BiWheel Analysis of Robin Williams’ Death Event Horoscope

Transiting Saturn was traversing Williams’ Ascendant (during May) along with making direct hits to Williams’ natal Mars/Uranus conjunction in his 8th House. These testimonies indicate a period where he was coerced by necessity to penetrate to the depths of the darker aspects of his complex personality structure – SHADOW – which is a frightening experience for many, but that is what this is all about. He was confronted to ask if he could allow the “old you” die away and allow a “new you” to be born through the onset of depression. It is clear something inside of him needed to die now. Obviously, this can be and was frightening, and many people dearly hold on to the past and their need for control because there is a growing sense of something erupting in the underworld. In fact, for most, often someone may actually pass out of one’s life at that time so it may be appropriate for one to re-examine his/her philosophy about death. “How do I approach death?” was one question Williams was asking, along with, “How do I experience loss?” This was a time for him to learn about letting go and shedding what was outworn; however in this case, he answered that by literately terminating his life.


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Spring Equinox Predictions: March 20th 2014 – March 20th 2015

On March 20th, 2014 at 12:56:43 EDT White House, Washington, D.C., the Sun ingressed into 00°00’ Aries. According to traditional sources a horoscope cast for the moment during the time the Sun comes into Aries at the capital city of that nation, provides a comprehensive image of the archetypal energies and potentials that will likely unfold and constellate as mundane events and happenings throughout the year. This event is referred to as the Aries Solar Ingress and from this horoscope we will make the following predictions below.

Sun Aries Ingress 2014 Washington D.C.

Sun->Aries Ingress 03.20.2014 12:56:42 AM EDT White House, Washington, D.C.


Sun Aries Ingress 2014 Washington D.C ACG Map

Sun Aries Ingress 2014 Washington D.C Astro*Carto*Graphy Map

Global Paradigm Shift

Part of the Global Paradigm Shift that has been underway since 2010, will be a global currency reset. Where the U.S. Dollar along with the U.S. Treasury Bond bank reserve structure will begin to rapidly collapse, as China, Russia, Iran, Brazil, India, and South Africa begin bypassing the dollar and creating bi-lateral trade, and major OPEC nations refuses to sell its oil exclusively in dollars. The global reset will essentially be a return to gold standard. Therefore we can expect gold prices which has been suppressed by the Central Banks since the 2008 financial meltdown, will begin to move upward to $2,000 an ounce in 2014.

Petrodollar Collapse Begins

Saudi Arabia will begin to dump the exclusive US Dollar buck in oil in trade deal (Petrodollar – 1975) and begin to accept the Chinese Yuan and hard assets such as Gold. a withdrawal of the “Petrodollar” standard will occur in response to another major Wall Street bank failure. Since the U.S. Treasury/Fed has no room to maneuver in any way that gives confidence to foreign bond holders, the BIS and IMF/World Bank will move the Federal Reserve’s “ultimate financial authority” out of the Fed’s hands and into the BIS and administration through IMF/World bank. As a result in the near future, we will refer to SDR’s as the new world currency (which is in fact a blended weighted currency of all the major economies) — end of the old order, the birth of the new.

Financial System Failure

The Financial Stability Board (FSB) released a list of 29 “too big to fail” (TBTF) corporations operating around the world. According to the FSB, these banks are considered to be “systemically important financial institutions” and a failure of any one of these corporations could result in “financial systemic failure.” Of the 28 corporations on the list, 17 are based in Europe, eight in the U.S., and four in Asia. A failure of any one of these banks, but especially one in the U.S., could create a bank run, further destroying the ability to provide credit and increasing the likelihood of a dollar collapse. What is most likely to create a bank failure is a derivative failure:

  1. Banco Santander
  2. Bank of America
  3. Bank of China
  4. Bank of New York Mellon
  5. Banque Populaire CdE
  6. Barclays
  7. BNP Paribas
  8. Citigroup
  9. Commerzbank
  10. Credit Suisse
  11. Deutsche Bank
  12. Goldman Sachs
  13. Group Crédit Agricole
  14. HSBC
  15. ING Bank
  16. JPMorgan Chase
  17. Lloyds Banking Group
  18. Mitsubishi UFJ FG
  19. Mizuho FG
  20. Morgan Stanley
  21. Nordea
  22. Royal Bank of Scotland
  23. Santander
  24. Société Générale
  25. State Street
  26. Sumitomo Mitsui FG
  27. UBS
  28. Unicredit Group
  29. Well Fargo

The Black Box Natal Rating of the Grand Cardinal Cross Alignment in late April 2014 make stressful hits (Red) to several major banks, especially to Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, and Group Banque Populaire.

29 Banks Natal Rating to the Cardinal Grand Cross

In 1985, there were more than 18,000 banks in the United States. As of today there are only 6,891 left, and that number continues to drop every single year. The six largest (too big to fail; TBTF) banks in the United States – JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley have gotten 37 percent larger since the 2008 financial meltdown.  Bank Of America’s total assets are more than 1.4 trillion dollars, and its total exposure to derivatives is more than 42 trillion dollars. Now, if just ONE of these TBTF banks collapse, such as Bank of America in this instance, it would create a massive rippling “domino” effect to the U.S. economy that could plunge the nation into an economic depression.

