a major geopolitical crisis that could ignite a regional war in the Middle East, as nation’s bond markets begin to implode, setting off a dollar crisis.

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September 13, 2015

Prediction:  This Partial Eclipse will augur the beginning of a global debt crisis, with the fall of the Financial Institution across the globe due in part to the unsustainable policies of the Central Banks. This debt crisis is likely to play out through a Black Swan financial event with powerful geopolitical implications that will spike market interest rates that will set-off a meltdown in the Bond Markets, as a daisy-chain of sovereign debt implosions begin to unwind invoking margin calls that invoke Credit Default Swaps in the OTC derivatives market.

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August 14, 2015

Prediction: Deflationary Collapse Ahead

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July 11, 2015

Prediction: A “no deal” vote by the EU will surely plunge Greece, and the rest of the EU, into financial and political turmoil. For it is clear at this point no matter what happens with Greece, the truth is that we are rapidly moving toward another major worldwide financial crisis.

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July 7, 2015

Forecast: The probability of contagion is very high now then it has ever been, expect defaults to occur in the coming months ahead that will cause bond yields to soar over Europe and possibly cause tremendous chaos in the global derivatives markets.

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July 1, 2015

Horary Question: Greek Bailout Referendum: Yes or No?

Horary Conclusion: The Ascendant Degree is Invalid, being less then 3 degrees, indicating that it is premature at this time to make a final judgement on the matter. However, the horary testimonies support Vegas Oddsmakers’ current projections for a Yes Vote this coming Sunday that could possibly lead to a new election of a new unity government.

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July 21, 2015

Prediction: Nomi Prins has made it clear in her keynote speech to the IMF and Federal Reserve that there is no saving global financial system. The Mundane Cyclic Planetary Index also makes clear that we have entered a period of pain, change, and crisis as we witness radical events of collapsing global currencies, contracting national economies, along with the breakdown and collapse of unsustainable, obsolete, and untenable systems of finance and banking. When this gigantic financial bubble finally implodes, it is going to be absolutely pernicious and horrific, and the entire planet is going to be shocked by the carnage and social upheaval that will follow.

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January 1, 2015

Prediction: Things will quickly unravel as we enter 2015, and the populace will soon forget much of the recent propaganda that the U.S. economy is growing strongly and that job creation is robust, for the world has NEVER been in a more precarious economic, financial, and geopolitical situation that it’s in right now. As those Derivatives begin to unravel and exert massive pressures, that could lead to insurmountable losses in the Credit Default Swap (CDS) markets, which in turn could take out the major banks. For it is clear we are about to undergo a period of pain, change, and crisis as we witness radical events of collapsing global currencies and commodities along with the breakdown and collapse of unsustainable, obsolete, and untenable systems of global finance and banking.

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Is There A Global Financial Crisis Coming?

Transcribed from “The Best People We Know” Radio Show with Deb Scott
“Is There A Global Financial Crisis Coming?” Guest: William Stickevers
(Airdate: September 3, 2015)

Deb Scott:  This is a very interesting show, very different because we’re going to talk about finances and what’s going on in current events.  And our guest today, William Stickevers is going to give us a little insight into that and I think you’ll find this show fascinating.

William Stickevers: Hi, Deb, and thanks for having me on this show again.

Deb: You’re always a hit — you’ve been on the show before and that was a hit, and I know that this will be very much appreciated for our listeners and that they can share this with other people that they know.  And on the Facebook page I have the article that you recently wrote and people can read that.  Although, I think you need a degree sometimes to read some of the things you write, so you can translate yourself for us here today.

My friend, what is going on?  You know, I was so amazed.  I was just looking at so many things with the news and then you sent me this email — I know your listeners are some cutting edge people, I’m a little partial to them, I think they’re the best — and that this information may be really helpful.  So we added a show on for you as soon as possible, and here you are.  So, talk to us, William — what is going on?

William:  What we’re seeing is very much what we discussed about a year ago, and that is the global economy is undergoing a major, re-engineering, and reconfiguration event.  And we are in the early stages of what we would call a [collective] “death-rebirth process,” where right now we’re seeing more of the death and breakdown that will continue, before we will see any transformation and rebirth, which is likely to happen into the next decade.  [Also,] it’s been [covert manipulation] of the Central Banks and world government that have colluded to prevent this breakdown or stall this process.  They effectively did so shortly after the 2008 financial crash.

Deb:  Yep.

William:  They put a lot of damage control mechanisms in place which we are beginning to see fail.  We’re seeing it in the emerging market countries such as China.  We’re also, seeing it in the Eurozone, with all the [record level of highly] leveraged sovereign debt with such nations as Greece, and Spain, Italy, and France, Ireland, and Belgium.  And now we’re beginning to see it with the U.S. economy and with the stock market.  We’re also seeing it with the bond markets, with the explosive levels of debt at the municipal and state government.  And we’re starting to see problems with the pension funds.  So what you’re seeing in play is part of a bigger [mechanism] process, and that is a large-scale, global re-engineering event that is now in play, that is beyond the control of government or corporations or central banks. And the solutions [implemented], which were never really solutions but more like Band-Aids, that were put in place in 2008 that are no longer working, and will no longer be effective to keep the system going. For all intents and purposes, the damage control is wearing off.  And it’s wearing off quickly.  This month [September 2015] will be arguably one of the most important months in modern American history for a number of reasons.

Deb:  Okay, well, we’re here with bated breath and the people in the chat room are saying that they’ve been seeing a lot of these things.  A lot of people are talking about October, there seems to be rumbling, of course the volatility in the stock market in the last few weeks has people getting a wake-up call.  And what you’re saying is that the Central Bank, and all of these economic safety features to bail everything out in 2008, that no longer is going to work with what’s coming now.  So, what could be coming?  Could America be like Greece, is there just going to be a global shift in everything?  As you say we have to get through the bad to get to the good, there’s a metamorphosis happening here.  So what’s happening in October, this is going to be something that people just can’t play ostrich to anymore, I suspect.

William:  Right.  I think what’s going to happen in October ultimately begins mid-September.  Throughout history there’s only been five times when the S&P 500 has declined more than 5% during the month of August, and when that happened, the stock market has always crashed or gone through a major correction in September.  September is the only month where the S&P fell more frequently than it ever rose.  What’s more — in the 11 times that the S&P fell more than 5% in August, it declined 80% of the subsequent Septembers and fell an average of nearly 4%.  Seven percent down [or greater] is a crash.  Four to six percent is a correction.  However, I’m projecting now that we could ultimately see the market decline more than 50%, between 40 and 55% market loss over the completion of the present market cycle.

Deb:  Between 40 and 50%?

William:  Correct.

Deb:  That’s like the Great Depression!

William:  That’s right.  And what’s happening here, with all this chaos [unfolding now] in the financial world, is essentially a convergence of both secular forces and astrological portents that will be taking place during the month of September, between September 13th and October 8th that is unprecedented.  It starts on the last day of Wall Street trading before the end of the Shemitah year.  Now, I don’t know if you’re familiar with that word, the Shemitah, but during Shemitah years, which occur every seven years, we have witnessed record-breaking stock market crashes on the very day of the Shemitah year, which in the Jewish calendar is Elul 29.  For example, if you go back to September 17, 2001, which was Elul 29 on the biblical calendar, we witnessed the greatest stock market crash in U.S. history up until that time.  The DOW plunged 684 points and it was a record that was held for exactly seven years until the end of the next Shemitah cycle.  On September 29, 2008, which was also Elul 29 on the biblical calendar, the DOW plummeted 777 points which still today remains the greatest one-day stock market crash of all time.

Deb:  Oh my God.

William:  Yes.  Now we are in another Shemitah year.  It began in the fall of 2014 and it ends on September 13, 2015, which is Elul 29 in the biblical calendar.  Now for those who don’t know, the Shemitah year was also called “the year of release” in biblical times because the land was allowed to rest and the financial accounts of those who were in debt were wiped out and cleansed once every seven years.  The seven year cycle can manifest as a blessing as long as a nation follows the will and law of God.  For those nations that stray from God’s law, the Shemitah can bring severe judgment, often striking in the financial realm of a nation realm with severe political and geopolitical implications.

So what’s interesting to note, is that there will also be a partial solar eclipse on September 13th, on the last day of the Shemitah.  And over the past century there have only been two other times when a solar eclipse has corresponded to the end of the Shemitah year.

Deb:  What happened then?

William:  Those two times were 1931, the beginning of the Great Depression where the recession that started in 1929 became a depression on the day of the Shemitah in 1931.  And in 1987.  So both events, we saw the largest stock market drop, one of the most significant drops in the history of the stock market in September 1987.  Both foreshadowed market panics, major financial corrections, recessions, and depressions.

Deb:  Oh great.  (laughs)  Wow.

William:  Also, as we head toward the Shemitah’s climax, the Barbault Planetary Cyclic Index — which is considered the DOW Jones Industrial equivalent in the astrological world, which measures the global economics, and geopolitical stability of human civilization — continues its precipitous downward plunge, meaning that conditions are devolving, becoming more uncertain.  So it’s going to descend 494 points from its peak in May 2014 when the year of the Shemitah began and it will descend all the way until it hits bottom in March 2022.  And between this type of convergence of the downward slide of the Barbault Planetary Cyclic Index, the Uranus-Pluto archetypal complex that’s been in play since 2012, and the Shemitah year, and we are now seeing this is the date of the last of full blood moons that fall on the biblical festival date during 2014 and 2015 where the blood moon will be a Super-Moon and will be clearly visible from the city of Jerusalem.

All of these [testimonies] augur that things are perfectly lining up for a global financial crisis beginning in the fall and winter of 2015.  So essentially that’s what we are foreseeing here.  Right now what the Markets are detecting, in all the volatility that keeps accelerating and intensifying, is the fact that the bond markets is overheating. So debt [in the form of bonds] on all levels, has become unsustainable, untenable, and ready to implode. All of that is more likely to being to happen in October onward.  So we’re going to see lots of crazy things unfold in the world, and in the markets. Particularly with the stocks in September, and then we’re going to see the government bond markets and the derivatives that are leveraged against those bonds, begin to implode.  When this begins, it is going to be a problem where the Central Banks begin to lose control of the global financial system.

Deb:  Okay.  This is a lot to take in, William, so for the rest of us, this is a lot to take in.  So, one of the things that I had read about — and again, I’m not an expert like you but I wanted to ask you about it.  Isn’t the global bank making some announcement in October about accepting some other currency?  Hasn’t there been talk with Russia and China saying that they don’t always want to have the dollar be the only one accepted?  Is that part of all of this?

William:  That’s certainly part of all of this.  In fact, the Chinese created their own banking system which is now called the AAIP with 95 countries, including England, our closest ally.  There’s a discussion going on right now about using the yuan as a means of trade settlement for this banking system which is a competitor to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, which both happen to reside in Washington, D.C.   What we’re seeing here is that the world is moving away from the U.S. dollar [as a means of trade settlement and core Central Bank assets by other nations], and the fact that the Chinese are doing a reverse QE [monetary strategy] by selling U.S. treasuries to prop up their yuan, as they continue to purchase gold.  So there is essentially a currency/trade war [in progress] with the United States. They are selling off the $1.4 trillion of U.S. treasury bonds that they hold [in their Central Bank] and converting them into dollars, and then buying yuan with those dollars.  In effect they’re propping up the value of their currency while also devaluing it in order to make them more competitive in world-trade so their manufactured products can continue to be purchased as low prices [by America and Europe], because the issue [with this crisis] really comes down to the fact that nobody’s buying products across the globe.  We have all this capacity, we have all this product out there, but the level of purchasing and the level of consumption is at an all -time low.  In fact, it’s lower now than it was just prior to the Lehman Crisis that occurred in 2008.

Deb:  So if I’m understanding you correctly, dumping the dollar to buy these yuans from China to get the value up on them, is the IMF, if they come at the federal banks and they say this yuan is accepted, the dollar’s going to go down to nothing.

William:  That’s right.  It’s actually not going to happen in one day, but what’s happening now is the IMF is giving great consideration to include the Chinese yuan as part of the SDR [composite basket], which is Special Drawing Rights, or what you would call world money.  So the idea here is that if central banks across the world want to cash out their [core reserve holdings in] U.S. treasuries, the IMF would be willing to swap U.S. treasuries with SDRs.  All that becomes possible if the yuan was included as a composite of the SDR.  Right now that’s not the case, but as soon as it is, then we are talking about the transition of the world reserve currency — the U.S. dollar, established in 1945 under the Bretton-Woods Agreement — will effectively come to a swift end.  That would mean $17 trillion of U.S. dollars would start flowing back into the United States, which would basically crash [the value] of our dollar, and eventually crash our entire [economic] system. This is something on top of all the other challenging and unresolved fundamental issues that we’re we have been dealing with since 2008.  So again, this would be another major thing on top of the issues we’re already dealing with.  The real issue has to do with the fact that nothing was fixed [during the 2008 crisis].  Nothing!

Deb:  Smoke and mirrors.  They did smoke and mirrors.

William:  Correct.  And for those partisan political folks out there listening to this program that believe voting for Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush is the ultimate solution [to this nation’s problems], just remember that it was both George Bush and Barack Obama who bailed out the financial system.

Deb:  Yeah.

William:  So both parties are liable.

Deb:  I agree.  Listen, my feeling — this isn’t a political show, but just for the record, I have to claim my chair — I just think that the last thing that this world needs is another Bush or Clinton.  But from what I’m hearing you say, the next obvious question to you is: okay, we can see that they never fixed it.  We can see that there’s a systemic problem; they just put a little makeup on the situation to keep their heads buried in the sand so that the world stayed status quo.  But at some point, and this is the point we’re at, the obvious is going to become inevitable to accept.  So what do we do?  We’re being prepared, you’re telling us, we’re aware.  What is it that you want listeners, and I include myself, what do we do?  What do we do to be best prepared because we obviously can’t stop it?

William:  Well, I think the first thing we need to do is no longer use the mainstream financial media as a means to guide our decision-making [and form our opinions].  This applies as well in terms of making any future financial decisions and preserving one’s wealth. Because one of the things I predicted — this prediction was posted on my blog back in the [early] summer — is during the weeks ahead, we can expect excessive rationalization by the talking heads of the mainstream financial media, make unprecedented proclamations of assurance.  Including President Obama, in order to prevent the loss of credibility and confidence with the general populace as we witness unexpected volcanic shocks to the global system that continue to accelerate and intensify.  So the first thing you’ve got to do is stop listening to Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, as the sources of information that help guide you or formulate your decision about what you may need to do in order to protect your pension, or protect your 401k, to protect your savings.  That’s the first thing.  Because remember, the moment people lose confidence in the system, it is the beginning of the end for [the system], for they cannot continue their [policy] of financial repression that only empowers a small group of elite or what is now termed “The 1%,” while it disempowers the 99% over the long-term.  So that’s step number one.

Deb:  Okay, everybody, and I see people in the chat room — “Thank you for asking this, Deb, taking notes” — me too.  So the first thing is let’s not believe the mainstream media because they’re going to try to rationalize this when it starts to fall apart, they already are, so just stop going to them because you can’t expect the truth when the truth isn’t in them, and that’s the first thing we need to do.

