2008 U.S. Presidential Election

Predictions Track Record – 2008 Presidential Election

PREDICTIONS FOR THE 2008 DEMOCRATIC PRIMARIES: Senator Obama vs. Senator Clinton

Below are projections for the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election.

*Battleground States

Nate Silver
William Stickevers’
Political Contest Horary
100% accuracy 96% accuracy
Alabama McCain  McCain 
Alaska McCain  McCain 
Arkansas McCain  McCain 
California Obama Obama
Colorado* Obama Obama
Connecticut Obama Obama
Delaware Obama Obama
District of Columbia Obama Obama
Florida* Obama McCain  red-x
Georgia McCain  McCain 
Hawaii Obama Obama
Idaho Obama Obama
Illinois Obama Obama
Indiana* Obama Obama 
Iowa Obama Obama
Kansas McCain  McCain 
Kentucky McCain  McCain 
Louisiana McCain  McCain 
Maine Obama Obama
Maryland Obama Obama
Massachusetts Obama Obama
Michigan* Obama Obama
Minnesota Obama Obama
Mississippi McCain  McCain 
Missouri* McCain  Obama red-x
Montana McCain  McCain 
Nebraska McCain  McCain 
Nevada* Obama Obama
New Hampshire* Obama Obama
New Jersey Obama Obama
New Mexico* Clinton   Obama 
New York Clinton   Obama
North Carolina* Obama Obama 
North Dakota McCain  McCain 
Ohio* Obama Obama
Oklahoma McCain  McCain 
Oregon Obama Obama
Pennsylvania* Obama Obama
Rhode Island Obama Obama
South Carolina McCain  McCain 
South Dakota McCain  McCain 
Tennessee McCain  McCain 
Texas McCain  McCain 
Utah McCain  McCain 
Vermont Obama Obama
Virginia* Obama Obama
Washington Obama Obama
West Virginia McCain  McCain 
Wisconsin Obama Obama
Wyoming McCain  McCain 
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