Deutsche Bank, probably the most important bank in Germany, is the most highly leveraged bank in Europe (60 to 1) and it has approximately 70 trillion dollars worth of exposure to derivatives. Deutsche Bank’s “off the charts” leverage in June of 2014, will reach 72 trillion in derivatives, or about 21 times more than the GDP of Germany. The Cardinal Grand Cross planetary alignment will make multiple hits to Deutsche Bank’s First Trade Horoscope. Indicating that  Germany’s elite financial institution will be under major duress throughout the year, and could be the first major bank to collapse in the 2nd stage of the global banking crisis. However, unlike the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, in which the Western Central banks were able to contain, thanks to $16 Trillion in bailout funds injected into the banks by the Federal Reserve, a failure of Deutsche Bank would trigger a systemic banking contagion the likes of which the Western world has never seen.

Looking ahead using the Black Box Multi-Box Analysis, we can forecast by evaluate each TBTF bank horoscope using on a modified model of  Donald Bradley’s siderograph technique, developed by astrologer Alphee Lavoie, which is essentially a curve based forecasting method based on transiting aspects.

29 Banks Multi Box 2013 t0 2015

Based on a 2-year window of time (March 20th 2013 – March 20th 2015) we can determine when a possible banking crisis followed by panic due to loss of confidence in the financial system. In the graph, we’re primarily interested in the last row, the one labeled Sum Activity. Green periods indicate stability, growth and asset expansion. Red periods indicate stress, panic, and asset contraction.  Looking over the next 300 days in the Sum Activity row, red begins to dominate the period between May of 2014 through to 2015, indicating that another bank panic and derivative shock wave is in the realm of possibility in 2014.

Retirement Crisis

The term “retirement crisis,” – in developed and emerging market nations — from France, to the United States, and even China — will go mainstream in mid-2014, as it will no longer possible for state and private institutions to able to support pensions and benefits for their aging citizenry, and as a result forcing millions of would-be baby-boomer retirees worldwide to continue to work to increasingly older ages.

Affordable Care Act

By the end of 2014 a majority of enrolled Americans will know collectively that they are not better off. The Affordable Care Act will fall short of what it promised for the American people and financially will begin implode on itself by the spring of 2015.

2014 Midterm Elections

The motto for the 2014 Midterm Elections will be: “Toss out the incumbents.” In 2014, expect more incumbent members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans alike will likely lose their seats than at any period. There is going to be a rejection of incumbents seeking reelection at an unprecedented rate.

Chinese Economy

China will attempt to curb its shadow banking and credit growth, so that it can move its economy away from being fueled by credit to one that is more sustainable and driven by consumers. However, it will not be able to effectively control local government debt, and a rise in money market rates in 2014 will likely lead to a credit crunch and slower economic growth then expected – expect major defaults by mid-Spring.

Stock Market – The Dow

The Dow will reach a high of around 17,250 before it begins a major correction starting in late May onward, and eventually falls all the way down to 7,000 over a 2 year period. Unemployment will begin to exceed 7%. However the real story will be the Underemployment Rate ( someone holding a part-time job with modest pay despite desiring full-time work), which will reach 25% nationwide. The number of young people participating in the American workforce will reach a new drastic low, and will show no sign of turning around in 2014. Many Generation Y adults in their late 20’s will quickly abandon their political idealism and begin to revolt.

NSA Revelations

More stunning and upsetting revelations on the NSA secretive spying programs will occur that will result in a “historic,” Supreme Court ruling that addresses Fourth Amendment protections in the Constitution.  Expect upsetting, traumatic, and even revolutionary revelations to follow from a new set of  government whistle-blowers, from America’s national security complex, that will being to pose a serious threat to the current power structure of government, and will radicalize progressive “counter-government” forces across the nation.

World Economy Crisis

The scaling back of the U.S. Federal Reserve stimulus program, combined with a Chinese growth slowdown, along with growing concerns over China’s $4.8 trillion shadow banking debt that’s further compounded by rising geopolitical tension and uncertainty, will result in a crisis among Emerging Market nations by negatively affecting the ability of developing countries to repay the high level of debt that they accrued up over the past 5 years of easy credit.

Pension Tsunami

Multiple pension crises will erupt throughout America, that will require massive state bailouts, that will drown America’s taxpayers. As a result many cities can expect ‘service insolvency’ as pension costs increase. Retiring Baby Boomers will get hit directly by this crisis and many will be coerced to postpone retirement, if possible, or figure out a way to navigate this growing crisis.

Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve’s inability to recognize the true dynamics that lead up to the 2008 financial meltdown has resulted in a re-inflated market bubble and a continuation of unfairly rewarding and recapitalizing essentially insolvent banks, that will set the stage for an even bigger crisis in 2014. However the coming financial crisis will be a valuation/collateral crisis, not a liquidity crisis.

Housing Market

Nationwide Home Sales Begin to Collapse: Since more than 70% of what the U.S. produces is for personal consumption, the housing market plays an integral role in the economy. The housing market was the trigger event for the financial crisis in 2008 and will be again as the year progresses: that we are in the midst of another recession within a broader depressionary trend.


Fracking will end up being the death rattle of carbon energy in that it is not only a terrible method to extract in this way for the environment, but also because it causes earthquakes. Earthquakes caused by fracking now cover the country from Texas to Ohio. The ecological damage and increasing earthquake activity throughout the nation due to fracking will awaken national awareness, and will be the tipping point that will galvanize a populist movement that will finally make non-carbon energy the priority it should be.

Senator Rand Paul

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul star will continue to rise throughout the nation as his outreach to minority and young voters begins to gain traction. By the mid-term election he will stand as the front-runner to beat in the GOP field of 2016 presidential hopefuls, and if successful will be pose a formidable challenge to the likely candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

President Obama

The remainder of President Obama’s agenda will come to a stall and as a result he will suffer a dramatic blow in his job approval rating polls, as he loses the confidence and trust of the American people to lead the nation. Also, Obama will likely be facing a revolt from within his own political party. Many Democrats will begin breaking rank and to distance themselves from the President, so as to be able to pick up the pieces after the slow-motion mid-term election train wreck hits in November 2014.