William:  Step two would be to prepare for a financial dislocation event, like what we saw recently in Greece where capital controls can be put into place.  Where they’ll say, “don’t worry, your money is safe but you can only take out 200 bucks” and then the cash machines run out of money by 1pm [like they did in Cyprus].  Where your MasterCard, or credit card, or debit card will only work up to a certain amount. Where you can get gas [for your car] over so many days. Where there will be issues and problems with all electronic transactions in stores.  Where we’ll see a suspension of certain services as capital controls are imposed.  People tell me, [when they hear this] “well, that never happened, that stuff just sounds like something out of a movie!”  Well, in fact that DID happen, when they closed the banks for 4 days in March 1933 and confiscated all the gold. They also did a form of a bail-in for certain accounts that had at that time $1000 and over — keep in mind most people didn’t have $1000 in their checking or savings account — and they gave them an IOU for both the gold and for their money, which they did not receive back until 1953.  The bank bail-in gold confiscation act, where people lost money and many of them did not live long enough to get compensated back.  And when they did get compensated it was at the 1933 [monetary] level of compensation, not the 1953 level that included inflation.  So, it’s happened before! Keep in mind the government was flush with money [in 1933]. We had trade surpluses.  We were 73% of the world’s GNP, the largest manufacturer, the largest producer, exporter.  We were the largest exporter of oil.  Today we have the largest trade deficit in the world.  We consume oil more than any nation; we’re a consumption, not manufacturing economy.  We manufacture very little. Manufacturing is only 8% of the economy.  We consume more than all the nations of the planet combined, and yet we make less and less.  We have the largest debt of all the countries in the world combined.  The government is both broke along with the corporate system.  Back in the ’30s the government had real assets, it was the corporate system that was broke.  Today both corporations and the government are broke.  So when people tell me that what I’m saying is just never going to happen, it tells me that they are very, very uninformed about [history and] what is now in play.

Deb:  Okay, I have to pause for a minute because this is very overwhelming.  And I’m getting different messages in the chat room here.  So first of all for the naysayers about this dislocation event, you’re saying, look, people, it’s already happened in 1933, the banks were closed for four days, and not only did it happen and they confiscated the money and the gold, the United States was a heck of a lot stronger back in 1933 than we are now.  So imagine if that happens with the situation we are in now.  So that’s point #2?

William:  That’s point #2.

Deb:  Alright. Okay.  So, I think we’re all waiting with bated breath.  Now this #2, this potential dislocation event and all that, that could happen in October or this whole thing starts in October and then it comes soon after?  Where is that in the sequence here?

William:  It’s a good question.  It could happen somewhere in early October, but it could happen a few months down the line.  I believe the big events will begin to go off where the central banks will begin to lose control and all emergency measures, including Quantitative Easing 4, will be invoked.  But I believe they can only hold off these type of financial dislocations where many of the banks begin to go under and go into receivership with the government.

Deb:  For how long can they hold that off?  So you’re saying a dislocation event could happen in October, November, December, January.  It could happen anywhere in there?

William:  Yes, it can.  We’ll probably see it happen in other countries first, and thinking we’re protected and we’re going to hear again the bobbling rationalization from the talking heads…

Deb:  Right.

William:  …saying, “Don’t worry, all is well, this is just a healthy correction,” but that is certainly not going to be the case.  If anything, we’re going to see what happened around the world eventually catch up to us.  I don’t think it’s going to happen here first.  We’ll see it in other countries, maybe in October we’ll start seeing it in China.  We’ll start seeing it throughout Asia.  We’ll start seeing it throughout Europe, and the Middle East too.

Deb:  Yep.

William:  It’ll start spreading like a virus, and then when it happens, it’ll happen swiftly here [with the U.S. markets].  And I’m not saying this is going to last forever, or that we’re going to be eating canned food out of caves, or that we’re going to become a “Mad Max” civilization.

Deb:  Right.

William:  But I do see a period of several months where we’re going to live in a world where all the certainty that we had, certainly since the Second World War, is going to be turned upside-down and evaporate.

Deb:  Yep.

William:  And so that could last for a period of 30 days, 3 months, some people say 6 months, but based on what I’m seeing it’s between 30 days and 3 months.

Deb:  Okay, so William, what’s the next point?  Because we want to know what we need to be doing because obviously knowledge is power.  And what other suggestions or what’s the next point you want to make to us?

William:  Well, the next point has very much to do with a statement by Damian McBride, an advisor to Gordon Brown, who suggested that he stock market downturn that began a couple weeks back could lead to civil disorder or other situations where it would be unreasonable for someone to leave the house.  And that was a very telling statement.  That tells me that time is short, very short.

Deb:  Say that again please, I missed that.

William:  The top advisor to Gordon Brown, who was essentially the head of the central banking system in the UK, suggested that the stock market downturn could lead to civil disorder and other situations where it would be unreasonable for someone to leave their house.  So this is a very telling statement.

Deb:  So Baltimore?  Everywhere is Baltimore and Ferguson, is that it?

William:  Well, those are all [systemic] symptoms of what we’re going to see spread throughout the nations. The government has done a pretty decent job at containing it, but they can only can contain it in a few areas.  Once the [large scale] dissent begins to spread, it will no longer be considered a racial issue, but more of issue of gross economic inequality compounded by and escalating crisis as fiscal dislocation events that begin occurring. Then at some point,  what we saw on TV will become something that happens in our own town or city.

Deb:  Yeah.

William:  So, one of the things that I’m suggesting is get hard cash in a safe place now.  Don’t assume that the banks and the cash points will be open.  Don’t assume that the bank cards will work.  That’s number 1.  Number 2, have enough water, food, and other essentials to live off of for a period of at least 30 days.  Also, we will see a disruption in communications systems, at least for a period of time.  We have to have rallying points where if communication gets cut off, where people can head to.  These are things that are now being talked about in the UK.  If the bank bailouts didn’t work in 2008, we would’ve had massive financial dislocation events.  What’s now coming is on 20 times that scale because the level of debt has exploded, 60% greater than it was in 2008.  And yet, the global economy, when you factor in inflation and you use real hard numbers, has actually contracted.  What we’re seeing here with the markets is just a prelude of things to come.

Deb:  So William, let me ask you this.  If we’re not going to be leaving the house, and the phone, and the internet and all that — it doesn’t bother me because actually, I mean I love my radio show, but I think a tech break would be good, but it’s going to give everyone a heart attack.  You know, food, water, things like that, but if you can’t get to your money to buy anything, if you’re — well, you’re getting, what, 0% in the bank anyway — so what do you do, I mean, gold, silver — if people want food and water, is gold and silver even going to be worth it to have?

William:  Well, people say, well, you know, I can’t lose this amount of money, I’m really worried.  I say, well, how much is it that you cannot lose, absolutely cannot lose?  And they’ll give me a different number.  Five thousand, ten thousand, a hundred thousand, whatever it might be.  I say take that money, cash out, convert it into silver or gold coins or silver and gold bullion, keep it in a secure location that you can get to in your home or somewhere else in a private, secure location facility.  That will be your insurance because a lot of people just can’t pull their money out of their 401k, they can’t —

Deb:  Right.  You’re not going to take it all out.  You’re not suggesting to people, okay, take out everything that you have.  You’re saying take a portion of what you have and convert that into cash dollars or something that is a hard asset like gold and silver and so forth, right?

I’m going to read something from someone in the chat room: “Countries always draw on their gold reserves from the Fed.  I would like to know why they even put their gold into the Fed’s vaults to begin with.  Gold and silver will not be as good as people think if a real serious crash comes.”  Did you have a comment for that?

William:  Yes, it will, because the assumption is that the currency system will still be in place; in other words, we’ll have more of the same thing all over again.  That’s just not going to happen.  I always hear this from people, it’s not going to be the same.  What we had last time was a liquidity problem, and basically they flooded the system.  What we’re going to have now is a debt problem that’s going to result in a global breakdown and restructuring, or systemic crash followed by a restructuring of the currency system.  So valuations are going to go back to where they really need to go, and as a result that’s going to impact the currencies and the value of things.  So the only way to ensure that you don’t lose value is to put things into silver or gold.  However, that being said, I’m telling people have at least $4,000 in cash, in 20s, 10s, and 5s, because if you were affected by Hurricane Sandy, you could take a 20 dollar bill, go to the gas station and say “I need some gas” and they would accept that 20 dollar bill.  Not a gold coin, but a 20 dollar bill, to fill up your tank because the electronic cards weren’t working.  So, those types of things.

Deb:  So you’re saying $5,000 in cash?

William:  Four to five thousand.  At least $2,000.  This is not to pay rent.  No landlord is going to come knocking on your door during a financial dislocation if you can’t electronically send them your check.  No one’s going to shut your electricity off, at least during a crisis — the government will put certain [emergency controls and] things into place.  They have to do so, else they could [quickly] lose the country if people lose complete faith and the government completely does a “Katrina” on us, if you know what I mean.

Deb:  Yep.

William:  They’ll lose the country in the process.  And then people will start pulling their guns out.  So, what they’re going to do is put certain government controls in place, and certain capital controls in place.  So you’re going to want to have that cash for this type of event.  You’re going to want to have some gold and silver for those who have a certain amount of wealth that they want to preserve because we’re going to have a currency crisis that’s very much connected with all this debt and leveraged debt created by the central banks.

Deb:  Wow.  Okay.  So.  Here we are.  What else?  Well, don’t be afraid.  We knew it was coming.  A lot of people know that something — whether you believe in the metaphysical, the astrological, if you’re just looking at numbers and you have a unique ability to put it all together, and that’s why you speak around the world as an expert on these topics, and this is your business and this is what you do.  So, what you’re saying is, look, don’t be afraid, don’t panic, we knew it was coming, these are the simple things you can do in the immediate short-term.  You’ve got to have some cash on you.  It’s not like the world is going to fall apart in a day, but there are going to be some serious changes.  And what you’re saying is, the idea that things are going to go back to normal, there’s going to be a new normal.  So you’re saying it could be a whole new currency.  We could have dollars one day and wake up with “patriot dollars” after this, right?  It could be a whole new thing.

William:  Right.  We don’t know how it’s all going to play out.  Nobody does.  But most everyone who I listen to, in terms of who I follow, who by the way have great track records, [– and I’m not talking about the astrologers, per se –] are saying the same thing.  By the way, there are many astrologers out there who [disagree and] believe that everything is fine, that the economy is roaring along. That the Obama Recovery is almost now complete, and Hillary Clinton will get elected on a landslide as a result.  However, in the financial community, those who invest and make trades independently of Wall Street, who have clear visibility on their financials, who are really on the up and up with geopolitical events, and again have a great track record on calling what happens next, all are in agreement now — and these are billionaires like Eric Sprock for example. It’s not a matter of “if;” it’s a matter of “when,” “what day,” and “what level of impact.”  Everyone agrees the level of impact of the crisis will be much greater than 2008.

Deb:  And 2008 was devastating.

William:  Right, and this will be much greater.  In fact, it will be worse than the ’30s in terms of what happens [to the middle class].  Nobody really knows exactly how the central banks will respond. So we are in unchartered territory.  We’re in The Twilight Zone.  The astrology definitely alludes to that.  In fact, I’ve been writing about this before many of these Wall Street people began writing about this.  We saw major problems unfolding in the world within the mundane astrological community — when we looked at the horoscopes of nations and central banks, and the horoscopes of first-trade stocks and of corporations, and the first-trade charts of bonds and the markets – where we saw a correlation of major and severe stressful portents impacting many of those horoscopes. All essentially occurring between 2014 through 2022.  And what we’re seeing now, is playing out perfectly according to the larger mundane astrological cycles.  For those folks listening who dabble in astrology, or those who are even professionals who don’t look at this type of data, won’t see what’s happening.  But for those that do, it’s very clear.  There’s a direct correlation now between the astrological and the secular data trends. There’s almost like a perfect storm brewing.  What we’re also seeing that is now happening with the presidential election [underway], with the fact that Jeb and Hillary, the establishment candidates, are no longer [the central focus and] being talked about in the mainstream news, but rather Trump and Bernie Sanders. The fact that everyone is talking about Trump and Sanders is a very telling sign that people have lost confidence [in the political and economic system].

Deb:  It is, yeah.  I can’t believe that all the people that are leading the polls are non-politicians.

William:  That’s right.  They’re certainly not mainstream.  Trump is from one extreme and Sanders is from the other extreme in their respective parties.  And the people who run those major parties don’t want them to be the nominee.  In fact, they’re going to pull out all the stops to end their campaigns. The moment this occurs and goes down, it will dramatically change the dynamic of the race in 2016.  What you’re seeing now is not even being factored in [by the political pundits].  There’s going to be a completely different political landscape the day after the big [meltdown] event.   What I’m saying is, don’t even try and contemplate who’s going to win right now, who’s ahead, who’s behind.  What I can say is with certainty is, expect the unexpected [in this race].

Deb:  (laughs) Expect the unexpected.

William:  Yes.

Deb:  Right.  But it all connects.  So what you’re saying is, you look at the stars, you look at that Jewish calendar, the Shemitah year, you look at the Wall Street billionaires.  You look at all of it together, and they’re all validating one another.  So even if you don’t believe in one thing, the other thing is still saying the same thing and that perfect storm is happening right now.  And the fact that the outsiders are leading the polls in the political landscape is just saying people don’t have confidence, don’t have faith in the system, it’s just one more thing.  And once this happens, there’s going to be a whole new awakening, and it’s going to be a very different landscape.  But I have to make some more comments from the chat room — they want you to comment on this.  “Didn’t William just say a currency system will be in crisis?  All bull—-.  What we’re going through now is a result of the Fed’s secret manipulation that refuses to reveal with the IMF and the World Bank.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump is being set up to fail.”  Any comments on that?

William:  Yes.  There is a lot of talk now with the way it’s all being played out so perfectly, that this is all choreographed by the global elite.  There’s a lot of evidence for that, and I do not discount that at all.  In fact, my contention is that they are going for a massive asset grab [after the financial implosion that they created], where they will be purchasing the sovereign assets of countries and central banks, and taking total ownership of whole nations after this event occurs.  However, the way I see it [play out] is that it will set off a global revolution, not just in politics but in thought, in social institutions and [establishment] structures.  The way we’ve defined ourselves [as a nation] since 1945 is going to go through a complete breakdown and revolution.  Even the [nation’s] oligarchical elite, a group that denies its own existence and is hidden in plain sight, is going to go through their own “come to God” moment during this great unfolding.

Deb:  And what’s the good news for the rest of us?  Is there going to be more fairness, justice, appreciation, respect?  I mean, are there going to be good things coming out of this stuff even though it’s going to be painful, this transition?

William:  Ultimately, it will.  But we’re going to have to go through the death and transformation before we have the birth and the renaissance to follow.  We’re going to have to get through this period [of pain, change and crisis].  This is what I’m seeing during this period between now, from 2014 through 2022, when it will hit rock bottom, before it begins to rebound in a dramatic way [through 2030].

Deb:  But that’s a big space there, William, between 2014 and 2022.  That’s a lot of years.

William:  Yes, it is.  And that’s why I’m telling people to prepare, telling people that they’re going to have to rethink their lives no matter what age they are.  The Baby Boomers are going to have to reconsider that cushy retirement plan.  The Generation Xers are going to have to rethink if they really want to go further up the corporate ladder when they’re actually making substantially less than their older peers.  And Generation Y is going to have to rethink what type of world they want to live in 40 years from now and they’re going to want to see things go through a much greater change than many of their Baby Boomer parents are willing to tolerate and deal with.

In the ’60s, we saw generational wars, and now we are going to see big [collective] argument [unfold among the generations] about what type of future we need to have in order to have a sustainable, tenable, and thriving global civilization [in the future].  And right now, the way [the system] is modeled, it benefits the older generation and the 1% [power elite]. It benefits a very small segment of the population that’s aging, and disempowers the [social upward mobility of the] younger population and those who are not in the upper echelon of the income bracket.  You’re going to see major disparity and fighting between the generations [in the months and years ahead] and it’s going to be very much connected with the massive gap of social and economic inequality gap that is growing, and will be put onto the table shortly after this [reconfiguration] event.

Deb:  Alright.  Well, I tell you what, we’re at the end of the show.  I just want to thank William and thank everybody for being here.  I have to ask you if there’s an emergency call and we have our BlogTalkRadio on air, would you come back?  We may need to hear from you again in the next month or so!  But I want people to go to your website and your Facebook page to get the updates so we can all stay informed and be aware and be prepared.  Tell people how they can connect with you.

William:  They can connect with me through my Facebook page and my website, and I often blog and make posts on what is happening, real time, not just commenting but also making forecasts and predictions from it using the sophisticated astrological techniques that I employ to these global events that are now in play.

Deb:  Well, we’re getting a lot of positive feedback in the chat room, and thank you everyone there for participating and being part of the show.  And, William, I think the hope that we have to have here is it’s a blessing to be warned, and thank you for sharing this with us.  But we shouldn’t be afraid.  We have some things that we can do; we have some time to do it.  Most of us that are listening to you and following you have already realized that something’s been going on anyway.  Don’t listen to the media.  Don’t listen to the news stations.  And take care of yourself, and protect yourself and it’s a process that’s going to be difficult but there is light at the end, right?  And we have to stay positive, right?

William:  Yes.  I think it’s very important to stay positive.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  We are going to have a better world, better government, a better country.  We are going to begin to work out these major issues that have been suppressed [within the collective]. The “more of the same but only worse” [meme] is going to come to a swift end.  We’re going to go into a period of uncertainty but in that uncertainty, something very potent and creative will emerge, and something very good will come out of it all.

Deb:  Okay.  Well, we want you to come back.  I’m going to trust that you will and thank you so much and God continue to bless your work.  William, we really appreciate you, and everybody go connect with William right now so you won’t forget.  Get to that Facebook page, your posts are great, and thank you SO very, very much, William.

William:  Thank you for having me on the show, and I really look forward to us talking again in the near future.


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Mundane Astrology, What’s Really Happening with the Economy, and What You Can Do

Transcribed from The Astrology Show with Mj Patterson
“What’s Coming in 2015 with William Stickevers”
(Airdate: January 2, 2015)

Mj Patterson: I’m delighted to welcome back William Stickevers from San Francisco.  He’s calling in from a great distance to have a chat with us about the year ahead.  Here we come, 2015.  Let’s find out.  Are we going to make money?  Are we going to lose money?  Is something going to explode?  What’s the deal?  So, welcome, William.

William Stickevers: Thank you for having me again, Mj.  It’s a real pleasure.  I really enjoyed our last interview and I’m totally psyched about talking about 2015 because, well, get your seatbelts on — it’s going to be a rough ride next year.

Mj:  Yeah, that’s what everyone’s saying.

William:  It will be very interesting.  There’s a lot to talk about.

Mj:  I think a lot of my senior students, they feel a kind of drift in the ocean when they don’t mind doing a birth chart and they can do your basic progressions and transits.  But when somebody asks them a big question “what’s going to happen in 2015,” I think they feel that they don’t know what to pick up first.  Do you have any advice?

William:  Well, first of all, what we’re talking about here is mundane astrology, which is a whole other gamut of perspective, tools, worldview.  It’s actually [a way of] trying to understand a civilization [through astrology] the way we study a personality as a psychic structure that is developing and unfolding and self-actualizing as a person, through [the lens of] a personal chart.  Everyone goes through their own personal self-actualization.  Astrologers look at horoscopes to help guide individuals in that process of that self-actualization, especially if that self-actualization has been somewhat interrupted or in a state of trauma or distress.  We look at the same things by applying mundane [astrological] techniques to looking at horoscopes of a nation state or events, and using a host of other astrological techniques and approaches that give us [global] perspective on what [Carl] Jung would call the archetypal development of the collective unconscious that is emerging on the world stage.

Mj:  And it really is a horse of an entirely different color, isn’t it?

William:  Yes, it’s completely different and we have to be much more objective in our approach which is very difficult.  We have to take away our partisan political leanings and we actually sometimes have to strip away a lot of our precepts of how the world ought to be.

Mj: (laughs) Yeah.

William:  What are the mundane portents really telling us? One of the things that’s really interesting about mundane astrology in particular, is that most astrologers are pretty much in agreement with the meanings of major alignments such as Saturn-Neptune or Jupiter-Uranus, Uranus-Pluto, etc. They’re pretty much in agreement [about their underlying archetypal meaning and expression], where you don’t find that in natal astrology.

Mj:  Not nearly so much.  I will concur.  I think that’s a very sound observation.

William:  Yes.  So in a way it is sometimes much easier, where mundane astrologers can get together and we find that we agree on 80% of how we see things unfolding, and [the remaining] 20% is areas that we’re disagreeing in, which [often] is subtle. And that’s a good thing; I like that. Where with natal astrology, it’s almost like trying to herd cats together.

Mj: (laughs) Yeah, I’ve heard that used before with astrologers, for sure.

William:  Right.  So what we’re going to talk about today is looking at two horoscopes that will give us an idea of what we can expect [in 2015-16], where things are moving towards, and what possibly we can do about it, to whatever level we can.

Mj:  Do you have — I should’ve asked you this before we started but let me ask you now — do you have a website where you might have these charts displayed?  Because I could put a link to that from my site and the listeners could have a chance to go ahead and take a look at them.

William:  Sure.  My website is and I have specially on my site on my blog forecasts for the astrological year 2014 and all those charts are listed there.

Mj:  That’s perfect.  So I’ll make sure to signpost everybody over there so they can enjoy the visual while you’re explaining it.  That’s going to make it really good for them.

William:  Right.  Now the other thing I want to establish here is that from the way I do traditional mundane astrology — and I use the word tradition, going back to the tradition — that March 20th was the astrological new year, not January 1st, not December 21st.

Mj:  Absolutely.  Agreed.  Yep, going for the equinox, you mean, the spring equinox.

William:  Correct.  And so therefore, astrological 2014 will go into January, February, and into most of March of next year.

Mj:  Cool.  Okay.

W:  So we’re still in 2014 on January 1st [2015], folks, in terms of how mundane astrologers match up the year and make forecasts.

Mj:  Okay.

William:  So, saying that, we can look at the chart of 2015 using the March ingress, and we could also take the December 21st chart when the Sun ingresses into 0 Capricorn and get an idea of the last quarter of 2014.

Mj:  Well, I figured that one out so — I’m just going to put my cards right on the table: I am not a mundane astrologer.  I have my CA-NCGR so of course I have enough mundane astrology to be able to nod wisely when someone like yourself who is a mundane astrologer discusses things; I don’t feel like a complete numpty.  But you’re streets ahead of me on this one, William.

William:  Well, you know, it’s simply because I have dedicated, I would say, hundreds to thousands of hours doing this [work].  I’ve read probably 200 books on [or related to] mundane astrology [over nearly 30 years], and not only that, I read books like Don’t Bank On ItThe Death of Money, numerous books on geopolitics. I have subscriptions to newsletters from some of the best people I consider in the business, if not in the world who do financial forecasting.  So I’m totally immersed in it, and it’s something that I feel I need to do now in order to give people perspective.  And the [main] reason I was pushed into this [study] was I wasn’t able to give my clients the answers to many of the problems they were beginning to have [back in 2007-2008]. For example, Jupiter was transiting their 10th house of career so they should have gotten a [well-paying] job, during their peak earning years and were not employed, especially having a master’s degree, and they were unemployed for over two years [when they came to me for a reading.]

Mj:  Wow.

William:  Yes…living in New York City.  So I said to myself, I’ve got to figure out what’s going on here because the old rules in natal astrology weren’t working. For example, you’ve got transiting Jupiter and Solar Arc Uranus hits your Sun everything should be happening and it wasn’t happening for them.

Mj:  Got ya.

William:  So that’s what pushed me into this.

Mj:  I have to say, I had a very similar experience.  My mom’s in this little club and they play on the stock market — it’s the Toronto Stock Exchange, though, not the DOW Jones or any of those.  But so I thought, this is kind of cool, maybe I’ll have a little fun here, learn a little bit about astrology and try to help them out.  And none of the indicators that the “baby” books — because I was starting out, right — none of the indicators were applying anymore.  It’s almost like the rules are being changed under our feet.

William:  Absolutely.  And it has.  It has in so many ways.  And one of the problems today is that many of the astrologers who are counseling who are not keeping their world view updated and looking at where the trends are moving are not able to help their clients at the level they once were able to.  And that’s one of my goals is to inform the astrological community that being aware of the mundane cycles will help you become a better consulting astrologer.

Mj:  It seems only logical.

William:  So a lot has been going on.  I predicted quite a bit for 2014.  I believe the best — or worst — is yet to come in this last quarter, especially now that we are in the last two Uranus-Pluto squares.

Mj: Yep.

William:  And I believe what we’re seeing, in essence, is a collective revolution and a massive upheaval of the [current] power structure and system in governance, and economics, and even the sciences.  There’s a complete revolution going on.  It’s happening worldwide.  There’s more protests, strikes, changes in government that have been occurring at an unprecedented rate.

Mj:  Indeed.  And I had a little fun, not knowing any of this stuff, I did the only thing I knew how to do and I researched and I looked back in time.  And there’s some crazy stuff, man.  The Nazi takeover of Germany, apparently, in 1933 was a Pluto-Uranus square.  They even cover Genghis Khan; they call him “master of medieval blitzkrieg” and that was in 1201.  And that was a conjunction, mind you, but they were basically on the war path throughout the waxing square.  So, yeah, I think it’s going to be pretty crazy.

William:  Yes.  In fact, look at the last Uranus-Pluto conjunction.  We had the ’60s protests, the counterculture revolution.

Mj:  Yep.

William:  We had a revolution in the sciences at the time.  We had the psychedelic revolution, we had the space age revolution, the microprocessor revolution, the computer revolution.  We also had revolutions in art, film, and it was also the golden age of television.

Mj:  And it almost seems like one foot, the other foot.  Because what I’m reading is, yes, they had these revolutions and then they had this power backlash where people were trying to squash, like the Nazi takeover of Germany, they actually mention the illegalization of LSD during the square.  So it’s like there’s busting out all over and then there’s people getting really stressed out about that, the people who are trying to hang on to the power and really putting the boot down.

William:  Well, yes.  It also stirs up the oligarchical elite or the [fossilized] patriarchal power structure to strike back [at the masses]. Keep in mind the repressive properties get constellated as well. That’s the shadow side of these Uranus-Pluto alignments which many people avoid talking about.  And we’re seeing that now those repressive measures by government through the Patriot Act, and the various other bills that are being pushed through [executive order] without due process of law that are taking away habeas corpus.

Mj:  Yeah, we’re having the same problems.  It’s not a national thing either because in Canada, we’re dealing with exactly the same thing.

William:  Right.  So that’s really the icing on the top.  What’s really happening as well, and what you have to realize is that these things are being put in place because they’re protection measures to [prop-up and] keep an obsolete system going and to prevent it from fracturing and imploding on its own weight.  And that has to do with the [large-scale] economic systems that are in place.  So what we’re witnessing now is really the collapse of that system.

Mj:  I wish I could find the article that I noted because I’ve been looking at this for the last few months, just being nosy, trying to peek under the covers.  And I can’t remember which angle it was, but somebody had written — it might even have been you — about that in the past when we had these outer transits — and I don’t know if it was Neptune-Saturn, I can’t remember — but it was that money systems tend to change and that the last time we had this we went from the gold standard or silver standard to paper money.

William:  Actually, I think I did write that article and I correlated every time that we had a Uranus-Pluto alignment, most every time, we had a shift in status or change in the world’s reserve currency.

Mj:  Okay.

William:  And what many people don’t know, is that in order for any country in the world to trade– whether it’s goods, services, oil or commodities, gold — it has to be done through U.S. dollars. Because U.S. Dollar is the world standard. So nations have to hold U.S. dollars [in their Central Banks] because that’s considered means by which trade settlements and [international] commerce can occur.

Mj:  Okay.

William:  Now today, what’s happening is because the U.S. dollar is no longer backed by gold, but rather backed by debt, and the United States is no longer able to repay that debt, that the world is beginning to move away from the U.S. dollar and move to other [multilateral] mechanisms where trade settlement can occur. And that’s mainly through the development of the Chinese yuan swap mechanism, along with an alternative SWIFT [Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication] system, that the Russians are putting in place now.

Mj:  Well, I’ve been watching China buy up American debt for some time now and waiting to see if anyone was going to notice.

William:  Everyone is talking about that right now and the Chinese are fundamentally so tied into America.  But the thing is, and what most people don’t realize, is the bigger issue of a global de-dollarization movement taking place. And that de-dollarization is more threatening to the Anglo-American banking system than anything else going on.

Mj:  Okay.

William:  And that collapse of the Anglo-American banking system will initiate a multi-polar world, instead of a unipolar world that we have now. Moving from a unipolar post-1945 world to a multi-polar world.  And that’s really what this Uranus-Pluto is moving us toward.  It will be the end of the Petrodollar hegemony that we see.

Mj:  Gotcha.

William:  And it will be the emergence of a new world order.

Mj:  Well, that’s kind of neat because we are sort of skating our way haphazardly towards to the age of Aquarius.  So certainly it is an algorithm that better suits an Aquarian mindset.

William:  Well, yes, especially with the emergence of cryptocurrencies, which the youth is actively doing. As you know, Uranus is really the planet of youth.  And with Uranus-Pluto in 2010 you saw the emergence of Bitcoin, and then soon after, other cryptocurrencies.  And the kids today are using the Dark Net, to do commerce by trading for goods and services using Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies that have no [oversight or] control by central banks or any government agency.

Mj:  Got ya.

William:  So, no taxation.  So this is the real revolution that is going on, and here’s what it’s all about: it’s about no longer using the dollar as a means of international trade settlement.  And they’re using the internet and cryptocurrencies, and all other means of doing business with each other.  And all this is [happening and] moving rapidly.  So what we’re seeing at the same time is the breakdown of the United States as the world economic engine per se, that’s affecting the growth of rest of the world. So at some point it will become a fact that the U.S. is no longer going to remain the central hub [of the global economy]. And the U.S. is going to go through some form of a [financial] reset. This will be part of a global reset event.

Mj:  Okay.

William:  So there will be a global political reset, an economic political reset, a financial reset, and it’s all coming to a head.

Mj:  Yeah.  And I think, too, that it’s really interesting to watch.  It’s not that the governments have gotten any worse; they’ve always been horrible.  Recently it’s been demonstrated in law that our extent Prime Minister is a criminal.  He actually forged the last election.  He is, in fact, in power illegally, and nobody’s doing anything about it.  But the thing is, people are getting less and less tolerant of this behavior.  And that’s what I find interesting.  The average person is just “mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.”  So it’s going to be an interesting year.

William:  The 2015 – 2016 period, as we begin the traditional new year, on January 1st, the “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore ” theme is going to take hold strongly [within the collective]. You’re going not only going to see that with the government, you’re going to see that in large-scale organizations, in companies, in communities, and in marriages as well. You’re going to see that in school lunchrooms, in prisons, in every area. It’s going to seem like the whole world is starting to just lose it.

Mj:  Yep.

William:  Because when people have nothing else to lose, they lose it.  And that’s where people are at.

Mj:  Yeah.  They’re on the raggedy edge, aren’t they?  I think that’s true, and it’s nice, it’s wonderful that we’re having this cross-border conversation because I’m not talking from a Canadian perspective.  You’re not talking from an American perspective.  This is the deal, baby, and it’s a global deal.

William:  Right.  And that’s what I said in my 2014 article that I published on March 20th, “Global Revolution Goes Full Throttle.”  And we’re going to see that.  We’re seeing that now with Ukraine, and we’ve been seeing that all last year.  And I believe that revolution theme of “I’m sick and tired and I’m not going to take it anymore” is going to happen now. People are going to lose complete trust in the system because — economies are all based on trust.  And once there’s no sense of trust, the system begins to break down.