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2014 Aries Ingress Horoscope: Global Revolution Going “Full Throttle”

Since the 5th Century onward there has been a consistent pattern of “X-Events”. “X-Events” can be defined as unexpected major events that have changed the course of history.  Historically “X-Events” have had potent long-term global significance that often occur during the second decade at the start each century. Many of these game-changing historical events have often occurred in the middle part of the decade and correlated to the rise and fall of empires, large-scale military invasions, revolts and social revolutions, political power-struggles of international significance,  unexpected outcomes in military campaigns, religious conflicts, along with the outbreak of major world wars, to name a few. Here is a listing of respective “X-Events” and their respective horoscopes with description:


Late Antiquity - Visigoths Sack Rome for the First Time since 390 BC. Late Antiquity – August 24, 410 In 410 the Visigoths Sack Rome for the first time in over nearly 800 years since 390 BC. This event signified the rapid collapse of the Western Roman Empire and the beginning of the “Dark Age” in Europe.


Late Antiquity - Justinian Dynasty over the Byzantine Empire Begins Late Antiquity – July 9, 518 The Justinian Dynasty begins.  The Byzantine Empire under the Justinian Dynasty reached its greatest extent after reconquering much of the historically Roman western Mediterranean coast, including north Africa, Italy, and even Rome itself, which it held for two more centuries.


Early Middle Age - Tang Dynasty Early Middle Age – June 18, 618 The Tang Dynasty (618–907 AD) was an imperial dynasty of China preceded by the Sui Dynasty and followed by the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period.  It was founded by the Li (李) family, who seized power during the decline and collapse of the Sui Empire. The Tang Dynasty is generally regarded as a high point in Chinese civilization.


Early Middle Age - Muslims - Arabs and Berbers, under Tariq Ibn Zeyad Tarik invade Spain. Early Middle Age – August 30, 711 Muslims – Arabs and Berbers, under Tariq Ibn Zeyad Tarik invade the Iberian Peninsula, taking the Visigoth Kingdom of Christian Iberia (modern-day Spain and Portugal).


Early Middle Age - Death of Charlemagne Splitting of his Empire. Early Middle Age –  January 28, 814 Charlemagne united most of Western Europe for the first time since the Roman Empire. His rule spurred the Carolingian Renaissance a period of cultural and intellectual activity within the Catholic Church. Both the French and German monarchies considered their kingdoms to be descendants of Charlemagne’s empire. Charlemagne’s death in 814 signified the beginning of the end of the Carolingian Renaissance, and the splitting of his vast empire laid the foundation for the Kingdom of France and the modern state of Germany.


Early Middle Age - Ottonian Dynasty Henry I the First King of the Medieval German State Holy Roman Empire – November 30, 912 The Kingdom of Germany developed out of the eastern half of the former Carolingian Empire.  Otto the Great was the founder of the Holy Roman Empire, reigning as the German King from 936 until his death in 973.


High Middle Age -  Viking King of Denmark Sweyn Forkbeard, invades England High Middle Age – June 17, 1013 In the summer 1013, Sweyn Forkbeard, the Viking King of Denmark, successfully launches an invasion of England. On December 25 Sweyn is proclaimed King of all England in London, forcing the English King Æthelred the Unready to flee to Normandy. 


High Middle Age - The Knights Templar are founded to protect Jerusalem and European pilgrims High Middle Age – April 3, 1119 The Knights Templar are founded by Knights Templar, founded by Hugh de Payns in 1119, was initially created to protect Jerusalem and European pilgrims to the Holy Land in Judea.  The Knights Templar were among the most wealthy and powerful of the Western Christian military orders and were among the most prominent actors of the Christian finance. The organization existed for nearly two centuries during the Middle Ages.


High Middle Age - The Magna Carta is sealed by John of England High Middle Age – June 15, 1215 The Magna Carta is sealed by John of England in 1216. The Magna Carta was the first document forced onto a King of England by a group of his subjects, the feudal barons, in an attempt to limit his powers by law and protect their rights. The charter is widely known throughout the English-speaking world as an important part of the protracted historical process that led to the rule of constitutional law in England and beyond.


Late Middle Age - Robert the Bruce restores Scotland's de facto independence Late Middle Age – June 23, 1314 Robert the Bruce restores Scotland’s de facto independence in 1314. Robert the Bruce was one of the most famous warriors of his generation, eventually leading Scotland during the Wars of Scottish Independence against England


Late Middle Age - Battle of Agincourt. English army defeats a numerically superior French army Late Middle Age – October 25, 1415 Battle of Agincourt. English army defeats a numerically superior French army in 1415. The Battle of Agincourt was one of the greatest military upsets in medieval history and a major English victory in the Hundred Years War.  The battle is notable for the use of the English longbow, and is also the centrepiece of the play Henry V by William Shakespeare.


High Renaissance - 95 Theses of Martin Luther begins German Protestant Reformation High Renaissance – October 31, 1517 Ninety-five Theses of Martin Luther begins German Protestant Reformation in 1517. Martin Luther nailed his theses to the door of the Wittenberg All Saint’s Church, sparking the Reformation of the church and rise of Protestantism throughout Europe.


Age Of Discovery - Thirty Years' War Protestants revolt against Catholic oppression; Denmark, Sweden Age Of Discovery – October 31, 1618 Thirty Years’ War: Protestants revolt against Catholic oppression, Denmark, and Sweden in 1618. This marked the start of the 30 Years’ War and decades of religious conflict in Western Europe.