Mj:  Okay.

William:  And that is exactly what we are now witnessing.  And that is the thing folks need to keep in mind.  What is money?  What does money mean?  And they’re going to realize they no longer trust what they’re being told what their money is anymore.  Especially when it can do less and less for them.

Mj:  Yeah, this is cool.  So for those people who are learning, who want to get involved with the mundane astrology, they want to get their toes wet, how could you coach them?  Is there a book they should read?  Obviously, they are going to check out your website, which is fantastic, which I just want to say is  So, folks, that’s a good place to go to start your journey.  But what else would you recommend?  Here’s what I know — I know that 0 Aries and 0 Capricorn are really important in mundane astrology.  That’s about it, and I’ve learned from you tonight that the beginning of a mundane year is at the spring equinox, which is really cool and thank you for teaching me that.  And that’s pretty much where I’m at.

William:  Yeah, look, I have to say this, mundane astrology is a vast subject.  There are as many techniques in mundane astrology as there are in natal astrology. Now, if you can’t see the answer your client has in transits, can’t see it using progressions, and even tertiaries aren’t working for you, and you decide to use a new natal technique [or horary] to get the answer, that is stretching it.  In mundane astrology, we have many techniques as well that’s very much tied up with cycles.  Like the Hindu yoga cycles; the Plato great years cycle; the processional great years cycle; the cycles between the collective planets and Uranus-Neptune-Pluto; the declination cycles in Uranus-Neptune-Pluto; the cycles between a social and collective planet such as Jupiter-Saturn, Uranus-Neptune-Pluto; the cyclic index of Gouchon and Barbault; the world horoscope; the collective planet cycles of national charts; the cycles of intermediates planets, such as Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

Mj:  Okay.

William:  And we have the annual cycles that focus on the time and location with long-term trends.  And then we have the solar cycle, the lunar cycles, and the daily cycles.

Mj:  So arguably if you’re using solar-lunar you’re using the Saros cycles, the eclipse cycles as well, then.

William:  Correct, absolutely.  In fact, the fastest way you can get yourself immersed in mundane astrology is by understanding the eclipse cycle.

Mj:  Cool!

William:  And then looking at the outer planet cycles which the Barbault and Gouchon index measure.  Because people can understand graphs pretty easily.

Mj:  Yeah.

William:  It’s pretty intuitive when you see the line of the graph go up or down to where things are moving towards.  So there are many other techniques out there that one must get immersed in — ingresses, lunations, eclipses is the first step.  And then taking it further, you can get into the cycles of the outer planets as the Barbault Index does, which has proven itself over and over again to be the most reliable indicator of the global economy and political stability and the development of civilization in history.  And by the way, that indicator right now is showing a [sharp] downward trend between 2014 and 2022.

Mj:  Okay.

William:  So we’re going to have on this index, which I actually looked at since 1 AD and analyzed it all the way until current time and correlated with all the major historical events.

Mj:  So that’s what I love.  I just need to pause you there because, did you hear that, listeners?  He started with 1 AD, and he studied all that back-data.  Why?  So that he can use forward-data effectively and accurately.  This is the science of astrology.  Go ahead, William.

William:  Well, basically what we do is we take the outer planets and we determine when they’re moving closest to each other, the line goes down.  When they’re moving furthest from each other, the line goes up.

Mj:  Okay.

William:  So the line goes down, that is a period of involution and breakdown and crisis and contraction, revolution, upheaval.  When the line goes up, that’s a period of development, constructive periods where you see recovery, social conditions improving, stability, optimism, a lot of constructive developments occur.  So we look at that and see for example if you look at the 20th century, there was a big drop in 1914 to 1919.  That was the time when World War I occurred.

Mj:  Mm-hmm.

William:  Then you had the Roaring ’20s where the line goes shooting up.  And then the line drops significantly starting in ’29 and bottoms in ’32, and that was the time where the world was initiated into the Great Depression.

Mj:  Sure.  The Dirty Thirties.

William:  The line stabilizes and then makes a really big drop from ’39 into ’43/’44 which correlated with the biggest battles in World War II.

Mj:  Mm-hmm.

William:  Then the line stabilizes throughout the ’50s, takes another drop again and that correlates with the Korean War.  The line moves up again and then you have that period in the early ’60s where we had the Space Race and the JFK era.

Mj:  And peace and love, man.  Don’t forget, peace and love, man.

William:  That’s right, so we have that, the ’60s revolution.  The line takes another dramatic drop in ’73 and that was the oil crisis, you’ll remember.

Mj:  Yep.

William:  And we also had that war in the Middle East and we had massive inflation.

Mj:  Up here we had a typical mortgage rate in that time because my mom went and bought a house during that time.  It was something crazy like 25%.

William:  Right.  So then the line hits a real bottom in ’82; that is called the Second Cold War.  And then the line begins moving up rapidly from ’85 onward and that’s when Gorbachev takes power, that’s when Glasnost and Perestroika happen, and also when the economies of Japan and Germany are thriving and become major partners with the United States.  It’s a booming period.  Then the line drops in the early ’90s when the Soviet Union collapses. And then the line shoots up nonstop from around ’93 to 2001, and what did we see?

Mj:  Okay.

William:  We see this boom period of irrational exuberance take place, with this massive bubble build up. Then all of a sudden [out of nowhere] 9/11 occurs, the Dot Com Bubble implodes, and then the line stabilizes all the way through until 2006.  And then it begins dropping and it drops again until 2009.  And you see the financial crisis occur, the collapse of the Lehman crisis, and the global financial implosion.  You see massive deleveraging of the Middle Class occur and double-digit unemployment worldwide.  Then the line stabilizes between 2008 until 2014 and then it begins the biggest drop, a 500-point drop which correlates very closely with the collapse of the Roman Empire between May of 2014 until September 2022.

Mj:  Crikey.  Yeah, because that is when we were thinking that there might be a hit on the stock market around Easter time [2014] and I was really surprised that it didn’t seem to show up.

William:  Well, let me explain that.  A lot of people think the stock market is the market to watch.  It is not.  It is the least sophisticated and smallest market.  The total capitalization is only $60 trillion.

Mj:  I’m sorry, did you say only $60 trillion?  Oh my God.

William:  It’s about the capitalization of Microsoft.  No, excuse me, let me take that back.  It’s the total market capitalization of one year’s global GNP, $60 trillion.

Mj:  Wow.  Okay.

William:  Now, what’s larger than that is the bond market.  That’s over $100 trillion.

Mj:  Okay.

William:  And what’s even bigger than that is the currency market, the FOREX market, the commodities, the currencies.  And they trade at $5 trillion a day.

Mj:  Crikey.

William:  Now take $5 trillion and multiply it by 365.  That’s a huge number.

Mj:  That’s a big number.  Oh yeah.

William:  So here’s the thing.  When people talk about the stock market, especially the astrologers, they have very little understanding that the stock market is the last thing to be affected by…

Mj:  The last thing to go — not the first thing to go…

William:  Yes, that is the last thing to go.  You want to look at is at the commodities market, the currency markets, what the central banks are doing, and then after that, you want to look at the bond markets.  And I can tell you that if you look at that, and you look at what has recently transpired exactly on the day of the Uranus-Pluto alignment on December 15th — what happened that day?

Mj:  I do not know.  Teach me.

William:  The Russian ruble.

Mj:  Did it devalue?  Oh yeah!  I remember hearing about this.

William:  Now that is very important.  Why?  It’s important because the ruble is very tied in with oil, the way the Russians sell their oil to the Europeans who are extremely dependent on them.  And remember, Russia is the largest oil and gas provider in the world, not the Middle East.  That being said, the fact that the ruble is being devalued and the Russian economy is about to collapse is a very telling sign because that will set off a Credit Soft Swap [CDS] from a crashing derivative.  Now, derivatives are bets on bets [with no oversight], and Russian oil futures contracts based on trading around $90 a barrel., and trading companies hedge their bets on future contracts with derivatives.

Mj:  Okay.

William:  Now remember, the derivative market is worth 10 times the amount of the stock market.

Mj:  Crikey.

William:  Yes.  It’s bigger than the stock market, it’s bigger than the bond market.  And who also uses derivatives?  [Too Big to Fail] Banks.

Mj: Oh…

William:  All “too big to fail” banks make their money, not by lending money anymore — that’s old school.  That’s why they don’t lend money out.  They don’t lend it to anyone for that matter; that’s why the money supply is lower than it was in 1932.  In other words, the circulation of money is occurring less than at the height of the Great Depression.

Mj:  Crikey.

William:  So the banks get money from the government.  They keep that money, and they then invest that money into the derivatives market and what is left over to the stock market.  And the derivatives market is tied in directly with the currency market.  And so, when there are derivative contracts, or $90 oil, and oil is now trading at $50, and now going to $20…

Mj:  Yeah, we know this in Canada because Alberta right now is our oil patch, I guess you could say, and you’re talking to me in Nova Scotia which is on our east coast, and everybody here goes out west to get work and sends the money home.  So everybody’s just been laid off and they’ve all come home just before Christmas.

William:  That’s right.  So what we’re seeing here is those derivative contracts are going to be due by January [2016].  So what I wrote on my website, Uranus-Pluto Krakatoa-Type Event has already occurred.

Mj:  Ooh…

William:  It has already begun.  It’s a massive black swan event.

Mj:  Okay.

William:  And it has to do with the fact that the Russian ruble, the derivative positions, and the Russian ruble have been compromised to the point where when those contracts come due, there will not be enough money in the world to cover them.

Mj:  Got ya.

William:  And so therefore, the sheer speed and scale of the collapse of the ruble has nothing to do with what happened in 1998.  Because the eighth largest economy on the entire planet is in a state of turmoil right now, and what we are going to see is a major upheaval in the derivatives market and that is going to affect everybody.

Mj:  I mean, it’s terrifying but I have to say, with my astrologer head on, I find it absolutely fascinating.

William:  Yes.  So like I said, and I’ll read the conclusion verbatim for the folks here.  “What is occurring now in Russia that happened on December 15th [2014] during the penultimate Uranus-Pluto alignment will have terrible repercussions through all of Europe.  The implications between now and the final Uranus-Pluto square that will occur in March 2015 is extremely hostile and volatile to the global economic climate, and it will not be confined within Russia’s borders.”

Mj:  Not at all.

William:  “This is just a prelude to the great unraveling as exchange rate volatility continues to increase, leading the way to systemic debt contagion.”  So remember, back in the ’20s and early ’30s, Europe went into a depression first, then it hit North America.  We are seeing the same thing go in play again.  And remember — when you have financial wars, lead to trade wars, lead to shooting wars.

Mj:  Yep.  Absolutely.  And certainly that is what history teaches us.  Okay, so, here’s the $5 question.  Given that we’re about to get a storm where we’re going to be floating around on a stormy sea in a tea cup holding on with both hands, what is your advice to the average Joe for the year ahead?  What shouldn’t they do, what should they do?

William:  Well, I think political activism, social activism.  I think you need to get really involved.  I think they’ve got to stop expecting the elected officials to —  they have to stop buying into what they’ve been told.  I don’t have all the quick and dirty answers for this —

Mj:  No, no, I’m not expecting.  I mean, it would be great but we couldn’t possibly pay you enough an hour if you had the quick and dirty answer (laughs) to this one.  (laughs)

William:  Let’s just say that, what I really believe needs to be done [to address the crisis], needs to be much more radical in the sense that, compared to what people are doing now.  Just posting something on Facebook and ranting about is not enough.

Mj:  Yeah.

William:  You know, part of the reason I’m doing this radio show is to get the message out there that life is going to change for many people, and if you think that voting for the other party come election time in November 2016 or whenever they vote in Canada is going to be the solution, that is NOT the solution.  What we need is a complete change in the system and we need to become very active in that process of change, starting now. We need to voice our positions.  And what this comes down to this, and that is we no longer have a representative government.

Mj:  We have not had a representative government, certainly at our end, for a long time.

William:  Right.  And so I believe what ordinary people need to do is completely drop the expectation that “if I vote for the other [establishment] party I never voted for this time around, things will change.” Sorry but that is not going to change anything.

Mj:  Yeah, wasn’t it Einstein, or it’s often ascribed to Einstein, that “a problem that’s created at one level of thinking cannot be solved by that level of thinking,” you have to get up to a higher octave.

William:  Correct.  So I believe the revolution starts [right in your own] home  It starts in local communities.  It starts with getting organized and discussing these things and not trying to immediately come up with solutions but recognizing what’s really going on.  A lot of folks out there, including the astrologers, need to start doing this. And you know this, Mj, we don’t see any of this happening.  Most are just clueless.  Many astrologers are not even talking about it.

Mj: (sigh) Well, yeah, but the thing is, William, you’re asking them to re-learn.  The problem is that I can feel it, I can see it.  I mean, I’m all about the data, same as you, and the paradigm is shifting, which means that the astrological indicators are shifting which means we got to get up off our ass and crunch the data and figure out what it means this week, not what it meant in 1922.  And there are a lot people who are very comfortable because they learned it in 1922 and they really don’t want to learn it again.

William:  Well, this is what I have to say to folks listening, especially those astrologers out there is this: Soon, much sooner than you think, you will know what I know.

Mj:  But not by the indications that they’re used to using.  That’s what I’m noticing is that if you don’t treat astrology as the science it is, and if you keep relying on old data, pretty soon you’re going to look like a Proper Wally because you’re going to be saying stuff that isn’t true and you’re going to be missing critical stuff that people need to know.

William:  Right.  So what I say to the folks out there and to the astrologers is that your world view [as you have known it] ended a long time ago.

Mj:  Mm.

William:  It ended back in 2000, 2001.  Okay.  And your world view is not sufficient to come to the solutions and recognitions of the issues at hand.  This has nothing to do with intelligence [but about consciousness].  And all this is going to happen soon is an event will take place — it’s already begun —

Mj:  Yeah.

William:  Well to many that will shift and shatter your present world view.  And there are many other people out there who are catching on.  One of the things I’m going to say right now is the Prepper Movement is going to go mainstream, worldwide.  There is about 10 million people prepping for some event or they’re buying bitcoin or gold or silver, they’re getting a 3-month food supply in the house, and being self-sufficient, doing whatever they need to do to survive some type of major dislocation.

Mj:  Yep.

William:  That number is going to grow to, like, 50%.  I believe it’s going to grow upward to 50%.

Mj:  Yeah, I’m really noticing that here.  We’ve got something called Halifax Garden Swap.  It is the most radical thing you can do, right, is grow your own food.  Because that sticks it to Monsanto like nothing else will.

William:  Right.  So again, I just have to say this, to those skeptical folks out there, who think “steady as she goes,” or “it’s just going to be more of the same but only worse”, you will soon know what I know.

Mj:  It won’t be so crazy in a couple of years.

William:  Maybe sooner than that.

Mj:  Sooner than that!  You reckon this year, eh?

William:  Yes.  I believe this event has already begun and I believe you will see the fallout go worldwide, and then from Wall Street to Main Street much sooner than anybody thinks.

Mj:  Alrighty.  Well, I’m going to hang onto my hat all the way over here in Halifax and hope we don’t get a tsunami.  (laughs) Listen, it’s been absolutely amazing having you on.  I’m very grateful for your time, and I might be rattling your chain over the next few months as things kick off, maybe bring you back on and give us — you could be our rudder, you could give us a little bit of guidance, eh?

William:  Yes, absolutely.  We’ll focus more on that in the next discussion.  I just wanted to make my statements that 2015 is going to be the year where everyone is going to start getting it.

Mj:  Well, I’m excited and I appreciate the tips for the mundane astrologers out there, too — or maybe the bouncing baby mundanes like me — because it is too much to eat whole.  It’s too huge; you have to take little nibbles.  So I’m going to go and follow your advice and definitely going to check out your page.  And I’ll make sure there are links from my page to yours so people can find you.

William:  Thank you very much for having me, Mj, and I hope your audience appreciates the type of show you provide because there are very few shows out there that cover the scope or gamut of things that are going on in astrology like yours does.

Mj:  Well, it’s fun, you know.  And it allows me to talk to cool folks like your good self, right?  So, (laughs) I look forward to speaking with you soon and thank you so much for joining us here on The Astrology Show.

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U.S. Transformational Crisis 2015-16 [Part 2]

Continued from Part 1
Transcribed from “Mark The Rabbit Hole” with Mark Metheny on WithInsightsRadio.
(Airdate: July 31, 2015)

William: Again, this goes all the way back to what we initially started talking about: Pluto.  Fascism — the merger of private and corporate state operating as one functional unit for the benefit of both private parties and that basically is the oligarchy.  What America [has become] is a nation run by an advanced oligarchy that operates at the deepest levels of the national security complex and [controls] the fractional reserve lending system which we call the Federal Reserve.  Which by the way is not federal, nor a reserve, but essentially a private banking cartel whose stock owners and members are secret. That is the reality that most of us [astrologers] refuse to acknowledge.

Mark:  Agreed.  My favorite quote on that I’ve heard is “The Federal Reserve is as federal as Federal Express is.”  It’s a private corporation and I was trying to think back about who I voted for Federal Reserve chairman last time and I remembered, oh, we don’t get to vote on it.  (Laughs) Those are the scary ones you have to watch, these people who get appointed and you have no say whatsoever on the job these people do.  You know, to me, I consider the job of president to be similar to America’s Top Model; it’s just kind of a figurehead to be pretty up there in front of the public.  The people that concern me are these people who show up over and over again as the head of these large banks and financial institutions and as members of different presidents’ cabinets regardless of what party they are.  So I think those are where the real, I don’t want to say the real power structures, but higher up on the power totem than the people that we sort of-kind of-not really get to vote for.

William:  Exactly.  So what you’re basically saying is that we have an oligarchy.

Mark:  Yes.

William:  Yes, we have a private, elite group who has the power and the access to [control] all levels of government, of national industry, and capital finance, to ensure that they work [together] congruently to implement a [domestic] policy that we [the populace] are not aware of, and does not support [the values of] America’s middle class, or long-term American interests abroad, but rather serve transnational corporate interest.

Mark:  Totally agreed.

William:  And as a result of this [oligarchical rule], what I am seeing — and by the what I’m about to say is just not about money or the nation’s finances — is that the nation is on the verge of [social] revolution. True revolution, in where we are going to see a major upheaval with the [two major party system] body politic. Therefore, I believe all bets [based on the forecast of mainstream political pundits] are off after this fall with the [upcoming] 2016 election. Again, all bets are off!  Everyone at this point who says, yeah, it’s going to be Jeb, it’s going to be Hillary, it’s going to be this [establishment candidate], or it’s going to be that — nobody knows. Why? Because when certain events begin to play themselves out [on the world stage] in the forthcoming weeks and months ahead, I can assure you that much of the mechanisms of establishment politics, in the guise of another [well scripted] presidential TV reality show that’s been played out on us since World War II, will no longer work. For I believe we are seeing the nascent phase of a [growing] populist movement which will result in some populist leadership [in one or both parties] that will awaken the compulsive grassroots instincts (Pluto) throughout the nation-state. And as a result, I believe we are going to witness a collective power struggle when this occurs. So we’re going to see something play out that we haven’t seen played out in some way since the American Civil War. Ultimately we’re going to see a convergence and combination of a lot of things [that have been brewing within the nation’s collective unconscious] really start to happen.

Also, I believe the ongoing Uranus and Pluto complex — which by the way is still very active as it is still within close range of orb to each other — an escalation and acceleration of political grassroots movements that initiate and invoke massive sweeping reforms in nations’ political structure and financial system. At the same time, we will also possibly witness a near collapse of the United States. By the way, I’m not the only one who’s been saying this; there are a lot of European and especially Russian analysts, very bright Russian analysts who actually came here [shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union to start a new life] and speak in very intelligent and compelling ways that say the U.S. is in the first and second phase of the five stages of “empire collapse.”

In fact, many of them were actually writing this way [about the Soviet Union] in the mid-’80s when they were working for the Soviet government.  Let me make it clear that Gorbachev was well aware of the fact that the Soviet Union was in the second or third phase of collapse when he took power [in 1985]. The CIA [as we understand it today] was also well aware of that. Many of these very same people, who worked for the [Russian] intelligence agencies and now work for many American think tanks [that create government policy (like Brookings or RAND)], are saying the same thing about the U.S., and that is that we have gone from the first into the second phase of collapse.

Here are the five states of collapse. First, you have financial collapse. Then you begin to have political collapse. Then you have commercial collapse. This is followed by social collapse and then the fifth collapse, hmmm…I don’t remember it off-hand but I believe it’s something like cultural collapse. Regardless, the first phase is what happened in 2007-2009, and now we are seeing a major breakdown in the partisan political system [in 2014-2016]. Because for the first time, we have more people that are registered Independent or do not affiliate with either party. And, with the way that trend is going, that number will surpass the combined level of [registered] Democrat and Republican voters by 2020.

The 5 States of Empire Collapse:
1. Financial Collapse: faith in “business as usual” is lost. Financial institutions become insolvent; savings are wiped out, and access to capital is lost.
2. Political Collapse: faith that “the government will take care of you” is lost. Government officials attempts to mitigate the widespread financial deleveraging by the middle-class fail to make a difference that results in the political establishment losing its unquestioned legitimacy.
3. Commercial Collapse: faith that “the market shall provide” is lost. Money become devalued through deflation and becomes scarce. As a result, commodities are hoarded, retail chains break down, and the beginning of shortages of basic necessities become the norm.
4. Social Collapse: faith that “your people will take care of you” is lost, as social institutions, be they Church or other charity groups rush in to fill the power vacuum of depleting resources and capital.
5: Cultural Collapse: faith in the goodness of humanity is lost, as families disband to find scarce resources.

Mark:  Yeah, and some of the stuff may sound scary to people but — this is going to sound wrong but — to me, I’m all for things collapsing.  I think the system is so corrupt and so beyond fixing at this point that I think these things need to collapse.  And just real quick, I had an interesting subject that came up at my monthly class a couple weeks ago, and we were talking about the upcoming election.  And what’s interesting is that transiting Saturn will be opposed to the Mars in the U.S. chart which is at 21 Gemini.  So, Saturn takes 28 years to go through the zodiac, every seven years Saturn is going to square where it was previously, and so we looked back at the U.S. chart and to where Saturn had made these previous squares every seven years.  So next year Saturn will square the U.S. Mars; we have a presidential election.  We went back seven years from that and we had the economic collapse and the TARP bailout.  Then we went back to 2001; we had 9/11.  We went back to 1994; we had Oklahoma City [bombing] where literally thousands of new laws were passed.  And before that, 1987, we had the previous financial collapse.

William:  Those are very good insights.  And we also have transiting Saturn in December 2016 opposing [the U.S. natal] Mars, which really correlates very closely to what we were saying earlier, as Pluto opposes the U.S. Sun right on the 2nd House cusp [Sibly Horoscope].  Also, Saturn will still not be far away from the Ascendant which is very telling in itself. Yes, I’m totally with you.  I believe we’re going to see some major, major shifts in the body politic that’s very closely correlating with the major unwinding geopolitical and macro global economic events, and the rumblings of those seismic movements are now in play.

Mark:  Yes, I agree, there’s big stuff coming up in the future.  And one of the encouraging things I see are a lot of people are waking up.  A lot of people are starting to figure out that the two-party system is just one party disguised as two, and they’re finally starting to see this.  We’re just feeding the beast by allowing the one-party-disguised-as-two to keep running rampant as it has been.

By the way, some of these charts that we’re talking about William has posted on his Facebook page and I’ve shared it on mine.  I’ve also got his website up in the chat room and on my Facebook page as well so be sure and visit those.  And he’s got some YouTube videos out there as well, so lots of great information he has out there.

So what kind of advice do you give to clients that come to you?  What can people do during this time?  How can they just in general safeguard themselves or make this less painful?  What kind of stuff do you recommend?

William:  Well, I really believe what people need to do is [come to terms with] with a few major facts that are very uncomfortable, and that has to do with dealing with the possibility of a major financial dislocation occurring [in this country]. Where you go to your bank or your ATM to swipe your card and no transaction takes place. I also believe there’s a possibility for bank bail-ins. Keep in mind they closed the banks in 1933 for 4 days, when they confiscated gold. That was a form of a bail-in. So they closed the banks [back then], in order to avoid a bank panic. They will do so again most likely.  We could also see the banks go into receivership due to an economic bond apocalypse scenario, which is possible.  So we all must be prepared for that. And that means getting really informed — the more informed you are, the more likely you are to take action.  Start talking about it with people.  I think the day of “let’s not talk about this or that” among friends and family has to come to an end.

Mark:  Agreed.

William:  And as for the astrological community, we need to start talking about it too! Why? Because these days there are so many astrologers that keep saying “well, you know, if Jupiter transits such and such it’s all going to work out,” or “it’s all going to be fine.”  Sorry, it’s not all going to be fine. The other thing is, for those folks who are aging Baby Boomers and have retired or are on the verge of retiring, I suggest that wealth preservation needs to be their foremost concern.  They should not assume that their pension is going to be there.  They should take matters into their own hands to secure and preserve their wealth, because the next thing I see going is the pensions.  Yes, the PENSIONS! I think I might write an article called “It’s the Pensions, Stupid.”

Mark: (Laughs)

William:  Why? Because all the pensions are connected to the bond funds (which is debt) and most of those bonds are worth zero now, or they’re worth pennies on the dollar.  And many of the Baby Boomers, (including the Baby Boomer astrologers) still believe they are going to get that big fat $1.1 or $2.1 million pension [based on their 401K contributions since 1974] while the Millennial and Gen-Xer’s will continue paying into a pension system that they know is essentially insolvent since the 2007 crisis, are deluded!  In fact, many of the Baby Boomers are unaware that the latest statement in Social Security states by 2029, you will only receive as of today, 77% of what the projected number is. So they say by 2030 you’ll get X amount per month. However, if you can only expect 77% of that number (it’s an asterisk on the bottom of the Social Security statements). This should be major news. So, I advise people [who seek my counsel about their long-term financial future] that no matter what the establishment candidates say — that being Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush — they have no solution to this problem [or to most any of the intractable problem we have as a nation]. For they are both paid off by Wall Street.  They are both puppets to an oligarchical elite that serves another agenda.  So I tell my clients this stuff, and when I do some get very upset and choose to take action; others walk away and think I’m totally [out of my mind] crazy, despite the compelling secular evidence and trends.  However, most of my clients come around a second time and say, “Okay, I’m ready to hear what you have got say. What asset allocation will survive this, should I buy gold, how do I buy silver, how do I preserve my wealth no matter what happens?” They also ask, “How do I prepare if we have a dislocation occurrence, how long will it last? What websites can I go to?  How can I get more informed?  How can I take action in my local community and start speaking up and presenting this information to others?” So that’s the advice I give, and encourage them to follow up with [massive] action.

For those folks listening to this interview, I suggest that you don’t just listen to this show, say these guys are crazy, and that I’m going to go back and vote for Hillary and Jeb because no matter what it’s all going to work out. I’m asking people to take action [at some level] and do your own research. Try and prove us wrong.  Try and prove that the secular data is not there, that the financial data is not there, that the historical data is not there, and then prove that the astrology is not there either.

Just as an example, for those skeptical astrologers who are listening, every Uranus-Pluto alignment which was using a 10-degree orb, there’s always been a market or bank panic; that’s always been a [following] recession or a depression however you want to define it. There’s always been a massive recapitulation in political power. So this has gone on perfectly since 1790, since the inception of this nation’s government.  These are things I try and stress with people, I talk about it, I try and weave it into a reading even if they come to me when they want to know if and how they can get back together with their millionaire boyfriend. Whatever it is, I try to wake them up; showing them there’s a lot more going on in the world right now  than meeting narcissistic, immediate gratification needs.

Mark:  Right.  That’s very interesting.  One thing that I see a lot of times in the astrological community too is, we just have the last of the seven Uranus-Pluto squares so we get through that and then people expect that that energy is done.  Well, it’s not done.  Sometimes there are things going on in the background which we said Pluto rules conspiracies and secrets and hidden agendas, so there’s a potential that big things happened at that point, they just have not hit the mainstream of our collective consciousness.  So some of these things may not have been found out yet.  And as we go through, we’re getting ready to start a Saturn-Neptune square cycle and we’re going to have Jupiter in Capricorn a couple years down the road, and that’s going to be forming squares to the Uranus-Pluto conjunction — squares to Uranus and conjunctions to Pluto.  So, some of the stuff that has happened, maybe has just not hit the light of day yet.

William:  Well, here’s the thing.  We have Uranus-Pluto, if you use the 10-degree wide orb, it went into effect back in February 2007 when the Chinese markets dropped 461 points and we saw the collapse of Bear Stearns, one of the largest banking institutions in the world, shortly thereafter.  That basically set off the 2007-2009 Great Recession which we have not really recovered from.  Since that time we’ve had escalating geopolitical breakdown, escalating global financial contraction, and monetary intervention by central banks to buck up [and prop] the system. And using that orb we will not be done [feeling the impact Uranus-Pluto until 2020. Now during that period, you are going to have the Jupiter-Saturn square this August [2015]. And, if you use a 5-degree orb, it’s already in effect, and will continue to be well into 2018.  As you know the Jupiter-Saturn cycle has much to do with the political and social establishment, also the creation and development of capital, and heavy capital investment in infrastructure for the purpose of expansion and development of the broader economy. However, when it’s a backward square, what will be exposed is the collapse of capital formation occurring in the system due to the gross malinvestment of money directed into defunct industries and the propping up of Wall Street banks with the Federal Reserve bailouts and quantitative easing [QE] programs 2007-2013.  As a result, we will witness the ramifications of this insane strategy by the Fed. As the recovery and expansion of Wall Street hasn’t resulted in the expansion and development of the broader economy on Main Street.

And then we have the Saturn-Neptune cycle, and then we begin the Saturn-Pluto cycle which actually begins in late 2016.  So all these planetary alignments are converging in their effect lead to some “big event.” That’s the point.

Mark:  And we have an exact Jupiter-Saturn square this Monday morning [August 3, 2015] at Jupiter 28 Leo and Saturn at 28 Scorpio.  So that’ll be one of the fist exact squares in this cycle.  And some you’ve mentioned a couple of times and I forgot to chime in there, about how they’ve been feeding money into the banks and they’ve been holding on to it.  This is like when they expanded the fractional reserve lending which allowed banks to originally loan 5% of what they actually had in hand, and then they boosted it to 10% of what they had in hand.  Now I think it’s probably unlimited, but instead of floating out debts it’s like they’re holding on to that extra amount that’s being floated to them, instead of lending it out to keep the economy flowing.

William:  That’s correct.  Yes, that’s correct.

Mark:  Okay.

William:  So I think the bottom line is that people have to just wake up and realize that what’s happening in Greece is going to happen to America.  It will not happen immediately, but between now and the next five years, we can see an economic collapse [unfold].  Right now Greece is in the midst of a total collapse.  Retail sales plunged 70%, doctors have fled the country, people are now bartering.  This is not mainstream news.  This is something nobody wants to talk about.