Age Of Discovery - First Jacobite rebellion breaks out - British halt Jacobite advance at the Battle Age Of Discovery – November 14, 1715 First Jacobite rebellion breaks out in 1715. British halt Jacobite advance at the Battle of Preston. During this period there were a series of civil uprisings, violent rebellions, and insurgencies in Great Britain and Ireland.  This uprising had the aim of returning James VII of Scotland –  James Stuart the Old Pretender of England – and later his descendants of the House of Stuart, to the throne of Great Britain after they had been deposed by Parliament during the Glorious Revolution in 1688.  This conflict ended with the establishment of the Hanoverians in 1715. They ruled over Great Britain and Ireland, and Hanover (Germany).


Age Of Discovery - The French invasion of Russia is a turning point in the Napoleonic Wars Age Of Discovery – June 24, 1812 The French invasion of Russia is a turning point in the Napoleonic Wars in 1812. The enlightened Congress of Vienna took place in 1815, following the defeat of Napoleon, and heralded a century of relative stability across Europe


Age of Revolution - World War I Age of Revolution – August 4, 1914 World War I  began in 1914. The First World War broke out, a catastrophic conflict that would claim millions of lives and set the tone for international discord throughout the 21st century.


Sun Aries Ingress 2014 Washington D.C. Age of Information – Sun Aries Ingress 2014 Washington D.C. – March 20, 2014 The World War Era (encompassing World War I – World War II) and the emergence of Third World nation states, led to the Cold War between the United States and Soviet Union between 1945 – 1991. The contemporary era that followed resulted in the explosion of research and development of informational technology and the Internet. Today’s postmodern world is seen through the widespread use of digitality that has been termed the Age of Information.


X-Events Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990 and the subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, “X-Events” (events of low probability that have high international impact) and their number and magnitude have been increasing.  The United States after World War I 1914 became the leading world-power.  Today, 100 years later the United States remains the world’s lone military, technological, and economic “Superpower”, and therefore remains the nation to watch over the forthcoming years as it still has the necessary historical gravitas and political prowess to play a dominant role in changing the course of the 21st Century. This is key, as the astrological portents of the 2014 Aries Ingress horoscope (Jupiter Ruler of the M.C. on the Ascendant square Uranus in the 10th House and in opposition to Pluto on the Descendant) augurs that the United States and its leadership will be coerced, through a series of unexpected geopolitical developments, to make bold make-or-break decisions that will have major impact along with profound consequences for many nations throughout the world.

BiWheel - USA and Cardinal Square Alignment Horoscope

The BiWheel Horoscope above, of the  United States (Late Morning Rectification for 11:27:40 AM LMT) shows that the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-Square alignment makes a direct hit to the U.S. natal Sun in the 10th House, a testimony that augurs an outburst of archetypal energy within nation’s collective that will have a direct impact on the general well-being of the nation.  The Aries Ingress will set in motion a series of revolutionary dynamics that have been building up over the past two decades, as a result of the gradual the breakdown of nation’s social institutions, the steady curtailment of the civil liberties, along with the excessive taxation by non-responsive government, and the ineffectual leadership and narrow scope of vision by the generational establishment in power. The Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-Square alignment on the U.S. Sun will begin to disrupt the pervasive influence of “transnational” and private interest in government that continues to direct and shape both America’s foreign and domestic policy. This alignment will  also disrupt the continuing concentration of wealth and expose the intrusive and covert agenda of the national security complex that serves America’s advanced oligarchy.

UrPL Graph Uranus and Pluto will make a another 90 degree alignment on April 21, 2014. This is the fifth of of seven successive squares which began June 24, 2012 and will occur again December 15, 2014, making its final alignment on March 16, 2015. According to mundane astrologer Theodore White, “The current seven exact squares in the early to mid-Twenty-Tens is about major generational change between [the generational] establishments, where values and principles clash against old, outdated methodologies/ideologies, in favor of fresh reforms and sometimes radical evolution into an emerging new world era.”

Uranus-Pluto Square 3 of 7

Uranus-Pluto Square (3 of 7) May 20, 2013

The most recent Uranus-Pluto square alignment occurred on November 1, 2013, during which it conjunct the heliocentric North Node of Jupiter – the planet of economic expansion and wealth. During this period Central Banks worldwide continued to accelerate their Quantitative Easing – digital money printing – to prop up the Bond and Equity markets as global GDP growth stalled and capital generation in nearly every G-20 nation fell sharply.

Grand Cardinal Cross - Full Moon April 15 2014 DC

Grand Cardinal Cross – Full Moon. April 15, 2014. Washington, D.C.

During buildup of the next Uranus-Pluto alignment during the Spring of 2014,  transiting Mars will be stationing retrograde on March 1st and going retrograde-direct on May 19th. During that period, Mars will amplify the archetypal planetary dynamics, acting as an agent-provocateur on the world stage as it takes part in the Grand Cardinal Cross alignment with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto.  During this time the Barbault Planetary Cycle Index will begin’s steady decline (497 days after the Mayan End Date), during the peak of the Cardinal Grand Cross alignment. The Cyclic Index continues to decline until it reaches its baseline trough in 2020 – 2022, during the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, and remains there until 2024. BCIURMC Usually change within the collective is gradual, allowing time for the masses to integrate and adapt to new archetypal energies that are unfolding, but sometimes it is quick and explosive. The Grand Cardinal Cross represents not only the build up, but the sudden, dramatic upheaval and major reversal of power that signifying a crucial “tipping point” for civilization, where unsustainable and untenable systems of government throughout the globe – including the United States – will be shaken to the core and begin to breakdown.

Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges, an American journalist specializing in American politics and society, explains it best as to why it has taken so long for people to come to terms that nearly all forms of governance is about maximizing corporate profit at the expense its citizenry, when he states:

“The inability to grasp the pathology of our oligarchic rulers is one of our gravest faults. We have been blinded to the depravity of our ruling elite by the relentless propaganda of public relations firms that work on behalf of corporations and the rich.”

On a global level the Cardinal Grand Square will also recapitulate the tangible intensification and acceleration of environmental catastrophe and the near-term exhaustion of natural resources of the planet, challenging the very power structure that holds back the expression of the Uranus-Pluto archetypal complex: the Dionysian (Pluto) impulse for collective empowerment and the Promethean (Uranus) thrust for radical change. Cosmos and Psyche Scholar, author, and cultural historian Richard Tarnas has stated that periods during Uranus-Pluto alignments have correlated with “widespread radical and political social change and often destructive upheaval, massive empowerment of revolutionary and rebellious impulses, and intensified artistic and intellectual creativity.”  Also, “unusually rapid technological advance, an underlying spirit of restless experiment, drive for innovation, urge for freedom in many realms, revolt against oppression, embrace of radical political philosophies, and intensified collective will to bring forth a new world.”  (pp. 143-144, Cosmos & Psyche). Below is a listing of the Uranus-Pluto major alignments, the starting and ending dates, accompanied with the most significant historical events during the 220 year period following the discovery of Uranus in 1781.

french-revolution Uranus-Pluto Opposition (September 19, 1792 – July 4, 1794):

  • The French Revolution
  • United States Bank Panic Of 1792
  • The Haitian Revolution
  • The Polish Revolt
  • The Whiskey Revolution in Pittsburgh, PA and the Monongahela Valley
  • Polish-Russian War of 1792
  • Burmese-Siamese War

Panic1819Book Uranus-Pluto Waning Square (January 1, 1820 – September 4, 1821):

  • United States in Deep Recession From the 1819 Panic
  • Scottish Insurrection in Great Britain
  • Revolution in Spain
  • Revolution In Portugal
  • Revolutionary War Of Independence in Peru
  • The Greek War of Independence
  • Ottoman-Persian War

industrial-revolution Uranus-Pluto Conjunction (June 25, 1850 – March 23, 1851):

  • Second Industrial Revolution in Great Britain: Revolved around steel, railroads, electricity, and chemicals
  • The Taiping Rebellion of China
  • San Francisco Gold Rush
  • Winchester Rifle
  • Breech Loading Cannon
  • Great Fire of San Francisco
  • Slave trade Abolished in Washington, D.C., but slavery allowed to continue in the Southern States
  • Levi Strauss make his 1st pair of Blue Jeans
  • Harvard Observatory takes 1st photograph of a star (Vega)
  • First National Women’s Rights Convention Convenes in Worcester, MA
  • Telegraph connection between London-Paris linked
  • The first freight train is operated in Roorkee, India

X-33633 Uranus-Pluto Waxing Square (October 21, 1876 – August 25, 1877):

  • Great Sioux War of 1876
  • The Second Rebellion Against the President of Mexico
  • The April Uprising revolt by the Bulgarian population against the Ottoman rule
  • The Satsuma Rebellion Against the Meji Government of Japan
  • Hamburg Massacre in Aiken County, South Carolina
  • Battle of Little Bighorn River
  • Anti-Chinese rioting swept the city of San Francisco
  • Germany in Economic Depression
  • Rail Road Service in the U.S. Grinds to a Standstill Due To Strike

Boxer_Rebellion Uranus-Pluto Opposition (January 31, 1901 – November 6, 1902):

  • Boxer Rebellion in China
  • New York Stock Exchange Panic of 1901
  • The Philippine-American War
  • Unification of Saudi Arabia War
  • Anglo-Aro War
  • The United States becomes the world leader in industrial production making 24% of the world total output, followed by Britain (19%), Germany (13%), Russia (9%) and France (7%)

Depression-stock-market-crash-1929 Uranus-Pluto Waning Square (April 21, 1932 – Jan 17, 1934):

  • The Great Depression
  • Constitution Revolution in Brazil
  • The Aprista Revolt in Trujillo, Peru
  • The 1932 Salvadorian Peasant Uprising
  • The Siamese coup d’état end absolute monarchy in Thailand
  • Populist Revolution in Cuba
  • Ecuadorian Civil War
  • Japanese Invasion of Manchuria
  • Shanghai War of 1932
  • Chaco War
  • Colombian-Peru War
  • Third Reich – Adolf Hitler Comes To Power in Germany
  • Nation Bank Holiday & Gold Confiscation Act in the United States
  • Glass-Steagall Act
  • Securities and Exchange Commission established to oversee Wall Street trading
  • The United States becomes the worlds industrial superpower as its production exceeds the combined output of Britain, Germany, Russia, France, and Japan

TunrOnTuneInDropOut Uranus-Pluto Conjunction (October 9, 1965 – June 30, 1966):