Mark:  Right.

William:  And another thing is we don’t need to wait until the U.S. stock market starts to crash before we can ask “oh, so when is it going to collapse…?” Folks — it’s already begun.  The collapse [on a global scale] has already begun.

Mark:  Right.  And this is not to scare people, this is to help people be prepared so that you already have things in place and things going in the right direction when this does happen.  It’s just kind of a wake-up call.

William:  Exactly, yes!  So, the bottom line is that we’re going to see a major reconfiguration. A [collective] psycho-spiritual death-rebirth event and a major reconfiguration of the United States. It will be the end of the United States 2.0 [1900-2020] and the beginning of the United States 3.0 in the following decade. Right now we’re actually going through more of the death and the first early stage of the transformation, and we are not going see much of the rebirth yet. That will happen more in the early 2020s from my long-range perspective. Also, I believe we will witness the death of the two-party system [and rule of government], along with the breakdown and death [through a deflationary] implosion of the fractional reserve lending system that will be followed by a middle class revolt. Folks, what we are going to see is not Occupy Wall Street but rather Occupy All Street! It’s coming and that’s something neither Jeb Bush nor Hillary Clinton want to address or talk about.

[In regards to] the election of 2016, we may get a really dynamic leader — like I mentioned earlier with Pluto, you may witness a very powerful, grassroots leader emerge.  That has happened before as we saw happen in the ’30s with Hitler.  But unless we get a really powerful grassroots leader, populist leader to emerge, what we’re likely going to see is an election that looks like a “don’t ask and don’t tell” presidential reality TV show, or campaign.  And if you want to participate in that [type of establishment campaign], you are basically setting up this country to self-destruct at a much faster pace. We can have a crisis followed by transformation, or we can have a crisis followed by death.  It’s really up to you at this point. If you believe that it all can be fixed by somebody else by pulling the [establishment Hillary-Jeb vote] lever, as you continue living in debt, believing they are the only viable solution for the nation, then you have essentially made the decision to choose to allow the nation to implode economically, politically, socially, and spiritually.

Mark:  Yes.

William:  It’s up to you.  The choice is up to you.

Mark:   Yeah, I totally agree.  And that’s what I try to tell people.  When you see a big energy coming down the road, Uranus station or a Pluto transit or whatnot, you can sit in the corner and be afraid or you can throw something into the middle of the road that you want blown up.  So we can use this energy, this transformative, destructive energy to our benefit to change the things that are wrong with our country and out financial system.

William:  I totally agree with you, Mark.

Mark:  Awesome.  Awesome stuff.  I know I told you I’d only keep you here an hour, is there any last messages or anything else you want to share with people?

William:  Well, I’m just letting people know if they go to my blog or my website, I have a lot of articles on this.  I present the data, both secular and astrological; I use a lot of graphs, I keep it short and sweet because I know it can get boring and I know most people’s attention span is no more 30 seconds per blog post.

Mark:  Right.

William:  I plan to be writing more now. I’m writing another article on the upcoming Shemitah.  The prophecy of the Shemitah and how that correlates historically with the death, destruction and rebirth of economies, and how that correlates within a modern astrological context.  Also, I try and get people to think about things that most people are not thinking about, especially within the astrological community.  And I plan to make it very clear to the leadership of the astrological community that pontificate for their podiums, that I am not intimidated by their continued passive marginalization of what is happening out there.  I have been collecting the evidence [and doing my homework] seeing these mundane trends to playout.  Also, I’m making myself very clear to the astrological leadership that if you want to keep saying “it’s all okay,” that’s fine, but you’re also going to hear from me and other astrologers. For I’m not the only one out there — there are other astrologers out there, using all different systems of astrology, that are coming to a very powerful counterpoint consensus of saying “it’s not okay; we are in a major global crisis.”  For the continued level of denial is now going to present a really big credibility issue within the larger astrological community if this keeps up that keeps saying “steady as it goes, the only thing to really be concerned about is global warming.” That is not totally true, and by the way I’m not playing down the ongoing ecological collapse.  In fact, I’ve written many articles on Fukushima and the growing radiological crisis that the Obama Administration doesn’t want to tell you about. I have presented that data over and over.  But the astrological community by and large doesn’t want to present this subject matter at a conference. And this is what needs to be discussed because this is our moment.  We are one of the few people out there that can define, educate, and forecast what’s really going on.

Mark:  Yeah, I agree.  I believe if we stay asleep during this period, we will miss our opportunity.  I’m giving a lecture at the Universal Life Expo in September [2015] called “Generation X: Time to Awaken” and those of us born in the mid-’60s — well, throughout the ’60s but especially in that ’65-’67  time period — I mean, we’re going to have unprecedented power at our disposal that 99% of the people who’ve ever lived will never experience.  We’ve got that Uranus-Pluto conjunction in our chart, we’re going to get an exact trine from transiting Pluto in Capricorn and a conjunction from Neptune in the North Node, and we’re going to get this in the middle part of [2016].  I mean, that is a powerful, powerful alignment, and the Generation Xers have been known as the slackers but, you know, we’re just late bloomers.  And so if we miss this opportunity where we have this incredible power at our disposal, we will not have that opportunity again.  So time to awaken.

William: I totally agree. I’m really happy to hear you’re doing that presentation on Generation X because its certainly not talked about enough, under-reported. You see the Baby Boomer astrologers continue to pontificate their contributions to the culture. They [overlook Generation X] and continue to talk about the promise of the Millennials.  And [while they do this,] Generation X is coming to power. I believe the next president in 2020 will be a full Generation X; I don’t buy into that Obama is a true Generation X president. And I’m not just talking about presidents; I’m talking about leaders. Yes, Mark, I believe you will be right as the shift [in power] into Generation X will have a dramatic impact over the next 3-4 years. But it certainly begins next year, no doubt about it, where many will come to power. And it’s going to be a major game-changer, a whole different paradigm shift. A whole different perspective. A whole different way of leadership. And we’re going to see that effect at every different level — the civic level, municipals, the federal level. We’re going to see it in government, in finance, in industry. We’re going to see it in the way global politics occurs. And, also, I believe that Generation X is going to be very aware of the oligarchy, very aware of transnational interests, very aware of Deep State. And I believe this new generation of leadership will confront the oligarchy very much in the same way Teddy Roosevelt confronted the Robber Barons and all those Capitals of Industry who were behind the railroad, steel, oil, and banking monopolies, where he took them on and he broke up their trusts and created powerful anti-trust legislation and really changed the country and in effect made this country into the world’s greatest economic and military superpower in the history of the world. So I believe that it’s possible and can happen over again. I even maintain and believe we can become an even greater Superpower, not necessarily militarily, but culturally and technologically that transforms the world, that makes it a better place. A Superpower that transitions us from a Type 0 to a Type 1 civilization where we create and integrate A.I. into society and alternative energy systems and  methods of manufacturing, and cleaner ways of production and growth. We can be the leaders again. But it cannot happen with this current group of leadership, and this current paradigm that operates as a kleptocracy, with a antiquated uni-polar 1999 world view, that controls and manipulates every sector in the nation, while pontificating democracy. Because of that we as a nation and people are paying the price at every level. It is now time, I believe, for the Generation Xers to come to power and to show the world, and the oligarchy what they got. It’s going to be their turn to come up to bat, and I am betting heavy that they’re going to hit some home runs over the coming decade.

Mark: I agree totally. This is a huge opportunity. And, too, a section of the Generation Xers are having their Chiron return. What a better time to heal the earth and heal the economy and heal our country than having your Chiron return along with the Jupiter-North Node-Pluto transit. The energy is… the wind is to our backs. It’s time for us to wake up and — this goes against what I’ve always preached but — maybe have a little less patience with things right now.

William: Right. Well, I’m in total alignment with you and I want to thank you for having me on the show. I have to get going now; I actually have to go back to my avocation. (laughs) I have to go to work, actually. But I want to thank you again and hopefully we can talk in the future about the election, go deeper into that.

Mark: Absolutely.

William: And talk deeper about some of the other things that are active in the U.S. chart and certainly what’s happening in the world.

Mark: Absolutely. I know your time is very valuable; I appreciate you taking some time to spend with us and going over some of these very important details that people may have missed. So I hope you have a great day at work, and we would love to have you back on in the future.

William: Thank you very much, Mark. I appreciate it. Talk to you soon.

Mark: Thank you, William. Okay, so there you go. Straight-forward. That’s the deal. William Stickevers, our guest there. I have his website in the chat room and on my Facebook page, so you can find him at and at and he also has some YouTube videos up there. So we want to thank him for all of the great information out there, and if we went a little fast on some of the stuff, the show will be up for archive listening in a couple hours. If you want to understand what’s going on with the economy or you want to be able to tell people about some of the info he shared, you can just go and download the show or re-listen at your convenience.


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U.S. Transformational Crisis 2015-16 [Part 1]

Transcribed from “Mark The Rabbit Hole” with Mark Metheny on WithInsightsRadio.
(Airdate: July 31, 2015)

Mark Metheny: We have a fantastic guest lined up for you.  William Stickevers, a financial astrologer [is] joining us. …  So, good day, William.

William Stickevers: Good day, Mark!  Thank you for having me on the show.

Mark:  Well, we appreciate you spending an hour or so with us today then, to explain some of the things that I’ve explained poorly in the past.

William Stickevers:  Well, [explaining the economic crisis] is a really complex and difficult subject to articulate, for most people get lost after the first 10 seconds [into it] because of the complexity of the global economy, the complexity of government and geopolitics goes beyond your eighth grade civics [and social studies] classes that were taught to most of us in school.  Also most people these days are very uninformed or uneducated about how [capitalism and] markets work, for markets are essentially the basis and means by which all wealth creation and wealth destruction occur. And it ties very much into the political history [and psychological complex] of the United States, as we’ll talk about shortly when we discuss Pluto which is now constellating powerfully in the U.S. horoscope, regardless of what U.S. horoscope an astrologer uses. So again, it’s a subject matter that loses people very quickly, and people [these days ] want to just turn on mainstream media news and get quick, instant relief that all is well, ‘steady as she goes’ perspective, that ‘the world is pretty much all the same as it was 10 years ago’.  Which as we know, it’s not.


Mark:  Right.  As my sister says, sometimes a little bit of information is a lot more dangerous than no information.

William:  Well, I think that’s true to an extent, but right now there is a lot of dangerous things going on, and much of it has to do with your money, my money, and everyone else’s money. That has to do with what’s been going on a mundane level since 2010 [with the emergence of the Cardinal Climax], where we’ve had an escalating intensifying series of geopolitical and global financial events that have been playing out on the world stage, that coercing a major power struggle between nation states, between the rich and poor, between generations, cause much social distress and class warfare in many of the G7 nations.

Mark:  Agreed.  So one of the things that’s been in the news recently was the whole Greece fiasco where, from my understanding, was an attempted forced takeover by the international monetary fund to try and bully Greece into accepting a bailout that was essentially going to keep them prisoners to the EU.  Am I in the ballpark there?

William:  Yes, absolutely.  Here’s the real problem with what’s going on in Greece and what many people are overlooking, including many astrologers who are commenting on this, as the crisis unfolds. And that is, the big problem that Europe now faces is that ultimately Greek debt has to be forgiven, else Greece will not survive.  That is a fact. Right now even the IMF wants to forgive the Greek debt, but Germany is not prepared to do so.  Why?  Because if Germany forgives Greek debt, that means that the other indebted nations such as Spain, Italy, Portugal, Cypress, Malta, etc. will have to have their debt written, because they can’t afford to pay it off as well.  In fact, these nations owe a lot more money than Greece does.  And they are also unable to make those [increasing] payments to Germany.  So again regardless, Greece needs debt-forgiveness; otherwise, they can’t survive.  Period.


Now, if there’s debt-forgiveness, then you have a massive problem in the European banking system. Why? Because the European banks won’t survive if they give debt-forgiveness, because the European banks and the European Central Bank have major outstanding lines of credit to Greece.  And the European Central Bank [ECB] is essentially bankrupt, just as Greece is bankrupt.  And now Greek debt is worth zero. The same is also true for Italy’s debt, as well as Spain’s debt, and Portugal’s debt.

Also, if there was forgiveness granted to Greece, the other European countries that have lent to Greece may not survive.  So you have to keep in mind that if they provide debt relief to Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Italy will want the same [level of] debt-forgiveness for themselves, else they will default.  However, if Greece defaults then all these other countries that have invested in the Greek debt will default.  So it’s a Catch 22.

So keep in mind, this is what keeps German leader Angela Merkel awake at night.  It’s not the cries from the Greek pensioners, nor the penniless Cyprians, nor the starving Portuguese, nor the politically explosive number of unemployed Spanish workers, nor the impoverished Italian households. It creates the rise of the Euro-skeptic. Because Europeans realize what’s really going on here now, and basically, the only solution for Europe [at this point seems to be] is a political union.

Mark:  From the videos and information I saw, the Greek people, the majority that I saw seem to be in favor of just letting it collapse and getting out of the EU and getting themselves out from under the thumb of the EU.  But the political entities involved there did not seem to mirror what the citizenship wanted.

William:  Exactly.  So it comes down to it, Germany can’t provide the Greek nation and its people the debt-forgiveness that they need. The IMF actually agrees that they need debt-forgiveness.  But they also realize that once you provide it for one nation you have to provide for the rest.  However, if they let Greece fail, all of that leveraged debt will implode the system. Let me explain what I mean by this. All debt today is encapsulated into government into bonds [which is sold on the markets].  And if those bonds [which is considered money] goes to zero in worth, all the leverage and all the derivatives connected to that debt, will set-off [a series of] credit default swaps.  So for example there is approximately $330 billion of debt that Greece owes to Germany and the EU banks. However, there is $24 trillion of derivatives connected to that debt [in the form of bonds] that would be set off immediately by [a daisy chain of] credit default swaps, if there is a total debt default by Greece. And if that happens, that will implode the entire European continent into a deflationary depression which would be greater in intensity [and impact] than what was experienced in the ’30s.  Also, at some point it would likely impact the U.S. banking system and soon after the entire global banking system.

Mark:  Yes.


Greek pensioners demonstrate against pension cuts in front of the prime minister’s office. / AFP / LOUISA GOULIAMAKI


William:  And by the way, there’s been no resolution to date.  It’s been “pretend and extend, pretend and extend.”  And this goes back to now to what we were talking about with Pluto – for this is all Pluto at play here.

Mark:  Right.  I found that very funny because it was on the front page for over a week in the newspapers and then it just disappeared, and I thought, I don’t really remember there being a decision or settlement reached.  It just vanished.

William:  Exactly, because they can’t provide a settlement.  The settlement would be to provide Greece debt relief along with the other European nations.  However, they can’t provide that because there isn’t enough money to provide that because European Central Bank are essentially insolvent. And the political blowback [of debt forgiveness] by Germany would ignite a social revolution in that nation. So, this is a big problem, and it’s a problem that’s  going to [socially] explode in the EU much sooner than anyone realizes.

Mark:  Agreed.  And a minute ago you had mentioned debt swapping and that should be a very familiar phrase for people here in the U.S.  That was a lot of what created our 2008 blowup here, and it appears that we are on the same track again if I am correct.

William:  Absolutely.  Right now what many astrologers are overlooking is the fact that Pluto has been very active in the U.S. natal chart from late 2012 onward. And Pluto will be active, making direct hits to the U.S. Sun, all through early 2017 if you use a conservative 5 degree orb, applying and separating.

I think we should talk a little bit about what Pluto does on a mundane level.  Many astrologers know or have an idea of what Pluto does on a personal level. But on a mundane level Pluto deals with [the collective] power of the masses, along with the compulsive, totalitarian, and covert collective pressures [covertly] at work in society, along with the forces of elimination, regeneration, and resurgence. Pluto relates to emerging nations and nations in a state of reconstruction after some type of [civil] breakdown or war.  Pluto relates to fanaticism, and to an obsession with impersonal collective ideas and ideals. Pluto also represents the periodic need to purge the body politic of old, deep-rooted problems that often result in social upheavals, class warfare, and power struggles.  Constellated by a populist leader, Pluto can awaken compulsive instincts for power and dominance.  Pluto rules secrets. Covert organizations such as the CIA, the NSA, and all known and unknown agencies of a nation’s national security state. Pluto rules the black budget, government black-on-black projects [with no government oversight], and/or what has been termed by the alternative media as the “shadow government,” or Deep State. It rules illegal gambling, racketeering, along with the criminal underworld and organized crime such as the America mafia.  And it also rules the underworld of the banking elite. For Pluto rules debt, but not personal debt, but rather debt on a massive scale, which is often formulated into government bonds. It also rules financial leverage, therefore it also rules derivatives. Pluto also rules political grassroots, “populist” movements that initiate massive reform, sweeping change [with Uranus] at a national level. Pluto also rules nuclear power, along with a nation’s nuclear arsenal and other weapon systems of mass destruction.  Pluto also rules plutonium, radium, zinc, tungsten, and nickel.  Pluto rules natural and man-made disasters, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, large-scale destructive wars, and any [secular] event that incurs any type of [long-term] economic recession or depression.

Mark:  I totally agree.  As people who attend my classes probably get bored of hearing, I always correlate Pluto with death-rebirth transformation.  So whatever mundane chart or events we’re looking at for Pluto, you’re going to see massive transformation on some level.  One of the best examples of this is the 9/11 chart, where we had Pluto at 14 Sagittarius, I believe, opposed to Saturn which was at 14 Gemini on the morning of 9/11.  And so Gemini is the twins and Saturn is structures, so you literally had Pluto — death, transformation — oppose Saturn, which was the twin towers, the twin structures.  So that’s how literally this can play out sometimes.

William:  Right and also at that time, mind you, transiting Pluto was conjunct, or pretty close to the U.S. [Sibly] Ascendant at 12 Sagittarius, at that moment, am I correct?





Mark:  I believe that’s correct.

William:  Actually, let me confirm that right now…  Yep, right there.  Pluto was sitting all over, right about 12, 13 degrees Sagittarius during the 9/11 event.  So that’s a very good example.  And that also correlated with the turbulence in the stock market, because at that time the stock market in the spring of 2000 and into 2001 peaked.  And then went through a significant correction.

Mark:  Yes.  What was interesting was some areas had already down-turned at that point.  I remember the place I was working at the time had been around for 30 years and had never had a layoff, and they actually had a big layoff about 10 days before 9/11.  So, some sectors were already feeling what was coming in the other sectors at that point.

William:  Right.  Well, I’d like to talk about what I’m seeing here because I think the astrological community needs to catch up with both the reality on the ground on what is showing on the graphs. And it is showing itself in very powerful ways using both very sophisticated mundane cyclic techniques. And just for everyone out there to know, I’m really a mundane astrologer who looks at [the market data and] financial cycles and notices the correlation between the unfolding of planetary cycles and how they converge with financial and secular cycles.  [For the record,] I’m not a day trader trying to beat the market by using astrology — that’s what many financial astrologers attempt to do — but rather someone who advises clients on how best to preserve their wealth and what strategy would be the best [both] long-term or short-term in regards to their asset allocation to ensure maximized returns on their investments rather than trying to beat the market doing any type of risky speculation or trading.  So I just wanted to make that clear as we proceed.

Mark:  Excellent.

William:  What I’d like to emphasize here, and one does not need to use all the sophisticated software that’s employed by many mundane financial astrologers is that [transiting] Pluto is opposition to the U.S. natal Sun as it sits near the 2nd house cusp of the U.S. Sibly horoscope chart. And at the same time transiting Saturn will be sitting right on the U.S. Sibly Ascendant. All that all begins to occur exactly in late December 2015, and early January [2016].  And as most of us know, major astrological mundane portents are generally leading indicators of events.  So often, these astrological events occur just before a crisis erupts. So those who are observant to these [historical events], notice that a crisis of major international significance is in the making.  And so [from this observation] I believe we will see the first shot across the bow, [in regards to the U.S.] certainly by mid to late September, to early October [of 2015].  By then it will be undeniable even to the mainstream media, which risk having a major credibility issue, that we are in some form of a crisis. And the crisis will be intensifying and moving toward a crisis that will be greater than 2008. That’s my prediction.

Mark:  And to back that up, you’re absolutely correct with Pluto correlating with the earth change events and financial events.  So just something for those listening out there, something to mark on your calendars is Pluto makes its next station on Friday, September 25 [2015] and that will be at 2:55am EST.  So I would say, the couple days leading up to that maybe is a time we may want to pay attention to.

William:  True, and let’s not forget too, that Neptune is squaring the U.S. natal Uranus at that time.  So we’re looking at Saturn conjunct the U.S. Ascendant, Pluto opposing the U.S. Sun, Neptune squaring the U.S. Uranus, and Uranus making an opposition to the U.S. Saturn. And that’s not all, for we also have transiting Pluto squaring the U.S. Saturn. And the natal U.S. Saturn occupies the 10th house of the nation’s leadership in the Sibly horoscope.

Mark:  Yep.

William:  So those are very powerful auguries, mundane testimonies, indicate that we are going to undergo a major shakeup.  And if you project forward — we don’t have time to go into all the detail of this — but if you take these transits and look at the fact that they are occurring during the time that the Mundane [Barbault] Planetary Cyclic Index started its precipitous downward plunge in May 2014 and will continue to decline, hitting bottom in March 2022. All this augurs that we are heading into a perilous period where much of the damage control put into place during the 2007-2009 financial crisis by the Central Banks and the government will begin to wear off and unravel.  And [in that unraveling] I believe we can expect powerful shocks to occur to the system resulting in drastic changes in the nation’s financial positions along with [the unfolding of] titanic geopolitical power plays that continue to accelerate and intensify.

We’ll also see massive market volatility; we’re already seeing that now with China for example, right? And we’ll see major market corrections, bank panics, along with unexpected and sudden wide-scale economic failures occurring worldwide. This will be happening worldwide, not just in the United States.  Not just with U.S. municipal pension funds. Not just with the state pension funds.  Not just with the bond markets.  Not just with real estate. Not just with equities. Not just with debt. But rather we’re going to see the possible implosion of all the sovereign debt.  Look at what’s happening now in Puerto Rico.  Look what’s happening now in Europe with Greece.  Look what’s happening now in China.  Look what’s happening now with Russia.  Look what’s happening now with commodity prices — basically nose-diving.  Look at what’s happening now with the over-heated bond markets. Look what’s happening with the Global trade indexes, they are collapsing. These are all indicating that we are going through a massive global contraction While this is all happening you can expect that we are going to be hearing lot of rationalization by the mainstream [corporate controlled] financial news media, along with unprecedented proclamations “that all is under control” by governments and their respective leaders. This will be especially in the United States, in order to prevent the loss of credibility with the growing skeptical populace. I’m going to tell you right now — other than the hardcore partisan political voters who believe it all can be fixed by just voting their candidate of choice into the White House, most Americans are going to realize that we are in a real “full-blown” crisis, making them to rethink what the hell we’ve been doing as a nation over the past seven years.

Mark:  Yes, agreed.  We really should’ve had a collapse financially a couple of years ago but as long as the “powers that be” or whatever you want to call them have an open access to the bank, they’re going to keep artificially propping this up.  I mean, if you had the key to the vault, you wouldn’t be in any hurry to let the bank crash as long as you’re able to keep funneling money in.

William:  Exactly.  That’s very true.  Because what they’re doing is they’re printing money [out of thin air], keeping interest rates artificially low, and they’re forcing banks and financial institutions to buy bonds. So when the U.S. doesn’t collect enough money from its taxes [due to a contracting economy], the Federal Reserve will then issue bonds and provide liquidity [money] to banks to buy those government bonds, and in that way they can continue to keep interest rates artificially low and prop up the markets. And then they also provide liquidity [injections] to financial institutions directly to invest into the stock market, giving the perception — the applied perception management if you will, — that all is well and the economy is thriving again.  I think we can say [and agree that] there is a complete disconnect of the economy from June 2009 [when the Great Recession ended] to present day, between what’s happening on Wall Street and what’s happening on Main Street. And many don’t make this connection, and that’s my biggest grip I have with many financial astrologers these days who say the Recession is behind us.

Mark. I see.

William: I think at this point, all we can say right now is that we may not know exactly what is invoke a meltdown that will cause the massive deleveraging worldwide, but when does happen… which has already really begun in Asia — it’s going to happen quickly, and there aren’t going to be enough lifeboats to go around. Because in the end there is not going to be another set of government bailout, like what we saw in 2008. Which was emergency monetary government intervention to ensure the continuation of defunct and insolvent financial institutions. I really think that the world’s economy today is like an ocean liner with lifeboats and when the next big iceberg hits, or should one hit, we’re not going to have enough lifeboats to save everybody. Why? Because right now we have a staggering $200 trillion of debt globally and almost three times the size of the global economy. So the world’s economy is like the Titanic without a lifeboat and when another recession hits — it’s going to feel more like a depression. Of course they [the mainstream media] will never call it a depression, — but it will look and feel like one because it will be truly a titanic struggle for governments and policy makers to deal with, and in the end hurt everyone.

Mark:  Right.  And when they come out and say a run on the banks or recession or depression or something that panics people and puts them on guard and they would rather have things collectively go as it is without too much hub-bub about it while they still have access to our funds, which we may not have access to in the future.

William:  Correct.  So, when we look at the mundane astrological portents. along with the planetary cyclic index based on the work of Andre Barbault, it clear that we have entered a period of pain, change, and crisis as we witness radical reconfiguration events take place in the collective. Such as collapsing global currencies, contracting national economies, along with the breakdown and collapse of unsustainable, obsolete, and untenable systems of finance and banking.

Mark:  I 100% agree.  All the numbers that they put out on jobless rates, I just don’t buy anything.  I don’t buy any numbers the government puts out.  From my reality, what I see, with my family and with people I know, is that everyone has downsized so significantly or drastically changed their style of living that that’s the only way really a lot of people have been able to survive.  Or people having two part-time jobs to try and keep themselves afloat while cutting back costs as much as they have.  So these unemployment rates they put out are just completely bogus because if a lot of people have run out of their unemployment or just so downscaled their life that they are not an accurate reflection of what’s going on.



William:  That’s absolutely correct.   We had over 96 million people looking for work that fell off the government radar, that cannot get work.  Out of the 214 million people living in the United States who we can account for, only 154 million people are employed.  Of that 154 million people employed, over 23% are underemployed, meaning they were making $58,000 on up to six-figure salaries and greater in 2007, and today only make half of what they were earning, whom many are working part-time while looking for full-time work. [Keep in mind] when they say there’s 5% unemployment what that really means is that is the percentage of people who filed for unemployment and receiving an unemployment check based on the people present in the workforce. That has nothing to do with the total number of people not working.  By the way, we have the lowest job participation rate since 1981.  It’s down 63%.

Mark:  Oh, man.

William:  This is just absolutely stunning. And it’s more stunning to me when there astrologers who pontificate from their podiums at these astrological conferences about the promising future of America, the economy, as if this is 1999 during [the peak of the] boom market and happy days are here again. To me it completely boggles my mind when a many of the astrological community are somehow buying into this, when over 20% of American families income scale now earns [significantly] less money than they did prior to 2007. It’s actually closer to 30%.

Mark:  Yeah, I can verify that from personal experience.  When I look at 2007, all five members of my family had full-time work.  At this point, none of the five of us have a full-time one job working for one company.  You have to take something very under your pay level just to survive.  And a lot of people I’m seeing now, the more aware people I know are seeing that maybe one of the better ways to do this is to have multiple income streams instead of being tied to a singular corporate entity where it’s much easier to be victimized by companies going out of business or being bought and sold.  So that’s one of the things I’ve seen people are doing to try and counter this on some level.

William:  Do you want to know the reason for all this?

Mark:  Absolutely.

William:  Because the breakdown of the Velocity of Money that’s why. See, the Federal Reserve has been basically clearing the debt of the banks, major financial institutions, brokerage firms, and too big to fail companies, while at the same time injected money [that they create out of thin air] back into accounts. Most of those institutions don’t spend that money or lend it; they hold on to that money by purchasing derivatives with it. This is major problem for the economy and important, because any healthy economy has a steady stream and exchange of money. The greater the level of monetary exchange the better the economy. This is called the velocity of money. And the velocity of money is a very important indicator for it’s the rate at which dollars move from one person to the next through the economy. The velocity of money as of today is lower than at the height of the Great Depression.

Mark:  Wow.

William:  You can look up those statistics for yourself.  These statistics are everywhere on the internet. You can look up the graphs.  So that in itself tells you that all the injection of liquidity into the system back in 2008 – 2013 did not translate to any capital formation which would result in the job creation, business expansion, small business development, upward social mobility, and growing middle-class, ect. Basically what we have going on today is complicit financial fraud both on Wall Street and in Washington.

– End of Part 1 –

Continue reading: Part 2


The Birth Time of Jesus

Transcribed from “The Astrology Show” with Mj Patterson
(Airdate: December 26, 2014)

Mj Patterson: We’re very lucky today, we’ve got William Stickevers.  He’s calling in all the way from San Francisco, and I had the pleasure to meet him at the last conference I attended. He has the delightful reputation of offering colorful opinions, and sometimes people try to give him a hard time for it but, you know what, he backs everything he says up with facts — and you know how I like my facts.  So I’m delighted that William is joining us today. How are you doing?

William Stickevers: Great!  Thank you for having me today, Mj.

Mj: Oh, it’s my pleasure indeed; I really appreciate your time.  So we’re going to try to do a couple of things here, and it’ll probably span two shows, which is perfect with me.  The first thing is that I was halfway through this show about “when is Jesus really born” — you know, “while shepherds watch their flocks by night,” not really going to happen in the winter time.  And I was chatting with you on the Facebook and you said you had a chart.

William: Well, basically I started writing an article on the first Christmas celebration which occurred in 336 AD in Rome which we have a record of.  And from there I noticed that when that occurred it was shortly after the time that the last processional ingress of Aries occurred in 292 [AD], which initiated the age of Pisces.

Mj: Yep.

William: Now I found that very, very interesting because Catholicism, or Christianity in general, is very much tied up with the image of Pisces.  The idea of repenting, or “repent, for the kingdom of Heaven is near” — that’s actually the first phrase or soundbite people become aware of when Jesus began his ministry in October 29 AD.

Mj: And there’s a quote or something “I will make you fishers of men” at some point in the New Testament.

William: Yes, that’s right.  And the 12 disciples were called fishers of men.  And so, there’s lots of references to a lot of Piscean archetypal imagery, and metaphor, and words we associate with Pisces all throughout the New Testament and the sign of Christianity when it was a cult religion for the first 300 years under the Roman Empire was a sign of the fish.  That was the secret symbol.

Mj: Which is pretty cool.  Now, just for our senior students who might be listening, when you say that something has moved out of Aries and into Pisces, can you help them understand the astronomy of what you’re talking about?

William: Yes, it’s a little complex, but we have actually two zodiacs.  We have a Tropical zodiac axis [the Tropical system defines it based on the position of vernal equinox, for example the intersection of the ecliptic with the celestial equator], which is what astrologers in the Western world primarily use, and we have a Sidereal zodiac which is what a majority of astrologers in the Eastern world use, especially in India.

Mj: Indeed.