  • ’60s Counter Culture Revolution
  • Dominican Civil War
  • United States Occupation of the Dominican Republic
  • Indo-Pakistan War of 1965
  • Civil War in Chad
  • Korean DMZ Conflict
  • South African Border War
  • Namibian War
  • The Colombian Armed Conflict
  • The March of Intifada in Bahrain
  • Coup d’état in Ghana
  • Ulster Volunteer Force was Created to Wage War on the Irish Republican Army
  • United States Debased its Coinage
  • Malcolm X Assassinated
  • Watt’s Riot in Los Angeles
  • Race Riots and Looting in Atlanta, Chicago, and Cleveland
  • People’s Republic of China Denotes First Nuclear Bomb
  • United States Doubles its Draft Quota – Vietnam War Escalates
  • Large Scale Anti-War Rallies in 4 Major Cities in the United States
  • “Flower Power” and the Counter Culture Revolution
  • “Psychedelic Revolution”
  • Civil Rights Movement
  • Women’s Liberation Movement
  • Gay Rights Movement
  • “Free Love” Sexual Emancipation Movement
  • Human Potential Movement
  • Environmental Movement
  • “Beatlemania” – The Beginning of the World Music Movement
  • Microprocessor Revolution
  • Information Revolution

2014 Bowling Ball Uranus-Pluto Waxing Square (June 24, 2012 – March 16, 2015):

  • “Occupy All Street”
  • Global Revolution?
  • A U.S. Constitutional Crisis?
  • The Breakdown of 2-Party System of Government in the United States?
  • U.S. Dollar Collapse?
  • Social Revolution in Europe
  • Social Revolution in the United States
  • Social Revolution in China?
  • Social Revolution in Russia?
  • Government Disclosure of the Extraterrestrial Presence?
  • Emergence of Peak Oil Crisis?
  • Euro zone Collapse?
  • Derivative Market Meltdown?
  • Third Industrial Revolution: revolves around Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Fusion Power, Solar Energy, Wireless Power, 3-D Printing, and Robotics?
  • The Emergence of “Peak Oil”?
  • New International “Reserve Currency to Replace the Dollar?
  • Sovereign Debt Implosion?
  • Bee Colony Collapse Disorder?
  • Iran Detonates First Nuclear Bomb?
  • Regional War in the Middle East?
  • Military Crisis the Korean Peninsula?
  • Japan Military Crisis with China?
  • 2nd Woman’s Liberation Movement in Asia and the Middle East?
  • A “Middle Class” tax revolt?
  • Collapse of the “Permanent Political Class”?
  • Escalation of Radiological Contamination from Fukushima Reactor 4?
  • Marital Law Imposed on U.S. Cities?
  • Drone Strikes on Civilians within the United States?
  • Income Tax Reform?
  • U.S. Immigration Reform?
  • Drug Reform?
  • China surpasses the United States as the World’s Next Industrial Superpower?
  • U.S. in a limited Nuclear Exchange with China?
  • U.S. in a limited Nuclear Exchange with Russia?

Crisis Since the beginning of 2008 we have been witnessing the continued intensification and acceleration of social and political breakdown among many nations throughout the globe, due to a weakening economic environment of bankruptcy, monetary debasement, high unemployment/underemployment rates, large-scale demonstrations, nationwide strikes and riots in major cities, leading to increasing polarization and political partisanship and government in taking measures against its own citizenry, that will ultimately lead that radical reconfiguration of the monetary system and global power structure between now and 2020. 10349206-revolution-in-political-or-technical-concept-art Based on previous Uranus-Pluto alignments, in the Spring 2014 onward we can expect an intensified awakening and galvanization of counter-cultural activity, increase drive for personal freedom, and a reawakening of movements in many conservative risk-adverse cultures throughout the world.  The Cardinal Cross Alignment represents the full expression of the Uranus-Pluto complex; the collapse of collective ego structures as a way for psycho/spiritual liberation that will correlate with radical change, collapsing structures, the polarization of both progressive and reactionary forces, and the continuing escalation and acceleration of uprisings, large-scale protest, strikes, and skirmishes that will begin to unravel and threaten the peace between the great powers and G-20 nations throughout the globe. Collectively, the G-20 economies account for around 85% of the gross world product (GWP), 80% of world trade (or if excluding EU intra-trade: 75%), and two-thirds of the world population. Below is the Blackbox Rating Hit List of the Grand Cardinal Square to G-20 Nations Horoscopes (Red Indicates Highly Stressed). The Grand Cardinal Square Natal Rating to G20 Nations There have been the now-historic revolts in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and other Middle East and North African (MENA) states,  and escalating economic, social, political, and national identity issues, (mainly due to ethnic divisions existed before the fall of the Soviet Union) have resulted in revolutions and military conflicts such as the Ukraine and several other former Soviet republics referred to as the Newly Independent States (NIS). The MENA region has vast reserves of petroleum and natural gas that make it a vital source of global economic stability. The MENA region has 60% of the world’s oil reserves (810.98 billion barrels or 128.936 km3) and 45% of the world’s natural gas reserves (2,868,886 billion cubic feet or 81,237.8 km3) . Below is the Blackbox Rating Hit List of the Grand Cardinal Square to the MENA Nations Horoscopes (Red Indicates Highly Stressed): MENA Nations Blackbox 2014 The NIS region is composed of 15 post-Soviet states that are typically divided into the following five regions: Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania), Eastern Central Europe (Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine), Southern Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia), Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan) and Russia (The Russian Federation. Each of these regions has its own common set of nationalistic traits, owing not only to geographic and cultural factors but also to that region’s history in relation to Russia over the past two centuries. Below is the Blackbox Rating Hit List of the Grand Cardinal Square to the NIS Nations Horoscopes (Red Indicates Highly Stressed): NIS Blackbox Grand Cardinal Cross The following snapshots shows global protest activity from 1979-2013 from the GDELT (The Global Database of Events, Language, and Tone) – an initiative to construct a catalog of human societal-scale behavior and beliefs across all countries of the world over the last two centuries down to the city level. Notice the increasing numbers of large-scale protest and revolts from 2005 – 2013.

GDELT 2005

GDELT – 2005

GDELT 2010

GDELT – 2010


GDELT 2011

GDELT – 2011

GDELT 2012

GDELT – 2012

GDELT 2013

GDELT – 2013

Listing of Social and Political Revolutions from 2010 – 2014:

Looking ahead, we can evaluate an annual forecast against multiple national horoscopes using the Millennium 7 Black Box module. The Black Box weighs the planetary transit “hits” to the natal planets to the national horoscopes with special emphasis on the Midheaven, as it rules executive power in government and is sensitive to geopolitical crisis and events. Grand Cardinal Cross - Full Moon April 15 2014 Hits To Nations Mulit Box We are primarily interested in the last row, the one I circled and labeled Sum Activity. Green periods indicate geopolitical stability, peace, and international  agreements.  Red periods forecast rising geopolitical tension and volatility, strife, international conflict that could result in military intervention.  Looking over the first 200 days of the Sum Activity row (bottom row), red dominates the trend leading into mid-May of 2014, indicating that the prospect for a geopolitical crisis of great magnitude that will define the 21st Century will fully manifest. _______________________________________________________________

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Back to the Future: 2010 Radio Interview on the the Astrology of a Down Economy

Back in May 2010 I did an interview on Alan Steinfeld’s “New Realities” radio show in New York. The interview was about what the mundane astrological portents were indicating for the new decade of the Twenty-Tens.

New Realities

The basis of my forecast at that time was the formation of the the Cardinal T-Square alignment in mid-summer of 2010 when the slow-moving planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto aligned into a T-Square configuration (when two or more planets in opposition make a square to a third planet).

TSquare 2010

Although there have been previous T-Squares involving these planets, e.g. that last one occurred in 1932, what makes this alignment historically significant is that it was exactly aligned along the World Points of the Cardinal signs. Planets located at these degrees express their archetypal power on the global stage with direct and unequivocal force, like a super volcano ready erupt.

The last time civilization witnessed a similar outer planetary alignment of this magnitude was in the summer of 410 A.D. which coincided with the collapse of the Western Roman Empire – the world’s first Superpower, when the Visigoths Sack Rome, which began a period of massive cultural, demographic and economic decline and disruption for approximately 400 years.

Sack of Rome Horoscope

Since 2010 we have continued to see an escalation and acceleration of social discontent, uprisings, large-scale protest, strikes, and skirmishes that have begun to unravel and threaten the peace between the great powers in several regions throughout the globe. For the Cardinal T-Square alignment not only represented the commencement of a global paradigm shift for civilization, but also the tangible intensification and acceleration of imminent environmental catastrophe and near-term exhaustion of natural resources from a rapidly growing global population of over 7 billion, and systems of economy that are not sustainable or tenable for the planet.

Since the summer of  2010, the world has been experiencing the raw archetypal power of the Cardinal T-Square alignment as it continues to express its waning effects as we witness the systemic collapse and breakdown “old world” oligarchical establishment and the nascent emergence of a “new world” establishment. This  radical configuration of civilization represents the passing away of a dying paradigm that has defined a better part of our civilization for the past 500 years, as a new one struggles to be born.

UrPL Graph

As we go into the Cardinal Square Alignment in Spring  2014, the global community will experience a second recapitulation of the collective archetypal power of titanic change pain, and crisis of the outer planetary alignment as they directly impact on the horoscopes of nation states, world leaders, global institutions, transnational corporations, who continue to maintain and enforce unsustainable and untenable systems.


If you listen to this interview keep in mind that what I discussed in regards to the global crisis and revolution to follow, was well before the 2010: Riots in Bangkok by the National United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship, or the Second Kyrgyz Revolution  that lead to the ousting of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, or the Greek protests against the Euro zone austerity measures, or the 2010–2013: Arab Spring which included the Tunisian revolution which forced President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali to resign and flee the country, and sets free elections, along with the 2011 Egyptian revolution which brought down the regime of President Hosni Mubarak, and the Libyan civil war where rebel forces gradually took control of the country, and killed Muammar Gaddafi, or the ongoing Syrian civil war, and the 2010–2012 Algerian protests, along with the Bahraini uprising, and the 2011 Iraqi protests, the 2011 Jordanian protests2011–2012 Moroccan protests, the 2011 Omani protests, the 2011 Yemeni revolution which lead to the eventual resignation of Ali Abdullah Saleh as President of Yemen, along with the 2011–2012 Iranian protests, the 2011–2013 Spanish protests, the 2011-2012 Maldives political crisis where public protests and police mutiny led to the resignation of President Mohammed Nasheed,  the 2012 Tuareg rebellion, along with Central African Republic conflict (2012–present)François Bozizé,  the president of the Central African Republic, who was  overthrown by the rebel coalition Seleka, led by Michel Djotodia. Also, the 2013 Eritrean Army mutiny, the 2013 protests in Turkey, the 2013 protests in Brazil, and of course the 2014 Venezuela protest movement, the 2014 Thailand protest, and the 2014 Ukrainian Revolt that is well underway.

Truth Embargo

Also I talked at length that the decade of the Twenty-Tens would be one where UFO Disclosure would begin to rapidly unfold. Since that public forecast in May of 2010, governments around the world have been quickly declassifying their dossiers on UFOs and made them available to the public.

In August 2010 the United Kingdom released files containing a wide range of UFO-related documents, drawings, letters and parliamentary questions covering the years 1995-2003. And during the same month Brazil declared a new law that made public the files of Brazilian Air Force that regulated access to government information about UFOs.