William: And they were one and the same, meaning that if you were born March 24 around the time of Jesus, you were an Aries in both the Tropical and Sidereal.  But what happened over time was those zodiacs, for very complex astronomical reasoning, mechanics that go beyond the scope of this show, and something I’m not ready to explain in detail at the moment, however they started moving apart from one another. And that has very much to do with the wobble of the Earth’s rotation.

Mj: Exactly. Because our pole star wasn’t always Polaris, and we don’t spin completely straight up and down, we have that wobble going on.  And absolutely, it splits the two.  Basically the sky, the piece of sky we call Aries now isn’t the same piece of sky anymore.

William: Right.  Actually we’re 23 degrees Pisces according to the Sidereal zodiac.  So what happens is that we have an equinox and during the time of the equinox the Sun on March 20th at the equator at sunrise is at 0 degrees of Aries in the sky.  That happens every year.  However, because the Sidereal zodiac is moving backwards, it’s actually 23 degrees of Pisces [as of 2015, when directly measured against the backdrop to the zodiacal constellations].

Mj: Yep.

William: And so what I found interesting, going back to the Christianity, is that the time that that processional moment happened in 292 when the zodiac started separating from each other, Christianity emerged as a major political force and cultural force inside the Roman Empire because it was approximately only 40 years later that the first Christmas celebration occurs.  And then, within 20 years of that, the Edict of Milan was enacted, which was an agreement to treat Christians benevolently within the Roman Empire.

Mj: So no more feeding them to the lions.

William: Correct.

Mj: (jokingly) Darn.

William: And eventually it would become the de facto religion of the Roman Empire in 380 [Edict of Thessalonica].

Mj: That’s a pretty fast track for any religion, isn’t it?

William: Yes, very fast.  And I believe it’s very much tied with the processional ingress where the zodiac started splitting from one another.  And, if that is the case, when in 292, the year that the age of Pisces officially started, we can see that archetypal  development in history, then leading into the age of Aquarius, that will occur sometime around 2496.

Mj: And the same idea, because we’re wobbling, the pieces of sky are slowly creeping apart from each other.  And I find this quite amusing because those who do not understand or see through the glass darkly love to use this separation of Sidereal and Tropical as some kind of proof that astrology doesn’t work, which is delicious because here you are using it to demonstrate that astrology does work.

William: Absolutely.  It was something I discovered as I was writing the article itself.  It’s not like I noticed this and thought ‘let me find a way to write an article about this and talk about this and talk about processional ingressions or separation between tropical and sidereal zodiac’.  I didn’t have that approach at all.  If I was writing for an astrology magazine, maybe, yes.  But I was just trying to write something for most people who are curious about how astrology and Christmas tie into one another.

Mj: Right.

William: And when I was reading that the 12 apostles were called “fishers of men” and the early Christians called themselves “little fishes” which was a code word for Jesus, I started looking into it further and found that correlation.

Mj:  Got ya.  So what is the actual date that you’ve chosen for the chart and time?  And when I did my research, I came up with well over 10 different charts.  And I sort of poo-pooed anything that wasn’t in March or April, but actually your chart is in September, I believe.

William: Well, here’s the reason why.  First of all, we know it’s September because you can’t be called Rabi unless you’re born in the month of September in 1st century Palestine.

Mj: Okay, sorry, you just cut out — can you say that again?

William: In 1st century Palestine, there were certain rules in Judaism that, in order to be rabbi, to even be called rabbi you had to be born within the month of September.

Mj: Wow — where did you find that little nugget?  That’s pretty powerful.

William: Yeah, the Jewish community, the 1st century Palestinians in Judea were very aware of the prophecy.  In fact, the Roman Emperor Augustus was aware of that prophecy that there would some Savior that would be born in Judea and to liberate the Jews from Roman rule and reestablish their empire.  But, there were certain conditions that had to be met:  the Savior had to be born in Judea, from the house of David – meaning the bloodline from the mother had to be directly from the house of David; he had to be a first-born son; he had to born in the most holy month of Judaism. So in order for Jesus to qualify as rabbi, he had to be born in the holiest month of Judaism, which is the month of Tishri. [Tishri usually occurs in September on the Gregorian calendar.]

Mj: Cool.

William: So that is very clear.  The other bit of evidence that we know that he was born in the month of September is because we know, based on the New Testament sources, that John the Baptist was born in the month of March, because we know the time that he was conceived (Leviticus 21:16–23). [The Eighth Course of Abijah was May 26 to June 1 in 3 B.C.E, John was conceived during that period of time. The human gestation period is about 280 days ― nine months and ten days. This shows the birth of John the Baptist near March 10, 3 B.C.E.] And we know, if you just do the math, he was born sometime in about early March. And we know Jesus was conceived sometime in the sixth month of Elizabeth’s pregnancy (Luke 1:26, 36).Jesus was born six months after, which makes it September.  So the evidence is really clear why Jesus wasn’t born December 25th, but sometime around the Jewish Feast of the Tabernacles which was a very holy day in Judaism, and that is September 11th.  So, around the date-time of September 11th [Tishri One on the Jewish calendar].

Most modern scholars and archaeologists who do this type of work believe that Jesus was born around that time, for various reasons.  We don’t know the exact day, and anyone who claims to know the exact day is just speculating.  So we know that.  We also know what year he was born, and that you basically just do the mathematics.

Mj: Well, I was going to ask you about that.  Now a couple things have popped into my mind and one is this old hymn, “While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks By Night.” Being a crabby old Celt in that a lot of people call them Celtic reconstructionist — I like to call them Celtic inventionist — I found that histories lie, but stories and songs tell the truth.  You just have to know how to read them.  So, I give a lot of weight to the old “While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks By Night” and I’m just curious, is that something they would do in the fall?  Or is that just hoo-hoo?  And the other question is didn’t Herod die in 4 BC?

William:  No, well, let’s put the Herod controversy to the side because — and I’m not avoiding that question —

Mj:  Nope, I know you well — you don’t avoid any question; you go barreling in.

William:  Right.  I first want to establish the most important data.  If we take the time of the crucifixion, which we know is April 3rd, 33 AD, Nisan 14 [day and hour in the Jewish calendar] and in 33 AD it occurred on a Friday in the month of April. And so that exactly correlates with Passover, we know there was a lunar eclipse at that time, and we know it occurred at 5:21 pm LMT (Local Mean Time) [in Jerusalem]. Jesus, according to Luke, died shortly after the eclipse and the apostles had to rush the body to prepare it for burial before the sunset.

Mj:  Right, because of shevat, probably.

William:  Right, because of the Sabbath [the commencement of the Jewish Passover meal that would begin at Sunset – Nisan 15, that would begin at 6:15 pm LMT].  So, here’s the thing.  We know the date of the crucifixion. We also know for a fact that he began his ministry in 29 AD, which was the 19th year of Tiberius’ rule.  So, just taking those two facts into consideration we can do the math because he’s “of 30 years of age” when he begins his ministry.  And using those two dates, 33 and 29 and working backwards from this, it would appear that Jesus was born in 2 or 3 BC.  And most likely 3 BC.

Mj:  Okay, didn’t Herod kill all the little kids and if Herod’s dead, he can’t do that.

William:  Well, that’s another oversight.  You have to realize, too, that there’s a mix up because Herod dies during a lunar eclipse.  However, there are mistakes made by some modern historians, especially in the mid-’60s and early ’70s, about the timing of that eclipse because there were two lunar eclipses that exactly coincided with Herod’s death.  For there that occurred in 1 BC and the other is in 4 BC.

Mj: So they might’ve gone for the wrong eclipse in other words.

William:  Correct.  And there’s plenty of evidence that points to that Herod died 18 days after the January 10th Lunar Eclipse in 1 BCE [and that Jesus was therefore born in 2/3 BC (regnal dating) — as confirmed by Irenaeus, Clement of Alexandria, Tertullian, Africanus, Hippolytus of Rome, Hippolytus of Thebes, Origen, Eusebius and Epiphanius].

Mj:  Got ya.

William:   Much more evidence pointing to that.  We could talk more about that; I just wanted to keep it short.

Mj:  We could go pretty deep through this but we’ve got a one-hour show and I want to pick your brains in other ways.  So I’m going to throw out a couple things from, I would say, competing contenders in terms of charts.  There’s a plethora of 7 BCE charts and one that I saw which was 6 BCE.  The 7 BCE charts are looking at a big stellium in Pisces that was rising in the east as it were, I guess the star of Bethlehem, and the one chart that was 6 BCE was using the same constellation, or stellium, but — for anyone listening, as stellium just means a whole lot of planets in one spot, and shiny.  And one of these fellas was Saturn. And Saturn would have been visible in the night sky in those days, and they didn’t know about some of the other ones that are further out, but they totally knew about Saturn, and it would be quite shiny rising in the east there.  They’d definitely spot that.  And the one guy that went for 6 BCE said, you know, those magi, they came from Persia, that’s a long walk, I’m thinking that it might’ve taken them a year to get there.  So I think they’re trying to use those indicators to find the time or day rather earlier.  So any thoughts on why that wouldn’t work, or any thoughts on that at all?

William:  Well, it just won’t work because if you do the math, Jesus was “of 30 years of age.”  He was 29, or he was 30 years of age in 29 AD in October.  Now if we do the math the way I’m looking at it, he just turned 30 years of age when he began his ministry.

Mj:  Okay.  That’s very Saturn Return, isn’t it?

William:  Yes.  So the other thing too is, which happens to be one of my gripes with many of astrologers is they say, ‘well, this 6-8 BC thing is when the stellium in Pisces occurred’ or ‘so that had to be when Jesus was born’, and make these conclusions, as they overlook all the other historical data. For they don’t look at what the writing of the historians of the time, like Josephus for instance.

Mj:  Yep.  And then they call it science.

William:  And then they call it science and then you have to take them for their word, and they’ve already made up their mind that it’s 7 BC.  Hey look, I was guilty of this as well.  I said, oh, my teacher said it’s 7 BC, it has to be so I can’t question my teacher or question the facts, it just is what it is. However, when I started looking at the historical facts [during that period], and then started coming up with a different year, it was correlating very closely to what modern scholars say. Then all of a sudden all the 7 BC astrologers went up in arms against me.

Mj:  You bad, bad man; you’re rocking the boat again (laughs). Good for you!

William:  Yeah.  Yes, so I believe that astrologers need to reexamine this.  And we do know for a fact when the eclipse occurred on the day of Christ’s crucifixion, we knew he was of 30 years of age — not 40 years of age.  And by the way, the average lifetime age of a 1st-century Palestinian man was 37 years of age. So it’s hard to believe that Christ was born 7 BC, and that the apostles would be of 40 years of age, it just doesn’t add up and make sense.  Everything supports a 2 or 3 BC date.

Mj: Okay.  Have you any thoughts about what the Star of Bethlehem then would have been, and indeed would it have occurred at his birth, prior to his birth, or is it all made up tosh and it’s just a bit of PR?

William:  Well, you know, there’s a big problem with the Star of Bethlehem because the Chinese, which were a very sophisticated civilization as well, did not see any Star of Bethlehem.  If there was a star that big and bright, other indigenous cultures around the world, especially the Chinese and the Mayans, would have noted that, and we would have been able to see the astronomical calculations to determine the time frame.  So, I tend to believe that star, they were referring to something else, and that had to do with the activity that was active in 3 BC at that time.

Mj:  Okay.  Well, that’s pretty cool.  So basically you say that you can guess roughly when he was born, but to get an exact chart, that’s just supposition.  So, no 24-hour rectification then?

William:  Right.  I would say we should be looking more at the month of September 2 BC or 3 BC, or we could even look at 4 BC, although the math doesn’t add up based on Biblical chronology …

Mj:  Yeah, that’s kind of stretching it, isn’t it?  Because wasn’t he supposed to be around 2 when Herod did his nasty?  He wasn’t very old.

William:  Right.  Well, when Herod [who was born 74 BCE was around 70 years of age] became very sick, his sons were printing his coins; as early as 4 BC to ensure their succession of rulership in Judea.  So, it’s pretty clear if we look at the evidence that it’s most likely that Herod died in 1 BC.  And doing the math, we know that there was some persecution from Herod within 2 years of Jesus’ birth.  So, I would think that astrologers need to reexamine now the month and the time frames of what we discussed and then they can speculate from there what would be the astrological chart of an individual [born during the founding era of the Roman Empire in an obscure province] who had arguably the biggest impact in shaping the Western medieval worldview and influencing the course of history over the past 2000 years.

Mj:  Yep.  Pretty much.  I mean, I can’t think of anything anywhere on the planet, even in places where ostensibly Christianity isn’t “the state religion.”  It still has a far-reaching effect.  I grew up in Korea and knew the Orient pretty well, and I mean, they’re mostly Buddhists, right.  But, my goodness, even there, the impact is pretty staggering.

William:  Right.  So that’s how I see it.  I think if I were to say it’s September 11th, 3 BC at 8:48am, but that’s just pure but informed speculation on my part, and that’s not really going to help much.

Mj:  Nope, I get it.  That’s one thing I very much appreciate about you, young fella, that you’re very much about the facts.  And it’s so refreshing, I have to say.  It’s wonderful.

William:  And I think the crucifixion date is more relevant and I think what’s even more relevant is the official date of the Roman Catholic Church, when that began which was on Pentecost, which was in May 24th of 33 AD, and we even know the time that the Catholic Church became an [spiritually empowered] operational entity.

Mj:  What time?

William:  We know it’s 9am.  And it’s actually stated in the Bible.

Mj:  Is that LMT?  Is that in Rome?  At the Vatican?

William:  No, it’s not in Rome.  It’s in Jerusalem, and it is stated directly out of the Bible when the Holy Spirit entered the 12 apostles.  And I believe there was nearly 100 people in the room who experienced that.

Mj:  Okay.

William:  So that occurs in May.  We actually have the chart for that event that occurred in May.

Mj:  Okay, so for those listening, it’s May the what?

William:  May 22nd, 33 AD at 9am and that’s Local Mean Time in Jerusalem.

Mj:  Okay, and all you people listening, if you’ve been following my classes, you know how to get Local Mean Time.  … That’s what we’re all about — to get more people involved in the real astrology, as opposed to the stuff in the newspaper.

William:  Right.  And the source is from the Book of (Acts 1:13, 26). Where the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles became known as Pentecost.

Mj:  That is so cool.  Thanks, William.  So, I hope I haven’t forgotten to ask you any useful questions about this chart, but I think I would love to have you back next week for the new year’s show to share some ideas about what’s coming up this year.

William:  Yes, I would love that.

Mj:  So do you have anything that you want to finish off with, any details?

William:  No, I just think that we’re never going to know Christ’s birth. The astrologers can claim what they want as a community [that they know it’s 6 BC or 7 BC], but in terms of real rigor, historical matching up the horoscope with the historical facts and based on new and recent breakthroughs in archaeology on 1st century Palestine, it is clear that the years of Christ birth are off and erroneous.  It cannot be that time frame that they are talking about, and it’s much closer to the time frame that the Gregorian calendar was based on [that was introduced it in 1582 which was a refinement to the Julian calendar amounting to a 0.002% correction in the length of the year and Anno Domini (AD 1)  the traditionally reckoned year of the conception and birth of Jesus of Nazareth.].

Mj:  Bang on.

William:  So that’s how I’ll sum it up, and I think we could learn a lot more by looking at what happened during the time of the crucifixion and Pentecost and how the Church unfolded using those horoscopes.

Mj:  Well, I very much appreciate that, and everything you say, I’ve learned from experience, you back it up with not one, not two, but a whole plateful of data which I really appreciate.

William:  Thank you.

Mj:  Thank you very much for joining us this weekend.  I look forward to having a chat with you next week about 2015.


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