In September 2010  six courageous U.S. Air Force officers and one passionate UFO researcher assembled at the prestigious National Press Club in Washington, DC on September 27th who gave intriguing testimony of their personal involvement in a major UFO cover-up by the U.S. Military.  This was shortly followed in November, of the release of the US military investigating UFO landing in Rendlesham forest on 27th December 1980.

In December 2010 the New Zealand government released their top-secret files that included every eyewitness account of unidentified flying objects reported to authorities since the early 1950s, including the 1978 Kaikoura mystery.  By year’s end, December 31st, the Argentine Air Force created a commission to record and investigate reports of unidentified flying objects in the country’s airspace.

In 2011 – in late January the Directorate of Civil Aeronautics of Chile gave some videos and audio of UFO sightings on its territory. This was followed in March of the release of Britain’s X files, with more than 8,000 pages of reports of UFO sightings and international concerns over the possibility of a close encounter of the third kind. Soon after in early April in the United States a new initiative by the FBI called “The Vault” revealed unseen and INCREDIBLE documents about a UFO recovery and other cases.

In July of 2012, the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense released files that contain a wide range of UFO-related documents, drawings, letters and parliamentary questions covering the years 1985-2007. Soon after in August in Australia documents became available under the 30-year rule at the National Archives of Australia, that reveal how two RAAF Mirage jets were placed on the second highest level of alert to determine the cause of unidentified radar contacts seen on screens at Mascot.

Obama Telll The Truth about UFO

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure from April 29 to May 3, 2013, occurred at the National Press Club, where U.S. Senator Mike Gravel and former Representatives Carolyn Cheeks KilpatrickRoscoe BartlettMerrill CookDarlene Hooley, and Lynn Woolsey were committee members of the hearing. The hearing and a documentary of the event to follow (working title: Truth Embargo) that summarized its findings, were intended to compel Congress and the United Nations open to open investigation.

In June 2013, in the United Kingdom UFO files were released by The National Archives containing a wide range of UFO-related documents, drawings, letters, and photos and parliamentary questions covering the final two years of the Ministry of Defense UFO Desk (from late 2007 until November 2009).

Below is an excerpt from the May 18th, 2010 interview, and many of the events I predicted back then, e.g. the Occupy Movement, geopolitical volatility, societal crisis, and global economic contraction, many of which are happening now.


William Stickevers on the Astrology of a Down Economy
(on “New Realities” radio show)
May 18, 2010


William Stickevers:  When the outer planets align at these degrees, they express their archetypal power on the global stage with direct and unequivocal force.  And what really makes this Cardinal T-Square configuration historically significant is that the last time civilization witnessed a similar outer planetary alignment of this type was in 410 AD… in June 410 AD, it coincided with the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, the world’s first global superpower and was followed by a period of massive cultural, demographic, and economic decline and destruction that continued for 400 years unabated.  We are now entering that same configuration and it’s going to affect the world over as we are seeing now.

What I can specifically do with the technology that I have, the software that I employ, is I can take that configuration, run it against every chart of every nation, every company, every person in my database, every U.S. state, every municipal entity.  And I can see which ones are going to be hit hardest with varying degrees of intensity and then make certain projective speculations on what the future is going to bring.

Alan Steinfeld:  Wait, I thought we were heading into a whole new age of enlightenment and upliftment and joy and beauty – you’re saying that’s not going to happen?

WS:  Well, what I’m saying is that for this decade, that is not going to happen.  Between 2010 and 2020 will be arguably one of the most historically crisis-driven decades.  Because what’s happening now as you can see, with the arrival of the Cardinal T-Square, we can expect – starting 2010 to 2020 – one crisis seemingly begetting another, and the time span between each crisis getting shorter and shorter where the global economy and geopolitical relations will be on a turbulent and perilous course.  Because anything now, any structure that is in place that is unsustainable and untenable will not last.

AS:  Okay, so what about 2012?  Everyone wants to know.  That is not going to be a great awakening?

WS:  No – Yes – well, yes and no.  What you will see is a global revolution.  I believe that 2010 will be the shot across the bow in the beginning of a global revolution that will result in a global awakening, a higher shifting of consciousness.  But at the same time, Alan, there will be a counter-revolutionary force, just as powerful, colliding with that awakening group.  And when that awakening occurs I do not believe it’s going to be going back to “flower power,” going back to your local community in such an easy, graceful way.  The powers-that-be are going to try and lock down exactly the type of system they have created for us now, in economic indentured servitism.  And I think we are going to see this clash.  It begins this summer.

AS:  Okay, wait, but the “clash” between the higher powers and the lower powers begins?

WS:  No, it’s a clash between the powers-that-be and the disenfranchised, demoralized group of people who are coming to awakening that the government, the civilization that they have invested into over the period of decades is no longer interested in providing for them.  They feel abandoned, demoralized, left out.  And that group of people, by the way, are well-educated, formerly middle-class Americans, Europeans, Asians, who now under this crisis feel that they are at a turning point.  So I believe that what’s happening here is that there is an awakening going on – many people are leaving their churches, the many things that they counted on to get them through the day are no longer available.  So I believe there is this big shift going on.  You’re going to see it in the metaphysical communities; people are going to go back into metaphysics.  You’re going to see very much what happened in the ‘60s happen in a much bigger way because of the power of the internet and its ability to organize and its ability to virtually empower people.  So I believe the American public will split and take sides between those who refuse to yield to change and those who demand it.

Yes, it’s going to be an empowering time for many, many people.  This is not going to be a graceful transition as talked about in these metaphysical, new age books written in 1980.


Time Line Of Major Events Since May of  2010

Time Line of Major Events of 2011

Time Line of Major Events of 2012

Time Line of Major Events of 2013

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